Kim Hyun Joong(Unforgettable Moments of “US”)

As we are all eagerly waiting for our Hyun Joong’s Japanese second full album “STILL”, indeed thought of sharing some unforgettable moment between Kim Hyun Joong and Us (Fans).

Unforgettable Moments

The First will obviously be the letter which Hyun Joong wrote for us (Fans). This was one of the most memorable moments for me; Hyun Joong was able to tell what he felt during the time he was preparing for his first solo album. I was in tears while watching him reading the letter, how he was true and his courage in front of his fans made me to admire him more. I hope he is such an amazing guy he is true and whatever he expresses through his words to his fans are from his heart.


After his mini-album “Break Down” release showcase attended by 4,000 fans, which was held on June 7, 2011 a day after our Prince Hyun Joong’s birthday. He read a letter to his fans he broke down to tears while reading it.

He said, “I can show myself on stage but not convey my heart. So I’ve gathered the courage to write a letter to read to you what I want to say”.

Hyun Joong read: “It’s already been 6 years since I’ve been with you. I thank you all for not changing and believing in ‘Kim Hyun Joong’. I looked back on my path while preparing this album, I realized how important ‘Together’ is”.
“I felt afraid and burdened to do this alone. It wasn’t easy overcoming this. Watching my fans fighting and misunderstanding all throughout the past year, all I could do was watch and thought ‘I can’t do anything’ which made me to feel small” as his eyes started tearing.

He ended by saying, “I worked hard on the album by imagining how happy the fans would be looking at it. I hope that you will all be smiling and be even happier in the future.” He added, “This album is not mine, but belongs to everyone. I’m very thankful to everyone that showed up here, and I want to tell everyone with my heart that I love you and Thank You” he said with his eyes turning red.


On the same day there was another moment

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong made a surprise appearance and there held a talk session together with Hyun Joong. They were in middle of their conversation when Hyun Joong with shocked expression asked all the sudden, “Just wait, did she faint?” he stood up and asked security for help. The fan was taken out by security team, she was fine after resting.

Kim Hyun Joong gently requested his fans telling “I understand that you all want to get a closer view of me. But please show some consideration for people in front of you as you each take one step back, Sorry.”

How sweet of him he always cares for his fans, we (Fans) always love and are amazed to see our Hyun Joong love towards Us (Fans).He has never pretended to be fake, which is the best part on him.

Here comes the most interesting moment were we(Fans) could be proud of Hyun Joong and to show haters who Hyun Joong is, how kind and warm he is, the infinite love of Hyun Joong to his fans and the respect he shows towards his fans.


On May 20th 2012, at comedian Jung Joon Ha’s wedding ceremony, our prince Hyun Joong was heading out from ceremony and he was surrounded by his guards and he very well knew that his guards will not let his fans to get close to him. A fan who had something to give him and tried to hand it over to Hyun Joong but she(Fan) was been blocked by his guards, Hyun Joong passed away as if he did not see it but suddenly our Prince secretly stuck his hand behind him to receive the letter from the fan without letting his guards catch on”.

I hope this was the most touching moment and it made me to feel as if I was that fan girl while reading the news, how would that fan girl felt, it’s really an amazing moment. This is the real character of Hyun Joong, so what we (Fans) love this perfect man; we don’t love him because he is an idol but we love him for his good heart as a person. There is only one “Kim Hyun Joong”, can be never replaced.


Ah! He is carrying me to another world where I couldn’t see anyone else except this “Cutie Alien”(Hyun Joong). I feel proud to be a fan for this “Gentleman” hope even you feel the same.

Take Care, I will meet you all soon in my next post. Awaiting!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credit:Owner(Taken From Internet)

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