Kim Hyun Joong (The Phoenix)

The Even Now from the album STILL was released last week (Feb 4) by universal music Japan… The video is viewed already by 80,000 fans in just four days……. Day by day the count is just increasing; all the fans are happy and enjoying Hyun Joong’s Gift…. Ahh! So even you have received it? There is no doubt we all are enjoying the Gifts which we have received from Hyun Joong. Ouch, I remember before I was telling he is back with full of surprise and with a big gift for his fans for new year in name called ‘GEMINI’, but now am confused has Hyun Joong presented us(Fans) for New Year or Valentine day, lol……. Hope Hyun Joong will be happy in presenting gifts for his fans….Yes the gifts are none other than “GEMINI”, the most waiting album “STILL” will be released on Feb 11th and no wonder the big gift is “Ima Demo” called as “Even Now” MV which was released on Feb 4 and it’s been listened and shared by all fans, Henecians are celebrating like a festival and all are in party mood…


“Ima Demo”

When I first heard that the MV was released, I just stopped my work and went in search to watch the MV in YouTube….. My excitement was to the peak and many things were running in my mind like how music would be, how would the video be, each time Hyun Joong will just grab all our heart by his soothing voice and I was wondering what plan he had this time to make his fan fall with his outstanding melodic voice….

img_3377I have noticed this, whenever I hear him singing I will get “Prickles”…. lol, but it’s true….

Once when the song started and Hyun Joong came by walking I did not turn around but I was just staring at him… I was wondering, “How this is possible?”, and that too only by him, each time how is he satisfying his fans without any disappoint… Each time when we see him we are amazed by his new innovative thoughts in signing as well as in his looks and his act. Every time we see a new and fresh “Kim Hyun Joong”… Overall the MV was cool which just took me into another world where I was able to see only Hyun Joong and me, the world was filled with music and I felt he was singing for me, he conveyed in this song how important fans were been in his life till this moment… Yup, let’s forget the past shall we keep a dot and lets not speak about it anymore. Now it’s party time in our world, the world which is just filled with only “Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians” let’s not allow anyone to enter our world, let’s together enjoy every moment with each other…. I do not know how many times I watched the MV.I could only find the way he has expressed his love from his heart…..

“Even if I hold on to other memories
Even now, it’s you
Those countless sweet nights and words
I am unable to forget you, even now”

He can never forget his fans, wherever he may be he always thinks of his fans and he is a person who will just drop message whenever he miss his fans and same way he will never allow his fans to miss him….


Successful “GEMINI”

The GEMINI concert which was held on Jan31 at Kanagawa opera house, Jan2 at Municipal House Hall, Jan3 at Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Jan5 at Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Jan6 at Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall all ended with a huge success. All venues were fully filled with fans there is no doubt only Hyun Joong can make miracles in to possible…

Japan fans are really supporting a lot, same way fans all over the world sharing their support via Twitter and Face book…. Henecians are thankful to YY for the live audio streaming, fans are enjoying by hearing Hyun Joong concert live….


Best Moments

Today (Feb 8) concert was held on Niigata prefectural civic centre(Niigata). Once again the concert banged the hall with Hyun Joong’s song and the fantastic crowd (Fans), there is no way for us to be surprised because wherever Hyun Joong may be, his fans will be overflowing to support him.

We all know Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians always make wonderful moments by just sharing their love with each other. Same way there was many best moments in “GEMINI” concert……

Hyun Joong kissed one of the lucky fan girls in her hand. On Feb 6th (concert) while singing “I’m Your Man” he went down stage and dragged a young girl (around20) on Stage and made her to sit and Hyun Joong gave a surprise to the fan girl by kneeling and giving flowers…
By the end of song he took fan girl to backstage then she came out with tears may be she was crying of happiness…. Same day while singing kiss kiss he went along reaching out hands to all fans and kissed a girl were she refused to take her hand back and so he himself took his hand back, lol…..
Blessed girls what an unforgettable moment Hyun Joong as given for them….. If we were those fans girls even we would have flied up with full of happiness….


