Kim Hyun Joong (Kim Hyun Joong, STILL and Henecians Good Luck)

I want to start by telling Wow, because what a great support for our Prince. Daebak, this man is making all of us crazy..!! Day by day the voice of Henecians is just increasing and it’s getting more powerful, the support is becoming stronger and stronger….


One of the most recent and outstanding MV of Hyun Joong, “Ima Demo” which was released on Feb 4. It’s just a week and the views almost crossed 144,000…… I have already told this so many times but still I want to tell, no one other than Hyun Joong can make it, he is a person who has an ability to change “dream come true”.. He is making it possible because of the dedication towards his work and the pure love for his fans…The most awaited day has almost come… Yup, tomorrow Feb 11 Kim Hyun Joong’s second Japanese album STILL will be released… We were all waiting for this day..!!!


Recall of Kim Hyun Joong’s success – Japanese album

Kim Hyun Joong’s First Japanese album “UNLIMITED” and the single “Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy, Heat, Tonight, Hot Sun” were all sold out 100,000+ and topped the Japanese Oricon Chart. We all know, whatever Hyun Joong do or whatever he touches, it will become a great success. Till now, all the Japanese album and single or whatever Hyun Joong created just became a diamond and it glowed all over the world. Kim Hyun Joong was the only solo artist who made up a strong position and stood at peak in Japanese Music world among all Korean solo artists.

Whenever he launched his album we fans stood beside him and made him to hold the prestigious top position, we together (Kim Hyun Joong & Fans) celebrated all these years by proudly holding the top position at the Japanese Oricon Chart. Yes, we all supported him… it’s not only because of the love we have on him, it’s because he deserve it.


As I already said we do not know whether this is the last album of Hyun Joong before his MS, so if this is, what are we going to give him back or present him before his enlistment? Even if we wish to, he is such a person who will never expect anything from his fans. But still, all these days he has been with us and taken part in all our happy and sad days, he has really made a strong bond in our heart…, so how are we going to show our love for him? Yes, it’s our time… let’s push him to the top of Oricon chart once again, let’s show our love and support… If this is the last chance then, we should not take the last chance into a lighter way. These many days we have proven our love let’s once again prove it.

We have already started to “party” let’s continue it and make each and every second into a memorable moment so that we can cherish those moments when we miss one another.


Daebak “GEMINI”

Kim Hyun Joong concert on Feb 9 at Fukuoka Prefectural Civic Center (Niigata) and today’s (Feb 10) concert at Ueno Gakuen Hall (Hiroshima) once again, with no doubt, was a big hit and was great success. Our prince is regaining his smile and killing us with his glowing smile, I am really happy to see him back with his mesmerizing smile…


Best Moments

At Niigata Hyun Joong was wearing black shirt with rolled up sleeves and black pants. When I saw the picture I was totally haunted by him, he looked Charming… He was still cute in his action.

When Hyun Joong knew some fans were touring with him for Japan concert he pointed some people and said, I’m happy that you guys join tour and named it as ‘Diet Tour’.

While singing I’m your man Hyun Joong removed bracelet from his left wrist and tied on one female fan wrist and gave her rose. While singing lucky guy Hyun Joong spotted a male fan and went to him, Hyun Joong and the male fan took turns with the mike to sing the chorus!!The male fan sang all the words from song by waving his light stick. The interaction between Hyun Joong and male fan gave Hyun Joong strength and he looked as if he will never forget that moment and the male fan….During Gwiyomi Hyun Joong looked so embarrassed and kept laughing he did the gwiyomi twice. The second time was with keyboardist support. Hyun Joong collected letters and gifts from fans sitting in front row before the final exit from stage. Another wonderful moment was when Hyun Joong looked down at security holding up the rope keeping first row fans back, he pointed and asked the security to drop the rope. How sweet, this makes him special and unique….


Today concert, Kim Hyun Joong invited a little girl dressed like a princess with topiary and blue sparkly dress and a long train, Bodyguards helped with the train up the stairs Holding a large light stick Uzoosin, Hyun Joong adjusted train of young girl’s long skirt. she was the first person to get signed album, he wrote a message for her..

Tonight Hyun Joong was looking tired, he sat on stage steps. While Lucky Guy encore he got a teenage female student up to stage, sang, danced, took picture with her.
Fans suggested him to tell hanasenaiyo mata ne arigato and he said it, which means don’t leave me…

Thank you to all the fans for the wonderful tireless updates…



Today there was an update telling Hyun Joong was not feeling well… but am not sure how far it is true! Anyway, we all know that this week is really a very busy week for Hyun Joong, with a hectic schedule were he hardly have less time to take a deep breathe…shall we all pray for him and for his health… And let’s pray for the success of album “STILL”….

And let’s render our support to him by all possible ways which will keep him even stronger…


Henecians hold your hands

So it’s time for us let’s show our support, already Facebook and Twitter is flooded by Kim Hyun Joong’s picture it’s great to see… whenever I take a look I could find only Hyun Joong’s picture and updates… Keep supporting and let’s show the world how strong we are. As we all know we Henecians are stronger and powerful than before, so let’s move forward with same powerful support…

Shall we all promise Kim Hyun Joong that?

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, we’ll always be there by your side supporting you”….

hjl makuhari day3 3

My Thoughts

When each day pass and when each concert completes we feel today’s concert was best than previous one… But truly speaking I feel like he is bidding farewell to all of us, when we look into each show, they all have its own special memories that Hyun Joong is leaving for his lovely fans to keep and cherish those moments during his enlistment….

I feel hard when writing this, I could feel the pain, no doubt we will miss him so badly…

I felt Hyun Joong was trying to convey this to us,

A day might come were we will hardly see each other, you might search news to find about me, we will miss each other badly… However nothing can break our bond!!! Your (Fans) heart and mine (Hyun Joong) are bound together such that whenever you miss me, there is no doubt even I will miss you… Near or far that does not matter let’s enjoy this moment when we are together and store all our memories so that when we both miss each other, let’s think of it and smile at one another in our hearts….
And so, we will not feel we are apart….. Love You


To Kim Hyun Joong
Hyun Joong ah… please don’t strain I can understand you; I will enjoy and support whatever you do…. Stay healthy…
“If I could tell you one thing i guess it would be that hearing your voice and seeing you smile seems to brighten my day”….


Take care Henecians, there is no doubt this time we together will make a mind-blowing success…
Album “STILL” will hit the top of the Oricon chart….



I saw a fan sharing a post which said, someone in name of Kim Hyun Joong with a fake profile trying to get attention from fans. So all Henecians know that Hyun Joong is a person who does not have an account in any social website like Facebook or Twitter, so please kindly help and make aware of it to all the new Hyun Joong fans…..
As we all are one family let’s protect one another….

There is a voting taking place for “Asian Male God” so please vote every 30 minutes for our Prince Kim Hyun Joong…..

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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