Kim Hyun Joong (Words from Heart)

Recently one unknown person pinged me in messenger telling are you still Kim Hyun Joong’s fan? And I was like what, who are you to ask that…..
Till now I could not understand why such question was been asked…

I usually ignore hater’s comments, and truly speaking, when Ms.Choi started her drama I totally avoided entering sites to read articles…..

There are many questions which are been frequently asked to Henecians which I felt I should answer from heart… Just bear with me and my words, let me speak out as a friend.

Why have I come with this topic?
Articles which are frequently been published recently are all one sided and it is clear people are trying hard to destroy Hyun Joong and Henecians…

TFS CF Making11[4]

To my dear Haters, Media let me answer you now for the questions which you raise against us (Hyun Joong and Henecians)

First I want to ask you one question, why you are trying hard to ruin Hyun Joong career

*What you all know about Kim Hyun Joong?

The people who are blaming and speaking blindly do not know how deep our bond is….

So you have so much of time to write a negative article and haters have time to comment for it, but why have you never thought??

Why such a bond is created between us (Hyun Joong and Fans)… You do not really know how much pain Hyun Joong has went through to gain such a LOVE from fans… How much pain he underwent to hold on the position to where he is now…

If you do not know just read it:


Hyun Joong did not have a close relationship with his father. His father broke his guitar and never allowed when Hyun Joong said he wanted to pursue his career as a singer, he ran away from home, he suffered a lot, he was beaten to death by group of gangsters… Upon every pain he debuted.

Hyun Joong is a person who sacrificed everything in his life for his fans…. He hardly had time to rest; he is a person who thinks sleeping is like wasting time, he uses to sleep only for two to three hours….

It is not one or two years, it is 10 long years; he has gone through all the pain for where he is now. For 10 years he never cared about his health but ran from place to place to work to give the best for his fans and played multiple roles like acting, singing, did concert, shows, he spent all his time in practice room by just practicing to prove himself… Hyun Joong is someone who always chooses hard task; at times he puts too much pressure on himself to make his fans and not to let his fans to get disappointed for choosing him as their idol…..

How can we Henecians just forget the man who worked only for his fans not considering even his health…?


*How did Hyun Joong gain such strong support?

It is not because of his fans, he has gained fame , it is only because of his dedication towards work, because of his hard work, his sincerity towards his fans, the true love which he have for his fans all together are not allowing and will never allow Henecians to drop Hyun Joong..

Because of Hyun Joong’s endless love Henecians are still with him, he has always showed his love in all occasions. Kim Hyun Joong is someone who had devoted his entire life for his fans, what can we give him back other than support and love….


I have seen many people commenting

*There are some fans who adore him blindly, how you fans are blindly believing Hyun Joong when it is proved the fault is on his side?”…

Can I ask same question to you…. do you know Hyun Joong and Choi personally, how can you blindly tell fault is on Hyun Joong side…
If you watch all the episode in the drama of Ms.Choi from August 2014 you will know who is actually been trapped and who is actually trying hard to destroy Hyun Joong and Henecians…
If you have not just go read all news, have a look and come back to speak…….

Am not judging are speaking one sided like articles or you haters do….. Henecians are not blindly supporting Hyun Joong…
You all have misunderstood that we fans are with him for his looks, personality, cuteness, 4D’ness and so on, but truly we love and admire him because of his real character towards fans, Are we not matured enough to understand what reality is…. come on, I can only say, it is not Henecians who should drop Hyun Joong, it is you people who should stop speaking and writing about Hyun Joong and Henecians….

The sad part is, it was said that one time ALTERCATION and not Assault… Till now even one article or haters have never used the word altercation… When the situation is calm, suddenly from somewhere unwanted articles are been published with same old stories… Why you do that?
So therefore it is clear there is not only Miss A but we have miss B, C, D and so on who are working hard to destroy, lol…..


*I read an article which was telling Hyun Joong is a selfish person he is not considering his fans….

