Kim Hyun Joong (No one can replace YOU)

I thought of sharing the struggles which Hyun Joong faced, but it’s true he was able to face all his struggle only because of ‘YOU'(Fans). Whenever Hyun Joong faced problem you fans were the one who stood back of him patting his back telling “Kiddo step forward we are always with you”, the love and care you showed is unbelievable.
Hyun Joong also mentioned once
“I’m always very thankful to my fans, that without them I won’t be standing here, they have been inspiring me from the beginning and they are my inspiration for the future.”


Hard Time
Kim Hyun Joong at age of 14, ran away from home with his guitar after watching his idol Seo Taiji concert. His parents disagreed to Hyun Joong’s desire to become a singer.

Hyun Joong guested in a talk show “Romantic Bus”, and said the story about running away from home, “He almost died from cold, hunger and had a fight with strangers”. Hyun Joong said, “I think heaven made me into a singer….through music I learned how hard the world can be, and even the tainted part of the world, I got to know”.


He began by describing the strict environment,

DSP Media: “It’s a company that makes you fend for yourself. As a trainee, I’d clean up the recording room in the morning and run 20 laps around the field. Every day, they’d add another lap until I reached 40. We also had to eat fast.”

He continued, “When we were being trained in singing, eight of us would be in one small room and had to sing together. It was hard to concentrate on what you were singing.”

Later he started talking about “Boys Over Flowers”
He elaborated, “When I auditioned, they told me I looked very similar [to the character in the manga]. Inside, I had some worries because I’ve never acted before. I thought I should try my hardest anyways and studied by reading the manga.”


Kim Hyun Joong also shared the negative comments which he received,
Hyun Joong: “I received a lot of negative comments such as, ‘My hands and feet are curling from such unnatural acting. Just stick to being a singer but you’re not a great singer either.’ After reading such a harsh comment, I really wanted to find the IP address of the commenter.”
I was really surprised; I started to love Hyun Joong because of the character Yoon Ji Hoo. I was really worried when I heard this, how our Hyun Joong would felt when he read those comments…
Can I tell “Haters we never asked you to look us or love us”


He also underwent a great pain when he was making a tough decision leaving SS501, the most precious friends he had. Then he went on with his solo, but it was not an easy challenge. The hard work, the sincerity in his work and the way he tries till the end of not disappointing his Fans is what made him to travel so far in all the hearts of Fans.

Every year his popularity grows when every single move he makes. How much ever the difficulties he face, Hyun Joong never forgets to give his fans what they wish from him.

This is my first time am loving a person. There are many actors and singers around the world but none of them captured my heart even Bollywood and Hollywood. I have never searched about anyone on internet; Hyun Joong changed my life by entering into my life.

As long as we’re together with Hyun Joong we are going to enjoy and make each and every second the most memorable one. Let’s support him let’s be with him in happy as well as hard times. Let’s stand by his side always and let’s not leave Hyun Joong alone.


Hyun Joong Fighting!!! Henecians Fighting!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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