Kim Hyun Joong(Feeling Happy)

Today four pictures of Kim Hyun Joong for album “Even Now” was published, hope this will be the cover picture for the album….
At last the day for which we all were longing for these many days is arrived, we all have already started to celebrate each day as we our getting some news about our Prince and his album, i feel happy whenever I read about him…
I always say this; Hyun Joong is a person who always makes his fans happy by providing them what they wish from him.
So he never forgets us right, somehow he is making us to feel happy.

Oh first of all after looking at Hyun Joong picture I was like, ” Wow our Prince Hyun Joong looks dashing in all photos, he is hot, handsome, cute, pretty, innocent, what more”, it makes us to feel in this way because it’s “Kim Hyun Joong” am i right  , yes he is handsome as ever…

By looking at him we could find out that, our prince is back with fully charged, it’s lovely to see him back. We Henecians were waiting for this moment….. We missed him a lot these many days, but now, like our “Angel” we have also got charged because of him (Hyun Joong).
Ahhh, it’s almost three months back we finally saw him, oh my god how badly we were missing him……
Finally we are getting close for the day we were waiting for, yes, we all have already started to Count the days, am I right?, only few more days to go, for the album release.
What a relief Hyun Joong is back with a bang….

As we all know Hyun Joong has always ranked no.1 at Oricon when releasing Japanese album, well this time also let’s support him to rank no.1 for his new album…

To Kim Hyun Joong ” Kiddo, stay strong, don’t forget Hyun Joong we fans will always be your side, you have untied people all over the world, now we all are like sisters, friends, family sharing our thoughts, we together have already started to support you, and we promise we are going to continue it, we are so strong than before”.
“Hyun Joong ah Fighting!!! Thanks for making us happy by coming back boldly, by breaking out everything, by giving us what we expected”…..

After looking at his pictures, am just not able to wait for his album…Hyun Joong each day you’re driving us crazy.



“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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