Kim Hyun Joong (Unbreakable)

Year 2015, it’s really a great start for Hyun Joong and Henecians. Finally the nightmare has come to an end. The case is officially closed and it’s proved that the evidence which were given upon Hyun Joong was not real.


I hope the people who tried to haunt our Prince it’s time for you to feel guilty, South Korean media and haters I hope you would have understood who Hyun Joong is, We Henecians were sitting quiet and ignoring everything because we waited for the truth to come out, so you cannot expect this anymore from us.

SKorean media and haters you should understand from day one when this problem raised Hyun Joong was very honest with his words, he even admitted that he had mutual fight with person ‘A’ though there were no proof, this shows his honesty. He accepted what he did and denied what he did not do. SKorean media and haters before throwing your words just look into the DA reports and start speaking.


Whenever I read about Hyun Joong I will see this comment saying, “he’s found guilty of assault”, who you were joking with, it’s time for you people to feel guilty. I really can’t forget the harsh words which you used. The more you try to pull this perfect man down the more Hyun Joong will grow bigger. From the day one till now Hyun Joong never revealed the name or picture or who ‘A’ was, this shows “He’s a perfect gentleman”. I don’t know how many people will take responsibility like Hyun Joong, he took all the responsibility, he stood alone with his true words till the end, even “Key East” failed to support him the way we (fans) did.

The past few months how much pain Hyun Joong would have went through, I literally cry when thinking, “Would Hyun Joong have cried sitting alone at night in his room”, but man you cannot do that you cannot cry until we(Fans) are with you…


I would only tell people who hated him don’t know about him and people who loved him even after this nightmare and stood back of him are the true loyal Henecians who personally know about him. Maybe by words are harsh and am wrong, but I know how much pain Hyun Joong and we Henecians underwent.

I remember this in 2011, Kim Hyun Joong appeared on SBS’ Strong Heart when he was asked how to help women protect themselves from sexual predators, Kim Hyun Joong had a very simple but strong answer.
“It’s the men who need to come to their senses.”

I also want to mention that during “Inspiring Generation” press conference/fan meeting a female fan said that she was scared of Hyun Joong transformation to a fighter in the drama.
Hyun Joong said don’t be scared because “Jung Tae” doesn’t hit women which means he is trying to tell that he is also the same person. I believe all this, for me he is a warm person…

Hyun Joong is a person whom I cannot ignore but love and admire. The more I know him the more I speak about him the more I love him. He has made our life colorful, in times he has healed our pains. As long as we are with him no one can even dream of pulling him down, we trust him and we will always be with him even in his difficult days of his life.

Hyun Joong said, “Even if you are unhappy, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude, that way happy days and a happy mood will follow. I always follow this rule so I am always happy.”
He believes in staying positive in all circumstances. I really believe it; positive attitude will surely turn your worst day in to happy one…


The Moment we were waiting

Am excited the days are passing and the moment we were dreaming for is nearing, yeah hardly a week to go our prince Hyun Joong Japan world tour “Gemini” is going to start from January 27th till February 14th and Hyun Joong album “STILL” will be released on February. As I said before Henecians all over the world have already started to count the days to show the power of ‘Together'(Kim Hyun Joong and Fans) and to let narrow minded people to know that we believe our Prince and no matter what we will be patting him telling to step forward by giving our full support.
Let us not forget we should bring him up to the top on Oricon Chart.

To Kim Hyun Joong
Hyun Joong I am happy that I found you, if not I really believe I would have missed something special in my life because from you I have learnt many things, I enjoyed each and every moments by travelling with you. As your motto “Life is one shot” you always try hard and give the best for us (Fans).

I thought of mentioning this, drama fever is conducting a voting poll only for two contender it’s none other than Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho…..
This is already shared all over by Henecians telling to place your vote for Hyun Joong, So please do support our prince. Like I said Hyun Joong will not hate even his haters so same way we will just vote support our prince, let’s ignore the harsh comments let’s not react, probably it’s better for us not to read it…..

Fighting!!! Let’s not raise our voice let’s not fight but we will prove by our strong support for our “Angel Kim Hyun Joong”.

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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