Kim Hyun Joong (A Fan’s Talk)

First of all many people has not understood what “Right To Speak” means, they are sharing their thoughts they are speaking whatever they wish, but when it comes to fans(KHJ) they are raising questions against us.

What is Right to Speak?

Every individual is permitted to share their opinion and is free to tell their thoughts to people who listen them. In this world we cannot accept every word which is spoken out and those who do not accept can probably speak what they think and share their thoughts.



When thinking of it am wondering when this will ever end…

Two questions which always linger in my mind is,

What actually this drama queen need from neither Hyun Joong nor fans. Is she trying hard to prove her innocence?
But sadly many people seem not to believe her act….

So is that her problem, that people are less believing her, Is she worrying and doing things because her side is becoming weak day by day?…..
Though am confused, I can understand only this, mostly all have understood her dram, even some non-fans are not ready to believe her trash, and I understood everyone in this world are smarter and they do think wisely, they understand the truth hidden, they don’t believe others saying…..
And there are some haters, who speak for no reason… Why the do, are they jealous by seeing the UNITED (Fandom)…

Yes, am sorry to speak in such a way but when you all have rights to speak about fans why don’t we… let me take my space to speak here on my page…


Why am I talking?

I really do want to end this, not only me, we Fans wanted to end this trash… We were quiet, did we fans start this war, why that is with no reasons fans are been dragged and why fans are been pressured, so you think pressuring fans will end fans leaving Hyun Joong?
If that is the thought than shall I tell something, now you look like fools, if your side of saying are true why don’t you all go speak out boldly by showing all proofs out there to public…

Why you don’t do that, why you hesitate?
So it is clear you don’t have any real proof to be shown out… Again let me tell fans are not supporting or raising voice for Hyun Joong blindly, same way we never denied what Ms.Choi said… We asked only one thing it is test result… But rather than result we get all kind of trash news and we get hateful words… Remember Hyun Joong does not have young fans that are supporting him, if you think like that then you’re wrong, he has 70 percent of mother and noona’s fans and 30 percent of young fans.

For each and every comment which we fans place on articles are getting back a reply, is that they are jobless or they are scared because their side is becoming weak, lol….


Why Henecians are attacked?

People who tried to destroy our unbreakable man they indeed failed to achieve that because of Hyun Joong’s tireless supporters, by seeing the huge growth of supporters day by day they very well understood this time their act will never win an award….
so what they did,

*What is their aim?
Speaking out nonstop lies, each time to twist story to look innocent and to destroy Hyun Joong and fandom.

*What they did? Tried to pull Hyun Joong down but failed because of million supporters from all over world which they dint expect…

*What was their next target? They had no other go but to destroy fandom.

*What can they do to stop fans supporting Hyun Joong? Commenting with hateful words on blogs, fb post, some on twitter….


So let me ask them why fans are pointed out telling not to support Hyun Joong? It is our wish we can speak and we have rights to support whom we like, we can write what we wish, GOD has created and given mouth to speak and hands to write, when the creator himself has given rights to speak and write why fans are been asked to stop supporting….

I do talk about even haters, they do blindly comment telling just stop supporting him…. And unbelieving there was an article written by ‘Noona’ it was fully one sided and all articles which were published said assault and all failed to mention altercation, so where on the earth all went, why didn’t you all try to correct it as altercation why dint you tell it was one sided article…
When we fans came out, took the rights in hand to defend Hyun Joong why it is we all are blamed…

Am sorry to tell, you were the one who throwed first punch, we never initiated it, remember if we throw back second punch, you cannot get up for third, lol……
don’t worry we will not do it, we love our hater’s, because of you this time we have grown more powerful and we are united as one from all over the country….

Above all do remember whatever you do tirelessly that does not matters us, we fans are here, we have held our hands to stop people from attacking our only one… we fans are together to protect, support Hyun Joong and not to hit on someone’s feeling like how you do….


Haters remember – Fans support will increase, will never decrease: Why because?

“Once Henecian & TripleS are forever Henecians & TripleS”

Kim Hyun Joong has always been the source of inspiration for fans, instills in all of us…
Yes, the man who has caught a special place in all of our heart…..

He is been
“A thirst for all Music lover’s”

He is the most marvelous person, one of the good things ever happened to fans is “to Know Kim Hyun Joong”… His tender love, the reassuring comfort which he brings always to his fans make each one of our (Fans) spirit rise…..



Success does not come easily, Kim Hyun Joong who well understood, worked very hard and he was ready to face Challenge and failures, yes he did faced everything boldly. He never gave up even when time turned as an enemy towards him; he kept persevering without losing hope…
Seeing all his dedication towards work sincerity towards people success came and knocked his door…..

He flied high, he is still flying high, fans are his wings, they have always been with him, and they support him while flying… No one can ever dream of nearing him, because he is already miles and miles far away, the huge growth of him in this short period has made people to wonder….
When you make yourself happy you can work and pursue the carrier with stress free, yes this boy who again well understood, added ingredients like cheerfulness, kindness, sympathy, charity, thoughtfulness, care and love for happy life.

He also did make his fans to add those ingredients in their recipe called life…. Now we together have a delicious life…..

What are we giving back to him for all he has done, just a tiny hand to support him, but this small support we do is not equivalent to what he has given us…


10 year’s “GOLDEN EXPERIENCE” (with KHJ)

When Hyun Joong stepped into the world as an IDOL
Fans held him in their harms
He thanked us all along

All these 10 year’s
Fans loved and supported him
He thanked us by crying all along

The fans are mirror
when he glance at us with a smile
Millions smile came back to him to keep him happy all the while

Our 10 years of travel path was surrounded by roses Yes, we did have thorns but we never worried
We crossed without fear

Each day he loved us more
Happy time we did cherished, the memories will always linger in our heart
The 10 years was the best

He have always given the best, the final result was always ‘NO REGRET ‘ We have treasured sorrows and joy together
No one can never measure our love

Now it is time for us to thank him by showing our endless support
Thank you for making us smile “Kim Hyun Joong”
It’s indeed a “GOLDEN EXPERIENCE”……

Forever our only one, there never can be another one….


To Kim Hyun Joong

I understand your silence, I can wait till you speak out, moreover I can also understand even if you never come out and speak about this topic, we fans trust you, we believe you, we love you, it is your life, you decide it. Just choose the best for you, whatever you decide we will respect it, our love and support will never reduce…

But remember one thing,
“Silence will never protect people”

At least speak out for hater’s to shut their mouth… As a fan we understand your pain and we do endure the same pain has you do, remember either happiness or sadness we together will share it equally and fight to overcome everything… we will always stand by you no matter what…

And please don’t take to your heart the things which are said from the eye of negative viewers, they look at you with an ugly eye, trying hard to ruin you with their infected tongues…..


Love you my Henecians and TripleS our bond will never break….. Take care!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

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2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (A Fan’s Talk)

    1. Hi Nixie,

      Thanks for the wishes, will never stop my writing… And thank you for sharing the article, yes, this is my world(Blog), here I have all rights to speak and share my thoughts…
      I will share my thoughts till the very end.
      Keep Supporting…

      Have a great day!…

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