Kim Hyun Joong (Stand by You)

Kim Hyun Joong the Angel who entered in my life… The person who inspired me for the first time. The person who taught me what is happiness. The person who made me to smile from heart. The person who helped me to persevere in my life no matter how hard it is… The person who made me to understand what is true love. The person who made me to love my work…….Above all he is the person who taught me to love haters….


Unforgettable Memories

How it started!

The handsome “Yoon Ji Hoo” introduced me a beautiful human being called “Kim Hyun Joong” through BOF… Later I started to search about Hyun Joong, my star. I remember I was like a mad searching about him throughout the internet, I read all the news about him…. Whenever I saw the name Hyun Joong my eyes never denied to have a look at what it was…I almost saw all Hyun Joong videos which were available in YouTube. Even if it was a one minute video I never hesitated to watch… On the first day of my research I slept at 5 am, even though I was not sleepy I went to bed because I had work at 8am. Some videos I watched again and again but not even once I was tired… At one point I started to smile when he smiled, I started to laugh when he laughed, I started to cry when he cried, I started listening to the words he spoke and tried to convey it to all his fans from heart…. I was able to understand him personally. Day by day I was able to understand his heart by looking at him, I was able to find out his pain by looking at him….
It’s a fact, when we love a person from heart we always know whether he/she is happy or in pain by just looking at them. Same way every Henecians who know Hyun Joong personally can find out what he feels….


 Qualities which I admired & want to follow throughout my life

Last night when I was thinking I asked myself, why is Hyun Joong a special person to me, why did my eyes just linger only on him….? There are so many idols but why did I start to love him….Finally I came with an answer….. As a person I learned these qualities from Hyun Joong……
1. Love your work and enjoy while working, so you will not feel burdened…
2. Take ownership on what you do….
3. Accept true relationship and be thankful for the love you receive. (I am a person who will not mingle with people but from there on I started to speak with all peoples, I felt that without a true friend there can never be love, affection and silly fights)…..
4. In spite of speaking or fighting back we should prove our self and make people to notify that “I can do it”…
5. There is no obstacle which we cannot overcome…
6. We should not forget the person who has taken part and stayed with us in our hard times.
7. Hard work will for sure repay us….
8. How hard people try, the truth can never be hidden and a good man can never been pulled down….
9. Be yourself, so people will love for who you are…..
10. Help people who are in need which will give a meaning to your life…..
I admire this words which Hyun Joong said “Since you were already born you should work hard to make your name known, help your less fortunate neighbors while living a life that earns respect.”


He is really a very stubborn person especially when he pushes himself too hard without considering his health which will hurt me for him… But he is a person who does not give up…This made me to understand we should not give up without giving a try…The love Hyun Joong have for his fans, the respect he have for elders, the care for his family all taught me we should respect and thank each one of them who has taken part in our life and without them we would have not survived so far….

Truly speaking am still in progress of learning things from him, every time I see him I learn something from him…


Your (Kim Hyun Joong) soulful music

When I turn on the music and listen to Hyun Joong song, I will feel as if he is telling me,
“Hey, just listen and don’t think or speak anything. So that I will stay with you and heal your pain and I will take you to the world with full of JOY, Let it go, this second is not true, real happiness is waiting for you, don’t worry, just listen am singing for you, my love (Fan)”
And every time when I went in search of him, Hyun Joong healed my pain…He is the one who gave me wonderful memories were I will feel as if he is beside me, Hyun Joong makes me to smile… which make me to think I should not leave his warm love…


 Kim Hyun Joong – The Magician

As I said there are countless of artists but why do I linger only back of Hyun Joong. Believe me I thought to stop speaking and posting about Kim Hyun Joong but hardly I kept quiet for just one day, next morning I went in search of him. I heard people telling there are so many fans because of his physical appearance…But it’s not because of that, Hyun Joong is blessed with talent, good look and kind heart. Hyun Joong sincerity towards fans is his real strength, due to everything fans just overflow each year for him…Because of his glowing smile; by looking at his bright face millions of fans are happy…….


Days without Kim Hyun Joong

I remember this, After Phantasm world tour I was not able to find him, there were no news about him, I was searching to find at least to know that, “he is doing good”…Some days like a mad I searched on internet to find news about him, I tried to follow blogs, I followed twitter and many social websites, I felt bored without seeing him, I felt as if am missing something in my life, I engaged myself by watching his videos, I read fans comments. I was waiting for him….

At last he came, He is now in front of us in name called “GEMINI” I was flying in happiness….

But I do not know why I felt like this, When I looked at him in “GEMINI” concert I felt something was not good… May be am wrong but let me tell what I felt….
I felt he his badly in need of our support, he want us by his side, and he wants our shoulder to lean….. He is calling us to hold his hand; he is in need of our warm love…I felt as if he is saying “Stay by my side just believe me. I cannot anymore accept or get hurt by fake people”….


Unite Henecians

I know without you Hyun Joong would have not traveled so far, I love and thank every Henecians for your support, but now our loving Hyun Joong is searching for us, he wants us to be with him….He want our support. When we are sad we rely on him, we search him for happiness, we call him to support us, and we get strength from him (we automatically boost up when we see his videos or listen songs). He just heals our pain by his soothing voice…

You remember Hyun Joong said,” Sad also must smile. Not good also must smile like a fool. hahaha. Because when I’m happy, other people will feel happy too”. Hyun Joong is really good at hiding his pain, he never wants his fans to feel so he always smiles and tells “I’m okay”…

Yeah it’s true he is back to us. Of course he is happy but still he has some pain, there is no doubt he will overcome everything…. But are we going to wait till that moment arise… It’s time for us to show our love and support to Kim Hyun Joong…..


This is the blog which is created to show the love and support for him…. Every Henecians please spend two minutes and place a comment tell your love and support for him, I truly believe Hyun Joong fandom is the best fandom, if we all unite then for sure we can let Hyun Joong know that we are here for him and fans throughout the world support him…. Before end of this concert we should prove our love and we should shout that we are here for him…..

Truly speaking I wonder whether Hyun Joong is aware that there are so many diehard fans all over the world for him…. If he is not aware…..How are we going to reach him…..?

Your right! Speak out so that your voice will be heard by Kim Hyun Joong…….


To Kim Hyun Joong,

Hyun Joong I will not let your hand even if I die and I promise I will walk beside you until the end of our life…

Hyun Joong you said “Look up at the sky and wave a beautiful dream for your future”

Hyun Joong my dream is to see your smile, I want you back with that childish smile, without your smile I feel weak, don’t mind about useless comments and haters, I will only tell you that they are jealous on you and doesn’t know the real you. We are with you; let’s together make beautiful memories….. Hyun Joong we love you….
Hyun Joong I believe if you and we (Fans) walk together there will be no pain for us..

I really thank God for introducing such a lovely person called “Kim Hyun Joong”…Thanks for being born and made us smile.

Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians Fighting……

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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