Kim Hyun Joong(The Best)

Hardly four more days to go, our Prince is going to be back, meanwhile, I thought of sharing why do I feel proud of being Hyun Joong Fan…..


Kim Hyun Joong, the kid who ran away from his house, discontinued his studies to become a singer to pursue his career, but now he has all the ability to attract people easily with his singing, dancing, speaking, even with his cute smile….. Will Hyun Joong think he has achieved as a singer? No never he is a kid who works hard, for him he is still in process of learning. Hyun Joong sincerity towards his work towards fans all together makes fans growing bigger in numbers each year, every year the huge amount of crowd gathering for him is unbelievable and this makes Kim Hyun Joong more challenging and he tries hard to fulfill what fans expect from him by not letting his fans to get disappointed…

Once in an interview when Hyun Joong was asked where do you get the strength to follow your Goal, who helps you? Hyun Joong immediately replied, “I always try to concentrate on my goals and perfect myself all the time. I’m sure that I’ll reach my goal and always think about it. Of course, I get tired too and have difficulties sometimes, but my fans give me strength. So my goals only grow, to add up”. Its true right fans are the biggest strength for him he never forgets to thank his fans, for me Kim Hyun Joong fandom is the best…


He is such a playful kid. I have watched videos of Hyun Joong with SS501members for several times but even if I watch it now I feel really fresh I laugh a lot which changes me to a kid and without knowing I will get involved with it. As I said before Hyun Joong is a person whom I came to know because of BOF drama which gradually made me to research about him, while researching I came to know about his playfulness, naughtiness the way Hyun Joong bullying his brother’s which all together made me to feel, “Oh, this is Kim Hyun Joong” at first I was not able to believe it because my imagination of him after watching BOF was different but the Hyun Joong whom I watched with his members was totally different, truly it was fun watching him which made memorable memories in my life am happy that I found him.


He is such a restless kid, as the leader of a Boy Band he had many responsibilities and later he started with his solo which was not an easy one he had lots of pressure, upon everything he gave the best for his lovely fans… He always made his fans proud, always made his fans to feel happy for choosing him as their idol; I can only tell Hyun Joong fights till the end to fulfill his fans with happiness. He is a person who gives such an impression that, we have everything around us it’s in our hand to make each moment interesting and enjoy with full happiness…..
When I watch him smiling I smile with him I will forget every sad moments in my life, he is such a strong person, you will just stare at him and keep looking at him, once if you find him, once if you see his smiling face you cannot help yourself and you will automatically search about him for the next time, later everything he does makes you too love him. His cute mistakes on stage makes you to smile, he such a down to earth person he admits all his mistake and takes responsibility for it. When I completed BOF drama I thought “Yoon Ji Hoo” chapter is over as the drama was completed, and at that time I never thought that was the starting point where I was already haunted by this “Cutie Alien” lol…..


But how hard is he working to give such a feeling to us (fans)?

Since from the days of SS501 Hyun Joong had always performed though he is not feeling well, yes we cannot forget the days he was suffering by ”swine flu”.

I remember him telling “Being alone in the room, it was painful”, “My temperature rose up to 40 degrees Celsius, diarrhea and coughing conditions were the worst, and the symptoms that went along with the cold was the worst thing of all. But most importantly, the hardest thing of all was being all alone captured in the room to myself.” “While I was in the hospital, there were people dying from the swine flu in the room next to me and I was scared.” He smiled and said, “Right now, I recovered 100% and we all prepared the album with happiness and hard work.” to make his fans not to worry of thinking him. With all his pain he prepared for SS501 album which was almost a great success…..


This was other incident, On July 15 2012, Kim Hyun Joong had his premium concert at the Saitama, at time he was really busy with fan events, guerrilla performances and shooting for drama ‘City Conquest’, due to his hectic schedule Hyun Joong physical condition was not good and he was taken to nearest hospital for treatment. The concert started one hour delay and Hyun Joong with pain stepped the stage with tears on his eyes.

I could not forget that when fans started to shout “Leader, it’s alright” he cried, by seeing our leader crying fans started to shout “Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong……”, hearing this the extreme support from his fans Hyun Joong started to cry even harder….

He said, “My condition is not good today, but I will give all of my energy”, “I am supposed to be a professional entertainer, and I can’t even manage my condition in an effective manner, I feel really sorry.” He repeatedly apologized to his fans throughout the show.

It was also said he had sore throat but performed live for fans and he sang for about 15 songs. The tears of Hyun Joong described us (Fans) that he worked hard and he was waiting to give his 100% but his condition did not allow it, every fans who attended the show enjoyed his performance and he really gave his best till end of the show, the show ended with great success. All his fans were wishing for him to take rest. While watching I had tears in my eyes I was able to feel the pain which Hyun Joong had at that moment. Oh my God, this person is not even considering his health to just make his fans happy; he really tries hard each time to not lose the hope which fans have on him…. Hyun Joong is proved that nothing can stop him from making his fans happy, his fans are always standing back of him by giving full support and energy…

I felt telling him, “Hyun Joong ah, please take care of yourself. We don’t want to see you working so hard just to make us happy. You know what we will understand you. Don’t forget you are surrounded by love called Fans.”

Now haters just tell me do you still want to know why Hyun Joong receives such a lots of true love from his fans.

Actually there are lot more pain Hyun Joong has overcome; he is a person who still manages to smile and tell his fans “I am Okay”, when he is actually still in pain. His warm smile brightens our days. Yesterday night I was thinking whether I could stop speaking and sharing things about him, but truly speaking my days are not completing without speaking or reading about him, each day he is growing bigger in my heart. He is such a person who has inspired a lot. As a fan I wish to travel with him in all his good and bad days. He just wants us to love and believe him. I will never doubt the capabilities of Kim Hyun Joong. I truly love and support him.


Here it is, count down started 4 more days to go we are going to watch our “Prince Kim Hyun Joong” performing on stage hope we “Together”(Hyun Joong & Fans) going to make this has another memorable moment!…. Hwaiting!

Don’t forget lets show the haters the power of “Together” (Kim Hyun Joong & Henecians).

Happy Weekend……

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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