Kim Hyun Joong (TRUST)

I have never spoken about this nightmare before, because it was actually a drama…
Not a REAL one but REEL one“…


Second nightmare, on the first day when the news popped out, I just ignored…

Why because…

* The TRUST I had on Hyun Joong.
* The fake proofs which were submitted upon Hyun Joong at 2014.
* He admitted he had a mutual fight though there were no proofs for their fight.
* He has never denied if he was wrong… So I believed on his words.
* This nightmare started after looking at the great success of Phantasm… JEALOUSY surrounded Hyun Joong which made to ruin his success with help of a doll called Choi.
* From the day one of nightmare (Aug 22) till the end of the case Hyun Joong sticked with his words… He accepted what he did, denied what he did not… But choi was just twisting things in the case….

So with all this in my mind I just kept a dot right after the second nightmare popped, I thought we should not give importance to people who is just doing things for the purpose of seeking attention….
Not only me all Henecians thought the same…


The second nightmare started right after the great success of GEMINI…. First day Henecians were quiet, second day Henecians were quiet… Hyun Joong was also quiet… We thought choi will end it, but after she started to speak some unwanted trash, we understood she will never end, and all her drama proved she is only trying hard to pull Kim Hyun Joong down and to destroy Fandom…

Why we don’t trust Choi?
*First nightmare, she submitted fake proofs
*second nightmare, She is speaking all unwanted things… Rather we asked for only one thing, it is the TEST RESULT…


Kim Hyun Joong the Gentleman

At first nightmare he himself accepted as if the fault was on him and made a stop, even at that point he asked people to not hurt Choi… – NO MAN WILL DO IT

Second nightmare, upon everything, after so much of pain, worries, pressure, hater comments, and media talks…. Still Hyun Joong is trying hard to only protect Choi, he never leaked her picture, oh not even her real name – REAL GENTLEMAN

He even accepted to take responsibilities if the pregnancy was true – PERFECT MAN


To hidden people who are working hard to push Hyun Joong down

Why are you working so hard to destroy the happiness of million people’s?
Let me tell you one thing; stop this because nothing will change…

Remember this

So always Henecians will be right back of Kim Hyun Joong to support…

To Ms.Choi
I feel really sorry for you, am not going to tell you anything…
But just stop this…
I can understand, you are a doll who is been keyed by someone (My Thoughts)… Don’t let anyone to use you… Go on, you have a life… If you try to destroy people, you’ll be the one who will be destroyed at the end… God is watching don’t forget…. For your good, give a break and end this….


To haters who tirelessly comment

Am sorry to tell, Henecians will always ignore the hater’s comments… We have never spoken back… But now don’t you think it is time for us to speak…
There is always a limit…

Anyways don’t worry Henecians will never talk back, because
“Henecians = Peace loving”

Some people were asking,
Are you still protecting Hyun Joong?
Let me tell, yes, we are protecting, we will protect and we will always protect Kim Hyun Joong… See we Henecians never denied or we never accepted the things which are happening in the nightmare… It is only the TRUST which is playing between us (KHJ and fans)…


Let me stop it by asking only one question,
Have you never done mistake in your life time? Please just rewind; you will know who you are….
Am sorry to tell this anyway…

It’s my page, my post; I have rights to speak… And this is the first time I am responding for haters comments, it is because recently there were people who were damaging Hyun Joong without knowing what is actually going on… I was not able to sit back and look into it…

A kind request, judge people only when the truth is revealed 100%…


To my dear Henecians

Let us not waste our precious time by speaking or discussing about this, we all very well know it is a DRAMA WITH A WORST PLOT

Henecians Ignore

From now on let us pray… Pray for Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians… Some Henecians have started to trend… So let us join with them, let us hold our hands and trend in twitter and Facebook (‪#‎Pray4KHJ and‪#‎UBKBHenecia)


To Kim Hyun Joong
Hyun Joong ah, I know you will not hurt even your hater’s, but this time don’t you think, you should speak… Just go fight for yourself…Step forward, Stay strong, millions of fans are with you…
Remember, and nothing will change our 10 years of love…

Henecians very well know what is actually happening, but I felt others should be clear why Henecians are always back of Kim Hyun Joong….

So let me end it here, Love You Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians… Always the best…

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Here it is Henecians, happy happy news for you…. Kim Hyun Joong has proved once again he is “UNBREAKABLE”… He is now at first place in “Best kpop idol of the year”… Please vote for him to hold that prestigious position…

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet) & Candy

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