Kim Hyun Joong (One and Only)

The one thing which I really thought we (fans) should be proud of Hyun Joong is, the way he works to the fullest to satisfy his fans by giving happiness…..
Yeah we all would have seen Hyun Joong practice videos the way he works hard…
The way our prince works for his fans and the way he love his fans, which makes him special.


As we all know Hyun Joong is a multi-talented boy because he acts, sings, dance his 4D’ness all together makes him unique person. Our Hyun Joong usually dance while he sings, we all enjoy Hyun Joong’s on stage performance but we all should think how much effort he makes for a single song which he performs for us, yeah we very well know solo performance is not an easy one.
When performing as a group one member’s mistake(in group) cannot be noted easily, but this is not the case while performing as solo, Hyun Joong is one who understands this very well, who practices a lot, tries to give his best and works hard till he gets confident to perform on stage.


Till Hyun Joong gets 100 percent confident he will not stop practicing it seems. He never forgets to thank his back up dancers and the technicians and people who work to make a project huge success… How sweet of him he very well know how hard each of them worked to make something perfect, he is such a person who always share his success with others….

Whenever Hyun Joong performance on stage we all are happy and we enjoy, but to make us happy to the fullest the hard work he does is outstanding, these all efforts he makes for his lovely fans, because he wants us not to get disappointed.


He once stated
Hyun Joong: “I had a nightmare where I was standing on stage, my mind was blank and could not remember anything, I was looking at the audience who were looking at me anxiously. In order not to disappoint them I somehow started to dance. Then When I once woke up, I immediately went and practiced”.
What more else we should expect form this man, what a dedication…..
I wanted to tell him ” Hyun Joong don’t worry don’t pressure yourself, we will enjoy whatever you do for us with love”.

There is also an incident which happened at time of ss501, which really touched me, a lot…
Hyun Joong got into a car accident but still recorded a music video in order not to let his fans down.
Only one thing strike my mind is, “How lucky we should be”, he is one and only best artist were we fans will not have a chance to regret for choosing him as our idol…

Hyun Joong said, he must work hard and constantly improve himself to earn fans love and support.
I want to tell this, ” Hyun Joong you need not do anything special by working so hard, be yourself that’s enough for us, because we will love you and support you always and there is no doubt on that”

Hyun Joong is person who has sacrificed many things to where he is now, Ahh, what is this, my heart aches while writing….
Even though Hyun Joong likes to sing and dance but it’s true he works so much at the back to make us happy. Yes off course the way he moves for the song the way he turns everything is a treat for our eyes…


Hyun Joong love for fans…
At the concert ( Phantasm ) in Seoul Hyun Joong shared his own video message for his fans…

“A time that’s like a dream, And to say it’s ending is regretful, If it’s a dream I wish I don’t wake up from it…
If it’s ending, I wish I can turn back the time…
From the beginning… All over again?
Right now I wish that this moment could be forever
Right now I will make you all feel
How much I am thankful to all of you
How much I love all of you

To My Beauty, Everyone!!!
I love you. Thank you. And also I always want to see everyone.

Really, truly…
From the bottom of my heart”…. Kim Hyun Joong

Wow, what a lovely words from him, Hyun Joong really means how important we fans are, same way he is also such an important person for us who has made many of our life colorful, like I said in my earlier post many idols may come but Hyun Joong cannot be replaced by anyone for us(Henecians).


Hyun Joong said:” I’m not a good person, I ‘m just the bad person who won’t harm anyone”.
Yeah that’s true right, I agree it, and our leader is person who will not dream of harming even his haters.
How could these haters criticize a person like him, but all should know he is been loved by millions of people’s all over the world.

For me Hyun Joong is a perfect person he is a best leader, everything which i come across about Hyun Joong makes me to feel something special about him.
Oh my god, I feel as if I have been haunted by this person… lol……. My day is not completed without speaking about this “Handsome Prince”…..

Happy Weekend……

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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