Kim Hyun Joong (GEMINI Japan Tour)

January 27, 2015, Hello Henecians, only some more hours left and we are going to meet our Prince Kim Hyun Joong, it’s time, the moment for which we were waiting has arrived, our prince Hyun Joong will be performing on stage today, dear Henecians Hyun Joong is on the way, put your seat belts and be ready we together will sure have an exciting and fun ride till the end of the tour…..


As Hyun Joong promised, he is back to us. Hyun Joong always know what his fans expect from him, yes of course when we all were missing him badly for past few months and waiting for his comeback, he understood us and suddenly gave us all a big surprise and an unexpected New Year gift in the name called ‘GEMINI’ and ‘STILL’. Hyun Joong will never forget his fans. We might be thinking he is taking rest, he is in a short break, but truly even while resting he will be thinking and deciding what he can do for his fans, in what ways to surprise his lovely fans and how to make them happy, after completing with his cooking unexpectedly he will fly like a bird and stand before us by providing what we need from him as a fan…..

Hyun Joong and Henecians are busy in preparing for GEMINI….
Hyun Joong is working very hard he his practicing a lot, it was said that, yesterday evening he started his practice at 7.30 and completed by 10.30 and he was in a good mood. Our leader is ready to give treat for his lovely fans; Henecians are you ready to taste it?
Henecians all over the world are busy in sharing and updating about the concert which is really good to see. All Henecians with enthusiasm participated in trending which started from January 26 which was until January 27; the voice of Henecian was really high which proved the greatest love and support for our Angel…..

Yesterday night suddenly at looking at Hyun Joong Japan Tour schedule I remembered the incident which happened…,
On July 15 2012, Kim Hyun Joong had his premium concert at the Saitama, at time due to his hectic schedule Hyun Joong physical condition was not good and he was taken to nearest hospital for treatment of IV drip.
Once again if we see our Hyun Joong Japan Tour schedule it’s really a very tight schedule, he will have less time to breathe, he can hardly rest, let’s all pray for our Smiling Angel for his health, let’s be with him till the end, Henecians please show the world how strong we are together(KHJ and Fans) by supporting our Prince…


People does not know about Hyun Joong but as a Henecian by seeing our Prince eyes we can understand he has endured a great pain for past few months, how are we going to change those dark days for Kim Hyun Joong and for Us(Henecians), you’re right, let’s tie those bad days and throw it in a corner, it’s now time for us to just enjoy, let’s party and make this tour as a memorable one and we(Fans) should make our Hyun Joong believe that no matter what Henecians will always hold his hands and stay by his side…….

Hyun Joong has reborn, he is going to roar big, and the noise will for sure create a new history in Hyun Joong’s career…. This can happen only with help of you (Fans), yes please support…
Our phoenix Kim Hyun Joong will be raising from ashes of fire and will be shining brightly……

Kim Hyun Joong ‘UNBREAKABLE’

“I guess everyone’s stupid,
they still don’t know
I’m different from the standard,
I can’t go anywhere else but the top
Why is there so much talk?
I hear it, all the whispering
Just go away,
I put my soul into my music
I’m not scared, even if my worries don’t
go away, I just keep going forward
No one can ever stop me
But if you wanna give it a try, try
Even if you were born
before me, there’s no use

It’s going in well
It’s going around well
I haven’t died and I’m back for ya

Kiddo your right, no one can dare to stop you, you’re unbreakable.


To Kim Hyun Joong
Hyun Joong we may be near or far that does not matter, but the love which we have for one another will remain same, whenever i have pain I will just look at the sky and think of you, your strength gives me power, likewise we Henecians are here for you just keep on walking forward do not get distracted by haters words, we Henecians will follow you no matter what, we will protect you, we will raise our voice for you….
Hyun Joong and Henecians Fighting!!!!!

Sharing the live streaming links

Live streaming links for Yokohama from Japan Tour on 27th and 28th Jan.
1) Andorid,IPhone and PC all can use for YY. App Download: …
2) or try YY Official web

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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