Kim Hyun Joong (My Prince “Kim Hyun Joong”)

We would have met Hyun Joong in a different ways. Some would have met him when he was with his group SS501, some would have watched him in Boys Over Flower or Playful Kiss, etc.

How did I start to get crazy on Hyun Joong

I first saw Hyun Joong at Boys Over Flower, the drama which was suggested by one of my close friend. In fact I don’t even know his real name but I fell in love with the character Yoon Ji Hoo, a very handsome, who’s soft spoken, gentle, protective, and lonely person.


After BOF the next thing I did was, I searched and started to read about Hyun Joong. That was the only time I knew his name was Kim Hyun Joong. And that’s how I came to know about SS501, I do not know why I was so happy to see Hyun Joong has a leader for a boy band. Later I started to love SS501, for me they are the best band in the world of kpop….

Later when I was browsing You Tube I saw the “Funniest Moment of SS501” I was not able to believe myself thinking “did this person was the one who casted for Yoon Ji Hoo” because he was totally funny bullying his members and playing like a kid ……


I started watching the video of Breakdown and Please but I still couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched this guy in short hair, I was asking again “Is this Yoon Ji Hoo”.

Then I started to search the latest videos of Hyun Joong. I was totally in curiosity searching for that boy I have known from BOF.
From that day onwards I started to research on Hyun Joong’s background, I went over with all the videos I can find at You Tube. Then I tried finding ways to get information about him which can help me to connect with Hyun Joong.

There are some videos which I watched it over and over. And truly speaking I have never got tired watching him.


Hyun Joong is blessed with perfect looks and he also knows it, but still on a talk show he admitted he still envy other actors for being handsome. He accepts his weak points and work hard to improve it. He never pretends to be fake.
His smile especially to strangers. His honest, he would like his fans to accept him for what he is, good or bad, that’s him. His 4D personality is the most interesting thing that he has, and anything he does even small mistakes looks cute on him!!
And to my knowledge among other artists, I think he’s the only one who constantly changes his image from time to time, and when he does you will feel as if you’re facing a different person. He’s one unique person that anything he wears suits him perfectly. (It’s totally my opinion)

He has the power to make you listen to him, the power to make you laugh, to make you cry and to make you fall in love with him in his own simple way.

There were also times; I totally got hurt when I read harsh comments every time.
As a fan I myself get hurt reading harsh comments, how would Hyun Joong feel? Although he has matured, he has gone through criticism but still he’s just a human being. And Haters we never asked you to look us just go away…

I loved for who he is, I will love him forever and support till the end.


One of Kim Hyun Joong Message….

“I am very thankful to my fans that always stand by me. I do not know when it would be, someday we would not be able to meet any longer but let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories”.

Yes Hyun Joong you have made best memories which will always stay in our heart. And we will never miss you because your deep in our heart, we live with you and we will travel with you.

Dedicating this to all my prince Hyun Joong fans….

Truly speaking each would have a story how we started to get crazy of Hyun Joong… You can share if you wish…
Have a great year…..

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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