Kim Hyun Joong (Best Stardom, Fandom)

For past few days so many problems popped out which we never dreamt off…
I want to forget everything…..

Why because…
whatever it may be, whatever people speak about Hyun Joong nothing can change my love on him… Yes, Henecians love on him…

Why it is Kim Hyun Joong? I have asked this question myself from day one I started to love him… Still I could not find a one word answer…. And to answer (why) itself, I need many pages…. lol…. But true!!!


STAR Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong is a person whom I was looking for, at last I found him in galaxy…. The man who has made a meaning in so many fans life…..

Thinking of this brightest star the first three things which always hit my mind is

(The Angel Smile) Kim Hyun Joong smile is one of the most beautiful smiles on earth… A curve which steals the millions of heart, a curve which heals the sorrow and shows the Joy of the world, a curve which has set a lot of things(Problem) straight in many fans life…

(The Cutest Boy) Cuteness is always overloaded. Even if we are in dark (bad days) when we look at his bright glowing face, it brings a bright light in our heart, were our dark moment will turn into a bright one.

(4D Personality) The 4D ness as always made him a unique person. He always makes me wonder in the way of being so quick and the way he thinks outside of box… The person who has always made me to smile till I get happy tears….

I have always wondered the way he takes the hard time, failure in to a positive way….


Positive Thinking

Last night I read an article, later I was thinking why so much of haters comments, negative article for Hyun Joong and for his fans…
Then I understood those people do not know what love is, they are fully filled with negativity and so they are throwing hateful words….

Why there is no positive article, when they had time to collect negative points, dint they have time to collect even a single positive point…..


Let me share it here which made me proud of thinking Hyun Joong and Henecians….

Here it is how Hyun Joong and Henecians are best among all best…

* Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians always think in a positive way, and they have an UNBREAKABLE TRUST between them…

* (My thought, each time when I look at his smile this what I my heart feels)
Don’t complain about the things gone wrong, just laugh because there is always a better tomorrow…

* Either, happiness or sorrow, success or failure, they together will support one   another and take things in positive way and share it, which has always led them to achieve many milestone….
Hyun Joong and Henecians believed one other which made them to achieve in an impressive way…

* Hyun Joong has always inspired his fans… There is no doubt Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians are always the best, ‘the best IDOL the best FANS’…

* “Dare to think
    Dare to try
    Dare to fail
    Dare to success

The above words are been proved by Hyun Joong and Henecians, they have always went through series of achievements, even if they fail they have never left one another’s hands…..

* Hyun Joong and Henecians are always with one another in good and bad times to tell
I care for you

* This is the promise made between Hyun Joong and fans
In darkest hour when you are fed up just remember this I will always be there for you“, Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians will always be together when one feels down, when one is lonely, when one is in pain…

* And above all, as far as Hyun Joong and Henecians are together, sorrows are no more for them, because they live in their world, the world which is only surrounded by LOVE…


To all the people who are using their precious time to write negative article and negative comments, whatever you all tell this what Henecians think and this is how Henecians will be…..

We Henecians are blessed and proud to tell Kim Hyun Joong is our Idol, our only one” and we are happy to promise

Till the stars stop twinkling, till the earth stop revolving, till the sun stop rising, we will be with Hyun Joong to laugh, to wipe tears, to hug, to play, to share, to see him succeed and moreover to keep him strong with our support“….


My Thoughts

* No doubt, when they(Hyun Joong and Fans) Leave, they will leave the footprints on the sand of time, and there is no wonder all will be surprised to see in future the amazing and best Stardom, Fandom…


To Kim Hyun Joong

Nights are ending, new mornings are coming,
Years are ending, new years are coming,
Still our love for you has not faded; always we are waiting for YOU,
We together have always shared the FUN, JOY and SORROW in our own stride,
You have always treated us with SURPRISE,
Hats off to you, for teaching the real meaning of HAPPINESS,
There are no words to express how happy we feel while seeing your priceless SMILE,
Now, we together are dreaming and travelling in same path,
Nothing can change our relationship( ‘LOVE ‘), even distance, time and space….
Nothing can take away YOU from our heart…
Thank you once again for all you have given US…..


Have a great day !!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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