Kim Hyun Joong (Memorable Valentine’s Day for Henecians)

Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians, we made it once again we proved the real meaning of togetherness… Henecians Japan and Henecians all over the world you rocked, the support for Hyun Joong proved how much we all love him. The 24 hours of Feb 14 was filled with memories which will last for more than two years…

The February 14 concert at Osaka just hit a tremendous success, what a performance and what a support… The hall was actually like a green sea filled with 16,000 members…. Hyun Joong gave his best till the end of the concert to make Feb 14 as the most memorable one for his fans, like a boyfriend filling the heart of his girlfriend with memorable moments in heart’s day….


The best and unforgettable Valentine’s Day

As a fan like you, many thoughts were running on my mind, I was wondering what surprise he had for us (Fans)…. And undoubtedly he filled our heart with such unforgettable memories…

When he sang we sang along with him, he danced we waved our light stick, he spoke a lot we listened his words, he played we joined him, and when he cried in his heart while telling he will be soon heading out to MS we all had a teary eye, our heart was full of pain…


Best Moments

(Funny KHJ) Hyun Joong had a dream of winning lottery, he memorized the number and called his friend and asked him to buy it, and he said if he wins he will give a free concert…

He teased a backup singer lady telling she gave chocolate with a letter I love you…He did Gwiyomi with backup singers, he took a cute picture of the singer and said he will send to his girlfriend, but actually he sends it to the band group chat….lol

Hyun Joong said he searched online that JAL could reach 108 decibel point when plane is landing or take off, to test it he asked fans to be quiet it showed180 decibel…. He asked all fans to shout, fans shouted ‘Leader’ still it was 180 decibel… Finally he said it is not working and asked to sale it in antique shop… He said he will determine the voice of fans by his ears….. lol


(Lucky Fan) Hyun Joong brought a fan on stage, as she was wearing small skirt he took off his jacket to cover her legs….He gave her water, he also sang two songs for her, she was really touched….. She is really lucky to receive an unforgettable moment from her loving Idol….

He said mail key east if fans are confident with Gwiyomi and he will do it on first day of Makuhari with five fans that are called out, the cutest action by fan will get kiss on cheek by Hyun Joong…

Such a big crowd, Hyun Joong was moving around the arena in moving carriage….. He sang a Korean rhyme, he translated to Japanese and sang, the last line was “I can jump till my head reaches the sky”


(Heart touch painful moment) Hyun Joong said Osaka was supposed to be the last concert, but he is relieved that it is not last…

He continued telling he will not be lonely because he has so much memories, and when he goes he wanted to go in secret, because picture of him will be taken and he doesn’t want it to be taken, he may drink a lot the day before he enlist….

He said he is waiting for the day to sing again, asked fans to wait for two or three years… The words he said was don’t get sick, stay strong, endure two years, and he will be back…. With love he said each fan are stars in the sky, wherever fans maybe that does not matter he will always remember the green light and the beautiful moment, he mean when he looks at the stars he will think of each fan…..

Yes, Hyun Joong is a moon who is been surrounded by bright shining stars (Fans)…. Ouch, it’s such a painful moment, Is he bidding farewell? Hope all fans around the world would have cried… It is really hard to accept, but still there is no other way we should tell him bye with a bright smile, So that he will feel happy….

Shall I take a deep breath, not even half of the concert moments I have shared, still so much to go…? He has really made it as the most special and fabulous day for each one of us… He is our valentine always our one and only valentine…..


Green Sea – Henecians

As I said the hall was filled with fans and it just looked like a sea…. This man is really special; fans are overflowing in each concert… I had a question how is he making it possible? Then I found the answer, it is “KIM HYUN JOONG”….. Don’t underestimate the power of Hyun Joong….

When Hyun Joong sang, for each song, the wave of fan’s voice just increased and reached the peak and it was so strong and powerful like a Tsunami… Hyun Joong is blessed with so many true and loyal fans, as a fan even we are blessed because Hyun Joong entered all our life and he is making it more special….

So shall we promise Kim Hyun Joong that,
“Hyun Joong ah when you come back this green sea called fans will be waiting for you to sail”

Yes he is our One, “Our only one Kim Hyun Joong”, no one can replace him… Millions of fans love him because, Kim Hyun Joong is a person who will always owe his fans, he very well know that there is no Kim Hyun Joong without fans, and he always respects each one of our love….


Love and support

It’s true, we will miss our prince, let us all think that, for two year’s we fans will be playing hide and seek game with our Hyun Joong, so let us enjoy the game and let us promise we will not worry but wait for his comeback…. We will cherish the moments which he has left for us….

There is no doubt even Hyun Joong will miss his lovely fans and most importantly his music…. Shall we together tell,
“Kim Hyun Joong we love you, Stay strong”…

Only when sunshine’s (Idols) we can see some people (Fans)….. But Hyun Joong is blessed with fans who stays with him even in his dark days…The music is one which connected us with Hyun Joong… His voice is actually a dose for many fans heart…


His music is the one which joined millions of people into a single person in name called Henecians, now as a fan we all experience same thoughts, we don’t speak same language we are not in same color, still we are together, it is only because of the love which we have for Hyun Joong…

When we hear his song, most of us don’t understand the meaning but still the song enters deep inside our heart… I was thinking how that was possible, and later I realized Hyun Joong has a power of conveying and healing pain, culture and language is not a matter to convey the love… Hyun Joong ah we are touched…

Speaking about him and sharing news about him makes my life even more interesting, Hyun Joong fandom is the best, every time they interact with one another without hesitating. Fans always share updates about Hyun Joong… Where ever they hear the name “Kim Hyun Joong” fans join their hands… I am happy, to be a part of this amazing fandom….

Let us wait for him…


To Kim Hyun Joong                                                                                                                It is so crazy, because I don’t even know when you became so important to me… But now I feel empty without watching or reading about you… You are the best of the best…..

This was an interesting news I came across, Hyun Joong uploaded a picture in official Japanese page telling one of his staff clicked a snap of UFO, at first I was shocked,,, later it clicked my mind, as it is Hyun Joong’s last concert GEMINI, UFO had come to watch his concert, even they are eager and hope they will miss our “Alien Boy”……

Let us rock at Makuhari Henecians…..

Take Care…

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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