Kim Hyun Joong (Love for each other)

As we are getting closer to the day for which we all were waiting for, the day to see our ‘Angel’s’ on stage performance and for the album “STILL” release.. Each day our excitement is increasing right?

By the time, I thought of sharing how Hyun Joong and fans love and miss each other…


Hyun Joong, he is a person who usually drop message for his fans, whenever he get time, whenever he feels bored whenever he miss his fans he will just type a message for us and post it, Omo we are receiving letter directly from a person whom we love. Hyun Joong is a person who writes message with his own hand for his fans as he very well known as a fan how we feel, he understands the love the care the way we miss him and more over he respects each and every fans.
Ah! What a person he is, how could he never forget to surprise us?
When we all were eagerly waiting for Hyun Joong, On December 2014 suddenly we got news telling he is coming back with his new album. Yeah he is a man who always gives his fans a surprise gift.


Hyun Joong always feels as we does, he always miss his fans when he takes break… He is that kind of person who always loves to perform and appear before his fans rather sitting at one place.

He once said in his message “Rearrange your thoughts and life, after rearranging my thoughts; once again I have made great plans”.

He is a man who always thinks and plans even while he is resting, because he always wanted to give his best to his fans, he never wanted us to get disappointed because of him…

He has also once said
“I hope I will always be the kind of person you will not be criticized for being my fan.”

But from my view even a small mistake which he does is cute and I enjoy it, there is no way for us to criticize this “Perfect Man” for being his fan, we have chosen him as our idol, we will always accept his good and bad (mistakes). Hyun Joong you can feel safe in our love and admiration, hope we are all dreaming and travelling on same path, Hyun Joong our views and thoughts are same, so what we are together, so what we are able to love each other.


Hyun Joong is a person who holds the love which he gets from his fans, and he never forgets to give it back to his fans. He is a person who always provides what they need from him as a fan….

Hyun Joong said,
“Popularity? It is useless. Good looks and charm are also useless. I like being supported, but one of these days, all these will be gone. I am nothing, just being illuminated by lights now.”

But Hyun Joong ah there is no way for us leaving you, we are going to stay beside you till the end, let’s enjoy the happy moments together and let’s share the sad moments together…. Like how once you said, ‘ you’ll try to protect your fans always’, same way we fans will protect you and support you till the end.

I was very impressed when seeing Hyun Joong telling this “I only want to be your Only One and not No.1 Because No.1 will be replaced and become No.2, No.3…But Only One can only be one person, only one Kim Hyun Joong.”

Yeah well said Hyun Joong No.1 can become No.2 but for us your always No.1, you’re the one who made this magic, there are many artist throughout the world but you’re the one who made that kind of magic in us, hope like me all Henecians would have not gone to this extent for other artists even though they like them, off course this might have happened because of your kind heart the way you express your love truly to fans. We admire each and everything you do. When days pass when new idols come people might change and move on, but Hyun Joong we Henecians will never forget the love you showed us, we enjoy and we are crazy on each and everything you do, when you cry we cry when you smile we smile this has not happened for me while watching other artist…


We fans also missed our “Alien Boy” When we were not able to know how he was doing last two months in year 2014, all we did was asking our self “How Hyun Joong is doing, is he okay”,
After his successful world tour while Hyun Joong was resting, I saw some fans comments telling “Hyun Joong I really miss you, It is really boring without seeing you, come back soon”.
Yes I accept it, our days are not fully completed without seeing Hyun Joong videos or reading news about our Prince.

Hyun Joong ah till the last moment of our life we together going to rock….. Am being proud from the day I came to know you till this second….. This is what even other Henecians feel right? Okay then shall we all together proudly tell, for us the one and only greatest artist is our Kim Hyun Joong!


Ah! Right now am missing him so much but same way am happy that am soon going to watch our “Cute Alien” performing on stage…..

Have a great day!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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