Kim Hyun Joong – Take Care (It is not the end, but beginning)

Three days without a break we (Hyun Joong and Fans) together will be rocking the whole world… The day one is already over with a tremendous performance and support at Makuhari, so two more days to go, there is no doubt the upcoming two days the world will be filled with Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians laughter, speech, play, fun, cry….…

The tour is almost towards its end…We are now at the last week of “GEMINI” concert, did you all note it? It is like, the concert series just started yesterday, but we are almost at the final stop … The days just flew, we did not worry whether it was day or night but we were enjoying each and every second by sharing, updating, listening and watching the concert…


‘GEMINI’ at Makuhari

End of each series (GEMINI) only one word is hitting my mind; it is “OUTSTANDING”… He is proving that he is the king who has born to conquer the world of MUSIC…

Makuhari rocked with Hyun Joong’s performance today… As GEMINI is the last concert for Hyun Joong before his MS, he has put on all his effort to make it as the most memorable one, he has already given tons of memories which will last for more than two years, but without giving up he is still working hard to make these three days even more special for his fans…


Best Moments

(Funny Boy) Hyun Joong said he’s giving one big present to fans. Everyone were excited and started to clap! Then he said… ‘I’m joking’…
Hyun Joong spoke about tasty noodles, and asked whether fans are jealous… He said, “It’s only 500 yen” lol…..

(Lucky Fans)
He made a round on trolley! When he sang Lucky Guy, fans were able to have a closer look of him…
Hyun Joong did Gwiyomi first… As he promised in his previous concert fans were been selected and he did Gwiyomi with them…Contestant did well! Hyun Joong asked one of the contestant what kind of photo she wanted… Then he bent down and took photo by kissing on fan’s hand… He said “Because I said I’ll grant all the wishes, I’ll do it!”
Hyun Joong stood behind the fan and bent down turned his head to kiss the lady’s face…
After each fan got her turn, Hyun Joong asked them whether they were satisfied with their photos…. hahaha cute boy….

(Hyun Joong’s gift) He permitted to film the last song and allowed to take his picture….

(Highlight) Hyun Joong sang ‘Because I’m Stupid’ by playing guitar…..

Just ending with little concert updates because I felt like speaking alot…
Thanks to all for tireless updates….


Henecians – Hyun Joong Take Care

He is a perfect man. He steals our heart with his melodic voice; he kills us with his smile. He is our Drug, but now it’s time for us to tell him bye… No doubt when he walks away from us, we’ll have a prickle in our heart…

Our deepest fear is not that we will miss Hyun Joong… Our deepest fear is, whether Hyun Joong will take care of him, as we all know he is a person who will always choose the toughest path and fight to achieve and prove it, he has all the capabilities of overcoming on whatever path he choose… Shall we pat on his shoulder and tell,

Please do not strain yourself Hyun Joong ah, don’t choose the tough path or fight for it when we fans are not around you

We are asking to our self, will we overcome the pain, the two years of pain without our Angel around us… sure he is also fighting in his heart without letting us know, to overcome the temporary partition from his lovely fans, so let also act that we did not find it out and let us smile and tell him,

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Strong”…

Kim Hyun Joong always drops message for his fans… It either could be on his concert or on Official page when he gets time… whenever he leave a message we all can understand that he is missing us so badly… He will sure miss us at least once in all 730 days after enlisting… Can we give him a big hug and tell,

Hyun Joong ah, we might be different but our heart beats as one.. So there is no way for us missing one another”…

If Hyun Joong is bidding farewell then shall we hold his hands and tell,

Why should we bid farewell, no matter what you will always stay deep inside our (Fans) heart and we will always stay deep inside Your (KHJ) heart.

Yes, of course he will be fine, but still we all have a care in our heart like a mother carrying for her child, how much ever we compromise our self, still we’ll have a thought on, “how he is doing”…. It is because of the strong bond between Hyun Joong and Henecians…..


After Hyun Joong enlists, we will for sure rewind the memories which we (Hyun Joong and Henecians) had together… We do not know whether we will smile and enjoy, but we knew we’ll have a teary eye when we look at him, we do not know how we are going to endure it… But we will overcome it by waiting for his comeback, as he promised he will be back…. He is a person who will always keep up his promise…… So let us be relieved as he promised of coming back… He will come and heal the two years of pain within a second… He does not like his fans worrying so let us try to delete sadness, let us forget that he will be leaving for MS…


Henecians lets us pray that Hyun Joong should be safe, healthy, strong and most importantly he should not feel lonely… Let us thank God for introducing this beautiful Angel Kim Hyun Joong to us… When Hyun Joong is with us the days will just fly away within a glimpse… But now the two years will be as two decade for us… Let us pray that, two years should run fast for Hyun Joong and Henecians…..

Words for Hyun Joong from Henecians

We are not going to hurt you. We are not going to change. We are not going to expect more because you are already giving above our expectation. We are going to hold on with a smile; no doubt we will miss you when you are not around us. We are going to love hard so these two years we pray it should fly with beautiful memories which we had so far together.

“You are the guy, always the one and only guy who is perfect for us, the perfect Idol… The proudest part for us is to be a Henecian”

Unless and until our hearts are one there is no way of the word “MISSING” entering us…. Let us throw that word away and enjoy the two years by sharing the beautiful memories we (Hyun Joong and Fans) had together with smiling face…… Let us raise our voice on all 730 days telling we love Kim Hyun Joong and we are smiling, enjoying and thinking the days back we were together from where we are(Place)… For sure Hyun Joong will hear our voice and he will feel happy if he finds his fans our doing good…..

“Let us Wait and Hope, Best will always take time”…


My Words

When this man is with us, near us, the time is just running… As the days are nearing am thinking is there a chance for us all too extend this week without allowing it to end… Oh my God, I need a ‘TIME MACHINE’ badly; I want to stop this week…I do not want to let him go….

This is the first time in my life I am having a teary eye while speaking about a person, this has not happened for me before…. He is an outstanding Person. An amazing Human being… I want to speak more, my words are endless…

And my dear Henecians all these days we were together let us be the same way, let us share and cherish moments when Hyun Joong is not around us… Let us rely on one another when we miss Hyun Joong…

I do not know in what mind set I’ll be on Friday, bear with this post as I am posting it earlier……

Let me end it with Kim Hyun Joong’s Message at Osaka(Feb 14)…

It is your trust and love which brought me here…
I been blessed with everybody’s good fortune…
I would like to present you a more mature and better music…

For this two year’s let us live a healthy life…
Two year’s later it is time for everybody to listen genuine music of Kim Hyun Joong…

I hope everyone around me will be happy. I will become more splendid artist when coming back.
I will not forget the past 10 years, which filled with gratitude for you believing the miracle we made.
Thank you very much so far. Even if you’re far away we are absolutely not isolated just retained in the heart of each other.
I love you all!!

Until the day we meet don’t feel lonely, because am always by your side…
Kim Hyun Joong!!!

(Thank you fans for translating; only few lines are mentioned from KHJ message)


Henecians Support!!! Let the Makuhari float with our (Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians) memories… Two more concert to go which is on February 19 and 20….

Happy news, Even Now is #3 on the Oricon weekly chart and #1 in weekly world rankings….

Take Care!!! Love you all Henecians!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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