Kim Hyun Joong(Today’s Episode)

Devils funny story – Episode 3

After watching today’s episode I was literally laughing and I was not able to control it… oh, don’t think me bad, but the plot of the story made me crazy…
The past two episode which Choi and her Co workers released were full of tragedy. They tried to destroy Hyun Joong career without knowing the end result, lol
At end they were the one who(Choi) felt guilty…

Today they tried differently, that is, Actor choi tried to prove her innocence and thought of creating a sentimental atmosphere…..
Atlast it turned into a funny episode…lol

I wonder which producer is paying her…. for now producer would have very well known nothing can succeed before Henecians… And do they think people are dumb enough to believe all this trash?…..

To Choi and the people who are behind her

How much ever you lie, one day truth will be revealed, truth can never be hidden…

God is watching each and every move you do, he might be quiet, but that does not mean he wants you to win… He is just allowing you to smile right now because he very well knew how hard the future of yours will be…

Am not cursing anyone and Henecians will never do so, we might speak in anger but we do care even our hater’s…
But in your case, we don’t think we can ever forgive you…

Come on just don’t think you can end it blindly, we are not dumb enough to sit back and watch your trash and leave it just like that when you want to end…
No more of sitting back and watching your trash, If you try to ruin our ONLY ONE then sure we’ll sue you….
Be ready, the climax of the drama will be from Henecians…. don’t get scared… lol

Henecians, hope this is the world’s funniest drama ever written… Choi is a worst story writer, she needs training lol….
Let us be untied as always… Let us show the real power of Henecian fandom…



“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

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