Kim Hyun Joong & Henecians (GEMINI is on the way Let’s Party)

Henecians, it’s party time, here it is, the day for which we all were waiting for has finally come, yes it’s time for us to raise our voice beyond the sky to show the world the power of Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians, let’s make the concert ‘GEMINI’ a huge success….

I hope our prince is busy with concert preparation he will be working hard with lots of practice to make this as the most memorable concert for his fans, and yes off course Henecians are also busy by spreading the updates and busily supporting our Angel Kim Hyun Joong……

Let’s keep up the good work, for last few months skorean media were just publishing trash in name of scandal about Hyun Joong, but now it’s time for Henecians all over the world to gather and raise our voice which should make all the media and haters to just turn back and have a eye on us which should make them understand the power of ‘Together’, now it is our time we should make all the media to speak about the success of ‘GEMINI’.

It’s really a busy schedule for Hyun Joong he will be running each day from one place to another around Japan, by looking the schedule i hope he will have less time to breathe, he is doing all this for none other than his lovely fans. Let’s keep on encouraging him throughout the tour so that our Angel will boost up by looking his fans support and the way we(Fans) enjoy…..

GEMINI Japan Tour 2015 Schedule:

Jan. 27- 28, Kanagawa (Pacifico Yokohama)
Jan. 31, Ishikawa (Kanasawa Opera Seat)
Feb. 2, Hokkaido ( Sapporo Municipal House)
Feb. 3, Miyagi (Sendai Sun Plaza)
Feb. 5-6, Aichi ( Nagoya Congress Center)
Feb. 8, Niigata (Perfectural Civil)
Feb. 9, Fukuoka (Sun Palace Hotel)
Feb. 10, Hiroshima (Uenogakuen)
Feb. 12, Kanagawa (Alpha Anabuki)
Feb. 14, Osaka (Castle Hall)

Henecians all over the world has already started to raise their voice in Tweeter for GEMINI, let us join our hands with them and participate in the trending. Trend the hashtag #KHJPhoenix2015 and post as much as possible about GEMINI, Let’s all push our King Hyun Joong to the peak were people should not even dream of pulling him down……. There is no doubt Hyun Joong will be raising up as phoenix, our Hyun Joong is going to shine bigger this time, GEMINI and STILL will create a new record and we(Fans) are going to make that happen….
By our(Fans) strong support our Prince Hyun Joong should understand that no matter what fans will stay back of him and he is been always protected by his fans in name called love…..

To Kim Hyun Joong,
Hyun Joong ah success is running and coming towards you, don’t worry, we Henecians are with you,
Hyun Joong, You will always shine like a star and you will prove the world you are the one in the million…..


Let me end up with a beautiful message (2013) from Kim Hyun Joong

“I am very thankful to my fans who always stand by me.
I do not know when it would be; someday we would not be able to meet any longer but let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories. ^^

I keep piling up neatly all the pleasant memories in my heart in order to open and see whenever I miss you.
Let’s live happily~~~ ‘Your Story’ is the song just for you ^^ fighting”
– Kim Hyun Joong!

Let’s unite and party together Henecians………… Love you all…..

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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