Kim Hyun Joong (GEMINI Second Concert)

GEMINI Second Concert

As we all know Kim Hyun Joong’s GEMINI first concert was a huge success….
And GEMINI second concert which was held on January 28(yesterday) at Yokohama Pacifico Convention Hall ended once again with a great success, the hall banged with songs, fun, laughter, the hall once again was full with about 5,000 fans.

I truly appreciate and love every Henecians. I could not imagine how much you love Hyun Joong, when I opened my Twitter and Facebook I was like oops….. So much of updates and pictures were been shared by every crazy fans of Hyun Joong about GEMINI second concert…..
This is proving how much Hyun Joong has made us all happy with his lovely appearance….. For past few months we were thinking like, “Hyun Joong at least appear before us for a second, which might help us from missing you”, I believe finally all our wish has reached him and here he is with us, it’s like a dream for me…


First let me thank once again YY for live stream which helped Kim Hyun Joong international fans to hear the audio of concert…
YY you have made it as our day, Henecians day….. Thank You….

GEMINI day two at Yokohama

Concert started at 6.00 pm. All fans were eagerly waiting for Kim Hyun Joong, when he just entered the stage the hall was filled with a big noise, Japan fans were just screaming from their heart. That’s true, how can we be quite when such a handsome boy stands before us…
Our Hyun Joong was wearing Grey Suit, Black Shirt, and a tie which was untied, as usual he was handsome, it was a treat for every fans. He happily started to sing his first song ‘UNBREAKABLE’…


Every time we get a chance to see a different Kim Hyun Joong, can we tell like this? This time Hyun Joong has appeared like a perfect gentleman from a rock star in GEMINI concert. At first concert as well as second concert he sang all his songs with help of his band, he did not dance. Anyways who cares whether he is dancing or not, Henecians will just enjoy and make it as a memorable one as far as Kim Hyun Joong is with them…….

Hyun Joong with love asked his fans to take a seat, might be he would have worried for his fans because on day one concert all were standing till the end of the show. And he also asked fans to have water and gave his water away… Lovely Hyun Joong always cares his fans.

When Hyun Joong sang “Can’t Erase You From My Mind”…. I was like crying….. When hearing this song I suddenly felt like, “I will be soon missing my alien boy Hyun Joong”. I hope even he would have felt the same while singing, he loves to perform for his fans and he is a stage addict, Hyun Joong will for sure miss his wonderful fans for two years(enlisting MS)…..

I was really sad when Hyun Joong sang this

“We’re apart
As we can’t go back to that place we spent time together
The days in which my smiles were overflowing,
Have already turned to tears
Just full of my tears… full of my tears
By myself, you’re the only one it can’t erase
The memories that hold you and I
The hands that
We held together, before I knew it, they were apart
That hurt”

I was just listening the audio of concert but I was able to feel what Hyun Joong was trying to convey his fans by singing this song. I hope only he can do it, he can just take his fans to another world. Yes, I was listening the audio but I felt as if I was one among those huge fans gathered at Yokohama standing before Hyun Joong and hearing this song, I felt like telling him, “Hyun Joong we are here only for you, we love you”..
I truly believe only he can make such a magic in every heart of Henecians, he is the only person who can give such a wonderful feel to all his fans….


The only song which he danced was “Kiss Kiss”; Hyun Joong was panting even though he made sure to dance for the whole song….. Ah, such a lovely performance, he is driving us crazy with his dance…

Best Moments

Hyun Joong enjoyed a lot and had a great time with fans.. He played stone, paper, scissor with fans. He was not able to find the winner and asked two people from left side to get on stage.
Two chairs were placed on stage and Kim Hyun Joong sang “I’m Your Man”. Fans sat on the chairs and started to listen his song while Hyun Joong serenade.
Hyun Joong was having only one gift but there were two fans so he split the gift and gave to his fans. Ah, like I always tell our Angel Hyun Joong treats all his fans equally with same love. The gifts were Uzoosin blanket, Uzoosin keychain, Yokohama Uzoosin keychain Korean snacks.
Hyun Joong said, Snacks which he gave to fans was the most popular one in Korea. So giving it means they are special, may be more than mom. Obviously lucky fans they are……
Hyun Joong took pictures with fans…


While singing Lucky Guy he came down from stage and walked letting fans to have a closer look on him…. After Beauty Beauty Hyun Joong changed his dress into black pant, white strip navy blue long coat with grey round neck Shirt color on jacket….

While singing HEAT Hyun Joong encouraged his fans to sing with him, the entire hall started to sing and shared beautiful feelings.
Japan fans just love his song so much and they enjoyed each and every second.

Hyun Joong left stage and fans started to shout his name and said encore soon….
Again today Hyun Joong stood at main entrance as he waved goodbye to all his fans.

Henecians Support

Henecians once again you have proved your love and made it as another huge success and memorable concert.
Each day we come across many people we are speaking with them we are sharing things with them but even if we get chance to meet thousands of people we are not able to forget Hyun Joong he reminds same in our heart, maybe we feel in that way it’s because Hyun Joong reminds same in his character as such a wonderful and warm person and for him in his life fans are more important and he gives first priority to his fans.. Yes this man loves us a lot which makes us to love him more each day.


Our two days of travel with Hyun Joong was exciting, so now we all are waiting for our next ride with our Prince… Yes next GEMINI concert is on January 31 at Ishikawa (Kanasawa Opera Seat).
Keep on supporting Henecians let’s show our support even bigger next time.

My Thoughts

Hyun Joong is standing before us stronger than ever, am very happy to see him, he just wants this concert to be a memorable one and so he is with his fans in a simple way and just tries to share his true loves which will last forever…..

For every people Hyun Joong might be a star. But for Henecians the fans who personally know him will think he has born to take away the pain which we have and he is here to make us happy by just letting us to forget our bad days. When following Hyun Joong we all will inspire a lot and will have a strong power to face many challenges which we face in our life.


To Kim Hyun Joong
Thank you for being born. Thank you for being Kim Hyun Joong, our only one forever. Thanks for being with us whenever we need you. You’re my stress reliever. I pray you should have the happiest life from now on, we (Fans) will always stay by your side. Love You my Angel Kim Hyun Joong!


Happy News, here it is for you Hyun Joong 2nd Japan album “STILL” teaser … Already fans watched and started to comment and share the video, if u are yet to see then just run else u will regret.. lol
Wonderful teaser…. Hyun Joong you’re the best!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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