Kim Hyun Joong (Travel as a Singer- Past Memories)

Two more days to go, hope we all are eagerly waiting to begin the party………

I was just thinking how Hyun Joong traveled so long, I had many questions in my mind, first I thought Hyun Joong was very popular at time of SS501, next I felt as he was the leader of SS501 he was shining like a star, then I thought he reached the peak and he became popular because of drama Boys Over Flowers, later I found all my assumption was wrong and for each success he has endured a great pain……..


Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of SS501, Smiling Prince, Cutie Alien, Angel what more else can we call him as, for me Hyun Joong is the best and he is the king of kpop world (totally my opinion)….

When looking at him first we all would have thought he is person who is from a settled family, the way he looks, the way he always smiles and his warm words altogether will only tell you that he is a person who is born with full of happiness and he has born to share the happiness with his fans…
This was the impression even I had when looking Hyun Joong at first in BOF and second at Breakdown, but that is not true, this person has traveled on rough paths in his life for where he is now. He boldly without losing his hope walked forward by breaking all his pain……


I remember reading this,
Hyun Joong guitar teacher said, “Hyun Joong is very talented, something needed to be learned in 3 years he could master them in 3 months.”
I hope from there Hyun Joong started to face all the difficulties and started to fight for his career, he formed a band and performed, he also worked part time he was delivering fried chicken.

Due to the love which he had on music made him to drop out from school. His parents gave him only 10 thousand won as pocket money every month. After passing the trainee singer interview, Hyun Joong was allowed to return home only when he was given time off. As he was a trainee his pocket money was not enough for him and often he returned to his house starving by public bus. Many times, he did not have the transportation fee and he just came back home by walking.

After Hyun Joong walking on the path with full of thorns, finally our prince debuted on 2005 with other members of SS501. As a leader Hyun Joong faced many obstacles….
In year 2010 the contract with DSP ended and members of SS501 planned to pursue their solo career. This was decided by all members but I don’t know why Hyun Joong was alone blamed at that time. For me, even now SS501 is the best band in kpop world, the love and care each members had for one another was unbelievable.


I could not forget at concert of SS501 which was held at Seoul, Hyun Joong broke down into tears while thanking his fans for the love and support they showed. I remember that was the first time I saw him crying, I cried while watching the video I know how hard they would have felt. From my view, among other members of SS501 Hyun Joong was the one who broke down and had more pain when he knew that the contract would expire soon and he will soon be missing his brother’s. I hope leaving SS501 would have been the most painful decision for Hyun Joong. He might look happy outer he may always smile but truly Hyun Joong is a sentimental person…..
I remember, once Hyun Joong was asked, what kind of person is Kim Hyun Joong? And he said
“Someone who is sentimental and hard-working”
yeah that’s true; he always hides all his pain and smiles brightly to his fans. Once SS501 Kyu Jong said sometimes leader cried alone at night due to burdens. I was totally sad when hearing this I was like, “Why does Hyun Joong cry when we (Fans) are with him”…..


In 2010 many fans also placed harsh comments upon Hyun Joong; some also meant SS501 can be successful without Hyun Joong… Hyun Joong was quite even after hearing all the harsh words, I wonder how that kid would have felt at the time hearing such comments …
All should know, it’s because all the blames Hyun Joong took and he was the one who first revealed that they will be continuing with their solo performance that does not mean he was the one who wants to leave group, it was just decided by all members to start with their solo and they never said they were disbanding.
I remember once Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that five months prior to the contract termination, he said “if the agent doesn’t force me out, I won’t either”. I hope even DSP had no pre plans on contract termination; DSP did not take any step to renewal SS501 contract (It’s from my view). Hyun Joong also mentioned that, no other agent was ready to take them together as SS501 and so they had no other option, they had to work as a soloist…


Later Hyun Joong accepted the contract under Key East as a solo performer and his first project was Playful Kiss. On June 7, 2011 Kim Hyun Joong launched his first mini album Breakdown, he wrote letter to his fans.
Hyun Joong said “I realized how important ‘Together’ is”, “Watching my fans fighting and misunderstanding all throughout the past year, all I could do was watch and thought ‘I can’t do anything, which made me to feel small”.
I could only feel the pain of Hyun Joong when he was reading this letter. Hope he felt bad for fans fighting for him when some people mentioned it was because of Hyun Joong SS501 is not together, some fans turned their back against him because of SS501 breakup, I could only tell to all the fans who turned back and walked away from Hyun Joong you all have miss judged a beautiful person, and he also faced a lots of struggle preparing for his first solo album, in one interview Hyun Joong said while preparing for Breakdown he felt like going home and he wanted to be with someone to just breathe and he hardly slept two or three hours a day….

In one talk show, Hyun Joong mentioned, “there are times in our life seems that all doors of opportunity closes for me, just to find out there’s so much awaits for me in the future that is much brighter.” yeah that’s true we might fall down and that does not mean we lost, we have a bigger success which is waiting for us…. And also we together (Hyun Joong & Fans) will grow bigger no matter what; no words will put us down….

Last is the nightmare, but I am not going to speak about it anymore because it is actually a bad dream which we all had, so let’s forget that bad dream…


Yes, Kim Hyun Joong is a person who has struggled a lot; there is lot more incidents happened. Upon everything our Prince had traveled so long. For me, I just believe Hyun Joong was been tested by his fate to see how long he could travel, but Hyun Joong with all his strength he fought with the burdens which he had, he never dropped his hope, still he is working hard for his lovely fans, he love his fans and he will never leave his fans to worry, he never want his fans to get disappointed…..
Truly speaking he had walked this far with help of you (Fans), without you there is no Kim Hyun Joong…. You (Fans) were the one who hold Hyun Joong’s hand tightly and walked with him in all his painful days. You (Fans) were the one who patted on Hyun Joong’s shoulder by telling “You’re doing well just walk forward” in his happy days…

Yeah you have been a great support for our Prince all these days, now it’s time for us to prove once again the power of ‘Together'(Kim Hyun Joong and Fans)….
two more days to go, let’s make this concert a big success by giving our support thousand times better than before….
Let’s push our “Angel Kim Hyun Joong” name top on Oricon Chart….


To Kim Hyun Joong                                                                                                           “Hyun Joong ah I love you like I have never loved before. You were always been a big present for me after my tiring day. Hyun Joong ah I am not your fan but am your follower who likes to follow on your happy and painful days…” I strongly believe all Henecians who love Hyun Joong will feel the same…….

I will end with one of Kim Hyun Joong Message….

Becoming a great person and getting the 1st place, is really great but it will be forgotten someday…Becoming the only one is real…

I am not hoping for you all to buy a lot of CDs..Well it’s just like now… even if it is not forever… it is great to leave some memories together even if it is just for a moment keke…
You know??????? Your 1st place is not me but might be just us…

I said that before right??? I said that long time ago keke I remember it always…The day where I will protect everyone will come someday and will you be well protected by me?????? Keke…

Let’s enjoy each and every day…For the wonderful day everyday keke….
-Kim Hyun Joong

He is such a person who does not want his fans to waste money, Hyun Joong just expects true love from his fans, he always cares about his fans, Now what are we going to do, yes your right , let’s bring him to the top of Oricon Chart .


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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