Oh my God this made me to really cry… You all should know one thing, till this second he is been apologizing to Henecians…From the day one when this nightmare started our boy was true with his words and he was true to his fans, his statements were true he never lied, why Henecians should be angry when he his actually sincere and true to us… He has always been straight forward with his words he will just speak out even if it hurts…

Not even in one occasion he has forget to thank his fans, like a small kid he use to cry onstage before millions of fans…

* Why Henecians are not trusting Ms.Choi…
It is not only because of the love which Henecians have on Hyun Joong… And we never denied whatever Ms.Choi said but till now even one time she was not true with her words, all her nonstop lies never allowed to gain trust, if we watch everything clearly , whatever happened until now , we can see the game which has been played to destroy Hyun Joong and his Fandom….

Okay you all are trusting Ms.Choi words right, can you all answer me how did 11 week turn into 16 week… When the second nightmare started on Feb 2015, Ms.Choi lawyer stated on Feb 23 that she was 11 weeks pregnant and on Feb 28 he stated she was 4 months pregnant that is 16 weeks… How is this possible…? Is it not world’s biggest joke…?

kim-hyun-joong (1)

No one can understand the bond between us

Yes we Henecians care about Hyun Joong and his life but we are not interfering in his personal life why because…
We loved him for his singing, we admired his voices, we enjoyed his talk and more over we are true for his love… The LOVE between IDOL and FAN…..

Kim Hyun Joong and Henecians do not act or they do not have relationship like normal idol and fans have…. It is somewhat above that, they are together as one family, the “UNBREAKKABLE FAMILY”… They do not turn their back but will show their shoulders with love to lean on them when one suffers in pain…
Like how a mother cares for her child, same way Henecians will always care for Hyun Joong no matter what…


We ask one another “Why do you like me so much? I did not do or I don’t see anything that makes you crazy on me“… From my heart am telling still we are finding words to make sentences to tell the love which we have for one other… But we are not able to find the perfect word to describe our love… Such an unlimited and endless love we have for one another…

I can proudly tell there is no fandom as strong and united as Henecians, day by day the fandom is growing stronger and stronger… No one can break the trust which we have on Hyun Joong… No one can understand the love or what relationship is between us… The unconditional love which we have will never allow us to separate from one another…

Kim Hyun Joong said he will sing even if one fan is left by his side…… Truly speaking all Henecians is wishing to be that one fan which is probably million together….


All attempts are failed

At first when this drama started all blamed Hyun Joong, but now

*when they knew it is a hard task to pull him down because of the unbreakable support of Henecians….

* When they understood it is really difficult to separate Hyun Joong from Henecians.

I feel sorry for them they had no other go but started to publish stupid and unwanted articles blaming Henecians for supporting Hyun Joong….

All the sites including soompi are releasing news without a break, just digging and publishing the same trash news again and again,

At first I was wondering, then I realized…
Whatever Kim Hyun Joong touch it will change into gold, he has such ability….
And so, now all the sites are using his name and trying to gain huge readers, creating traffic and profit…lol

That is really good, now it is proved he is still an unbreakable man even his name brings out a huge profit…. lol….


Please just stop… Don’t blame him because he is quiet, he is a person who will always blame him and will never allow other’s to suffer, even if the mistake is not from his side he will accept the pain by taking all responsibilities, don’t use that, in spite see his kindness… In this world God has never given rights to judge people, if we turn and look back we our self-have thousands of dirt which is still not cleaned… Let us clear our self before speaking about others…

Only one thing I understood, you all look him as an Idol but for Henecians he is a member in our family, he is quiet and we understand him, we respect him and his decision, it is his life, no one has rights to enter into another’s life…. Let us all first live our life, the life which GOD has given us…


Don’t try hard nothing will be changed in our(Hyun Joong and Henecians) love, we Henecians will never accept the things which were been said by choi, Media and hater’s, we will not accept until and unless Hyun Joong himself opens his mouth and speak, we will wait for him, Let him speak when he wants we can understand him….

So now, stop speaking only about lawsuit, breakup, assault, there are so many good news about us…
If you are not able to find it, we Henecians are here, we are pleased to help you to find the best things of us….

Thank You for caring about Hyun Joong and Henecians… Just leave us…

– Words from heart of a Henecian…..

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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