4D Boy

While leaving venue he was peeking out of car so much that almost his head till neck was out of car.
On Feb 6 at Nagoya before Kiss Kiss Hyun Joong said, “Yesterday (Feb 5) while kiss kiss performance I kissed back of some fans hand. But the atmosphere and cheer dint seem that great but the jealous was filled up. So I think I am not going to do the same thing today”….
Then he said, ” I will be kissing only one person”, “If I were to kiss everyone’s hands then my lips will tear off… will you all like me without lips(4D enters, lol) Do you like me looking this way?”
And In today’s concert (Feb 8) he pronounced Niigata as Niigawa and told his head is not awake…He changed Mike stand in to towel stand….
Hyun Joong with band said ‘ishi dayou’ with fingers on cheek. And picture was taken with same action… The hall was filled with laughter……

So I have just shared some of the unforgettable moments, Oh Hyun Joong has given so much of unforgettable moments for his fans in this concert, Ouch, if I start to speak about it, It will probably take so many days to complete it, because there are lots and lots of happy moments which filled every fans heart…….
This man is something, an unimaginable man……


Kim Hyun Joong – The Angel

He is a magician who has a power of healing the woe of all people, the bright face the glowing smile the innocent eyes the 4D speech all together will mesmerize people. Once if you see him you cannot escape he has such a power who will not allow you to move from him that easily, lol.

By overcoming all his struggles he is standing here in front of us, the love he have for music has carried him all away to where he is now, he has earned so much of love from his fans it’s only because of his warm heart, the true love which he has for his fans, the way he is true in his words, he has never been fake to his fans above all he is only ‘Kim Hyun Joong’, now I wonder how this boy will be for two years without music and his lovely fans… God, he is going to miss the most valuable things in his life for two years as we (Fans) do but I hope he will be happy by recollecting the best memories he had with fans in “GEMINI”…..


My Thoughts (Henecian thoughts)

Soon Hyun Joong will be leaving for his MS… Why it is so painful while telling it, not only me we all will definitely miss him, even Hyun Joong will do…. Two years might run fast if Hyun Joong is with us, but now two years will be passing like two decades without him…..
I want to tell Hyun Joong

“The world needs your music”

Yup, without his music without him many fans day will not get completed….. Hyun Joong is a man who will look bright, who will shine with his Music even when he is in dark, where ever he may be his fans will find him even if it is a dark room, Such an ‘UNBREAKABLE’ bond between “KIM HYUN JOONG & FANS” ….


He is the real Phoenix, The Phoenix who has risen from ashes; he has proved it and he has made all his fans proud. His “GEMINI” concert schedule is very close every day he is traveling he is very busy in preparing for concert for sure he will be tired but even though he is standing before us with such a bright face. He is working hard only for ‘US’ (Fans). Now what are we going to do, till now Hyun Joong without giving up he is trying hard and doing whatever he can to give best moments for his fans before enlisting, and now what are we going to present him before his enlistment, Yes it’s time for us to show our love and the ‘UNBREAKABLE’ support which we have for our prince, Henecians come now it’s our turn let’s join our hands let us together work and push our ONLY ONE Hyun Joong on top of the Oricon chart. This will be the last chance for us to show our support for our PRINCE before his MS. So never take the last chance in a lighter way, and I know you will not because you all love him so much.


To Kim Hyun Joong
Hyun Joong ah, stay strong and healthy… You have shown the best part in my life. Now my life is filled with happiness and it’s only because of you…Thank you is a word which is not enough for me to tell you how thankful I am… You will always be my only one who I cannot stop thinking, you are the one who has made me to write I have never done this before for anyone, now am happy in sharing my love which I have for you.

Thank You Hyun Joong ah, always be the ONE our ONLY ONE and we will always stay by your side by giving our endless love…


Tomorrow (Feb 9) Hyun Joong will be performing at Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel, Keep supporting……

This week totally we fans will be busy because this week Hyun Joong is lined up with four concert and the most awaited Japanese second album “STILL” will be released on Feb 11…..
Henecians please support don’t get tired if you’re tired then look KIM HYN JOONG’s picture, his smile and his video, so you will be boosted with energy, lol….. But it’s true…

Have a Great Week… Fighting……..

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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