Kim Hyun Joong (Token Of Love)

Kim Hyun Joong,

The day which we thought should never come, Now I pray, we (KHJ and Fans) should

not experience a day like FEB 20,15

It’s like, it was yesterday the first time we met each other, but it is almost 10 years…

It is a beautiful feeling which you have given

We loved when you were with us; we’ll miss you when you’re not around us

You are always a special person; your music is drug for our pain

We could not forget the words which you shared with us, words which made a deep

“BOND” between US

For a short period you will be entering in to a new world (MS), don’t worry because

we’ll be hardly meeting each other…

Just step forward, what can we do? New world is badly in need of you

We are excited for you…

We will part from you with half heart, but we will wait for you with full heart,

This leaving will make us (KHJ and Fans) sad, let us not worry but recall memories…

Until our tears changes into smile let us cherish the memories by loving and missing

one another in hearts which will last forever….

Distance might try to separate us from one another, until and unless our hearts are united,

nothing can apart our love, our bond will never break…

Let us wait patiently after two years we can stay with one another until our last breath…

We will be waiting to hear and share the two year stories

We promise,

There will never be another one; you are always our “ONLY ONE”.

The truly loving Henecians will be waiting for you, to talk, listen, smile, play and hold hands…

You will always stay deep inside our heart and we will always stay deep inside your heart.

Upon everything one fact cannot be erased, we loved one another, we trusted one another and we stayed with one another

Please do not strain yourself,

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Strong……….

Nothing can break the power of ‘TOGETHERNESS”…

“Different soul with one heart “KIM HYUN JOONG and HENECIANS”…”

(World Wide)


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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