Kim Hyun Joong (4D‬ Personality)

Whenever I come across the word “4D”, Kim Hyun Joong is the first person who gets into my mind, there is actually an incident which happened for me, once I participated in a Quiz, In one question were I saw “4D”, the first thing strike my mind was Hyun Joong, lol….
I was just thinking, “What is happening to me, have I gone crazy”, lol….. It actually felt strange because these things are happening for the first time for me I never felt this way, well then I understood it’s because of Hyun Joong’s magic, we all have fallen in to his magic trap……
Yeah now I got you, so all have experienced something like this when hearing 4D right….


Okay then let’s enjoy some of our “Alien Prince” 4D thoughts.

Hyun Joong was shooting for a cosmetic product and he had a small interview, this interview actually made me to think, “This boy is actually from outer space”….

Host: Being a cosmetic model and receiving the title of having the number one complexion among all artists, what do you do?
HJ: Yes, my coordi noona help me out a lot with my skin care.
Host: How do they help you out?
HJ: (said as acted) Just grab the head backward and apply cream roughly!!!…hehehe
so now you’re accepting right, no one can even dream of being Hyun Joong he is a unique person, yeah he is a person who always looks calm but once he opens his mouth we will start to laugh….. lol


On SBS variety show X-MAN Kim Hyun Joong appeared.

On the popular ‘Of Course’ segment Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were opponent and the goal is to make your opponent not to respond ‘Of Course’, Hwang Bo started the battle by saying, “You think your face is prettier than mine, right?”
Hyun Joong funnily said, “Did you get that tan while you were in the army?
Hwang Bo: “Why? Is it not sexy? I heard you like dark-skinned girls.”
Without missing a beat,
Kim Hyun Joong: “But, you know I don’t like dark-skinned girls, I can’t see in the dark, right?” and he won,
Though I laughed while watching but seriously I was like, “How could this man be so spontaneous”, each time he is making us to feel different in his own way…


On MBC’s Come to Play episode, Kim Hyun Joong said,
“I can speak with all types of dogs and make all kinds of conversation.”
“When I ask the dog if he wants to eat by barking at him, then the dog responses. When I ask him to see somewhere by barking at him, then he also responses. It differs little bit whether it is a big one or a small one.”
He also said, “I can speak with all types of dogs in Korea. However, I can’t speak with overseas dogs which are quite weird. I tried once but overseas dogs don’t even try to listen to me.” haha

On same episode he said that he saw a UFO in Japan,
“I was at a photo shoot in Japan, when something that looked like a balloon sped by. I thought it was a plane for a second, but I wasn’t even anywhere near an airport. I didn’t think anyone would believe me, so I just screamed,”
“I heard that a UFO appeared at Gwanghwamun recently, and the one I saw looked exactly like it,” he added, trying to make his story believable.
Only this man can think like this, ‘Cute Alien’ name just suits him perfectly, lol. This kid is really a born genius, only he could think and speak like this.
Thank God Hyun Joong did not see aliens, what would have happened if aliens had taken Hyun Joong with them, we would have died by missing him… hehehe


Kim Hyun Joong once appeared on MBC’s Fantasy Couple, where he sang a Korean children’s song in English. I have already seen this video for about 20 times but still am laughing when i watch it, wow when Hyun Joong said “winner go go go…” he was so adorable,
Though we laugh by looking our 4D leader, But still if he teaches English we still would have gone to class to stare at him (handsome boy, pretty face what more else we would expect, lol….)

Long back when he arrived at the airport in Japan with Bae Yong Joon.. When Hyun Joong saw the crowd waiting, he asked in a puzzled way, “Are they waiting for me?” lol
Oh my god is this person is not aware of how much we all love him and longing to see him, well he is a very simple man… He treats all his fans equally to him…


Truly speaking I have shared only some of his 4D’ness, our leader Hyun Joong is always different and he is too direct, he is a person who speaks whatever he feels from his heart his words are true.
I feel happy talking about him, my days are passing happily when reading or speaking about this man am enjoying each and every moment of my life because of him. For me Hyun Joong is person who can make me feel happy whenever I feel low, whenever I think of him I feel stronger, I laugh with him, I sing with him, I enjoy his 4D personality, I enjoy his cute mistakes, I cry when he is in pain, yes I know you all feel the same way so each day we feel closer with him…….
Yes for we Henecians he is a one unique man whom cannot be replaced in this big world…..

Let’s enjoy each day….

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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