Kim Hyun Joong (GEMINI first concert, successful)

GEMINI first concert

Kim Hyun Joong first concert GEMINI which was held on January 27(yesterday) at Yokohama Pacifico Convention Hall, which ended with a great success. The hall was full there were about 5,000 fans.


For past three days it is like a festival, Henecians are celebrating by sharing pictures and updating information about GEMINI. After a long break yesterday Hyun Joong appeared before fans at Yokohama Hall Japan. Usually Hyun Joong will rock the stage but this time it was different because he sang all songs with help of his band and there was no dance from him, we were able to see a different Kim Hyun Joong. No wonder he made everyone happy….. Not only Japan Henecians but Hyun Joong fans all over the world celebrated his appearance after long break.
Hyun Joong once again made it by giving a successful performance which was truly enjoyed by his fans.


It was said Hyun Joong reached the venue two hours before the show started. Henecians were patiently waiting to meet Hyun Joong on stage. Every fan purchased the Uzoosin items like headset.

Oh I can’t imagine how the atmosphere would have been when Hyun Joong walked on stage, most important thing is concert held at Japan, but Henecians throughout the world were happy to see Hyun Joong and enjoyed his concerts by hearing the audio of concert, thanks to YY for live stream. I Hope Hyun Joong can only create such a festive atmosphere.

MC said; please watch your step from falling from stairs after you meet Hyun Joong, lol…. That’s right we (Fans) will be just flying on air after meeting our Prince…


Hyun Joong talks to his fans

Hyun Joong songs were powerful, which gave a big energy for all the fans. The place was filled with fun and laughter. Fans were enjoying each and every second and all the fans eyes was only focused on our one and only Hyun Joong, two hours just flew like two minutes….

Hyun Joong said he was able to recognize many fans; there were many familiar faces at first row….
Ah, that’s wonderful Hyun Joong remembers all his fans….


Every time I use to tell this, Hyun Joong will never forget to surprise his fans likewise yesterday Hyun Joong had a very big surprise for his fans. This was really unexpected news for fans…
The good news which Hyun Joong said is, “During Korea lunar first month I will be in chiba at Mukahari Messe for three consecutive days (Feb.18,19 to 20) for a live show. It will be last live show before Military Service, maybe I will prepare for something else. I still like to do something, and hope everyone will like to see me with my hair cut. Do you want me to see with my hair cut? If I cut my hair, will you too?” lol….,
so three shows are added up that’s really great news….. And this boy is teasing us knowing we are such crazy fans and we love him so much by asking us “will you too cut the hair?”  …..
Oh my God, he will be soon leaving for his MS, there is no doubt we will miss him, but he has given us such wonderful memories let’s cherish each day with those memories…

Hyun Joong explained the concept of GEMINI he said, “Whenever or wherever we think of each other. When we feel hard, we rely on each other and we live this way”. It’s such a wonderful line, he understands his fans, he knew that when he is sad we are sad and when he is happy we are happy…. Hope that is why this person is smiling even when he is in pain to make his fans not to worry……

Hyun Joong said he will send of all Henecians to entrance gate, how sweet of him. Hyun Joong stood at main entrance as he waved goodbye to all his fans. This is why his fans are crazy on him for the way he loves his fans.


Fans support from other countries

As we all know what ever Hyun Joong does or whatever Hyun Joong touches it is just changing into gold and becomes a great success.

Each year Hyun Joong fans are increasing, I should mention, Hyun Joong has many crazy fans all over the world but for past two years in India his popularity is getting increased and Indian Henecians are showing their true love which they have for Hyun Joong…

Indian Henecians welcome to your support, yes you’re doing great, just raise your voice even higher to let Hyun Joong know that your here to support him and you die for a chance to meet him….
I remember this once Hyun Joong said in a press conference, “We may have different language but we are close”. Its true Hyun Joong fans are united as one, but we do not know how many can speak English, there are fans who cannot speak English same as Hyun Joong. But truly language does not matter when there is a true love, still when Hyun Joong smiles fans will smile, when Hyun Joong laugh fans laugh, when Hyun Joong cry fans cry, when Hyun Joong sings fans join with him even if they don’t understand the language, that’s why we tell the bond between Hyun Joong and Fans are stronger and greater.

I believe Kim Hyun Joong has that kind of power to make people attract by his true love…


Best Fandom

To end let me tell, once again thanks to all, not only Henecia Japan, but Henecians all over the world proved their endless support for Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong once said “I will keep you all interested in me always”. So as it is now we all are again looking forward for another memorable moment, yes today January 28 the day two concert will be held at same venue Yokohama Pacifico Convention Hall Japan, we are going enjoy the second concert, fingers crossed, still am excited.

And Hyun Joong fandom is really the best fandom, thanks for all the updates and the pictures you shared…… Henecians keep rocking…..

Here it is for those fans who have missed to hear Hyun Joong concert, there is a full voice of concert recorded from YY live stream

Happy News here it is for you, Hyun Joong 2nd Japan album “Even Now” teaser…

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong (GEMINI first concert, successful)

  1. I’m an Indian and I’m big fan of khj not only because he is handsome but because of his true personality the way he achieved his goal, the way he fight against problems, I love everything about khj. He is inspiration for me. His smile is my positive energy.


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