Kim Hyun Joong (Our Love)

The album STILL launched on Feb 11th, hope we all are happy and we are enjoying because it ranked NO.#2 spot on the very first day, we are together in the top position which we’ll never allow anyone to steal from us. We have proved Hyun Joong fandom is the strongest fandom. Don’t get tired, we still have concert coming on, let us go cheer and support Hyun Joong…


Valentine Wish

Let me first wish you all a happy valentine’s day, and here its goes let us all wish our one and only Kim Hyun Joong a very happy valentine’s day and probably he will also feel happy in wishing us back….. Always his love is for music and for his lovely fans that cannot be replaced….I believe this, for me he is a person who has been sent by God. The man who has changed many fans life….


Love for Kim Hyun Joong from Henecians

Kim Hyun Joong, after you entered our life we believe we together (Kim Hyun Joong & Fans) dream and look forward to a future that holds only happiness. Each time when we see you, you add a special and a bright light in our heart which brings a happy, shiny, healthy smile on our face….

Because of you(Kim Hyun Joong) happy moments filled all our days, whenever we came in search of you, You never disappointed us and same way you never forget to surprise us….When we complete each day together(Kim Hyun Joong & Fans), You left behind the Joy and the best moment which could never been found or replaced by other’s…

From our view, Kim Hyun Joong you are a person who gifts us all the 365 days in a year with Joy, happy and best memories which connects us with you heart to heart…


Your Song will always remain in our heart even if the music is not played, like a fragrance that stays in air….You have always been like a tree under sun that made us to relax by your wonderful music whenever we were tired and pressured… You always comfort us with your soothing voice…. Kim Hyun Joong you are such a magician, your warm heart and your incredible singing has such a special power that fills our heart with happiness…

To make life more interesting, it’s important to know beautiful people, and we thank God we found you. In every person life there would have been only one person who would have completely turned their life and I believe Hyun Joong is the person who has turned many things in my life even the way of loving haters and I truly believe many Henecians life would have turned because of him…


Two Hearts (Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians) Fond

Life is a path were the roads might be level and clear and sometimes it might have thorns on it, but our (KHJ and Fans) love and unbreakable bond makes us to travel ahead to an unknown place or even to an outer space, were we (KHJ & Fans) together have a heart to heart fond which will make even the unknown and lonely place as heaven…

We together are growing older by appreciating and patting each other’s shoulder in happy and sad days…

When each day pass and when each concert completes we (Fans) feel today’s concert was best than previous one… But truly speaking we (Fans) all feel he is bidding farewell to all of us, when we look into each show, they all have its own special memories that Hyun Joong is leaving for his lovely fans to keep and cherish those moments after his enlistment…


(Lines from my older post)We all would have felt that Hyun Joong was trying to convey this to us,

A day might come were we will hardly see each other, you might search news to find about me, we will miss each other badly… However nothing can break our bond!!! Your (Fans) heart and mine (Hyun Joong) are bound together such that whenever you miss me, there is no doubt even I will miss you… Near or far that does not matter let’s enjoy this moment when we are together and store all our memories so that when we both miss each other, let’s think of it and smile at one another in our hearts…. 
And so, we will not feel we are apart….. Love You

Hyun Joong ah you are correct, there might a day come were we fans will be searching you with full of love to know how our love (Hyun Joong) is doing, Is he fine?, but we believe the memories which you gave us will cheer us with a tender touch in our heart, every beat of our heart will remind us that we’re not alone… we will always have prickle in our heart which will make us to think that Hyun Joong is still thinking of us somewhere and he is also missing us in same way as we do…


To Kim Hyun Joong from Henecians                                                                             Kim Hyun Joong you very well know some people come and some might go(even if it is a fan), the one who left will understand you and your kind heart, just ignore the people who turned back and walked, don’t feel for anything because if you do, even we fans will worry. And remember we Henecians, the true and loyal Henecians will always stay with you through everything you undergo throughout the end. Until and unless we are with you just go forward no matter what we will follow you. Trust us Kim Hyun Joong and we always Trust you…

Stay healthy Hyun Joong ah, we will be missing you, even after you enlist we want to stay by your side holding your hands… Come back to us soon, we are going to wait for you, and there is no doubt when you come back you will be giving us lots and lots of surprise gifts, for which we are eagerly waiting… We will accept it from you with smiling face.



Let’s make this valentine day in to a memorable one for our love Hyun Joong and for Us, as this is the last valentine day before his MS let’s together cherish each moment.

Let’s show the world the “UNLIMITED & UNBREAKABLE” love of togetherness (KHJ and Fans)….

Once again happy valentine day….. Take care…

Have a great day!!!

Happy Feb 14, Hyun Joong will be performing tomorrow at Osaka castle Hall, am excited…..
Let us meet tomorrow Henecians, let us support him even with a bigger and louder voice as it is Feb 14 valentine concert, hahaha……

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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