Kim Hyun Joong (God’s creation – cannot be destroyed)

Recently an article was been published by Drama Fever, I was asking myself,

Why did they publish? And answered,

* May be they would have not had any updates regarding Hyun Joong

* May be some sites are promoting with help of Kim Hyun Joong name, They are smarter right? they clearly know, wherever Hyun Joong name appear, thousands of readers will rush to the site to read…

* Else their readers would have decreased and to gain huge readers they would have used Hyun Joong name.

Yes, we all know Kim Hyun Joong can turn anything into Gold… So now all the sites are using his name to receive the Gold with help of readers… So there isn’t anything for us to get worry, all the sites are proving that Kim Hyun Joong and his Fandom are still on top and will be on top forever…

IMG_548413817815989So much of articles are been published, so much of talks are going around us… But what ever it is, when I look into it deeper, Kim Hyun Joong as well as the fandom grows bigger, stronger and powerful, you are ‘UNITED AS ONE’… I have always had this question in my mind.

How is that possible, how does Hyun Joong and fandom make it, how are they not loosing hope, how are they growing stronger, I was perplexed?

At last I found the answer for each and every question, it is…

Your God’s Creation, nothing can destroy you

It is true, so what each time when a big storm comes rather falling down you together rise higher, you’re Unbreakable…


Your God’s Creation

God packed his love and care, he put it safely in two hearts, and then he made Kim Hyun Joong and Fandom, a wonderful art…….

You both appeared in this world, you made best memories, you did asked each other,

“Am I worth for your love?”

You both had same answer,

“I’m not worth a penny, for the love you show”

You both never gave up; you’re love for one another were unconditional, unlimited and complete and you’re love were always there and never ever failed…Either success or failure you believed, stayed beside each other holding hands. You both genuinely cared one another, you’re love kept you occupied and you never felt bored when you were with one another.

It is not just one kind of flower(Hyun Joong) but a variety of flowers(Fans) together made a beautiful garden in name of Stardom and Fandom.

unnamed (26)You together always had a sense of achievement and pride while Hyun Joong staging and you Fans supporting every shows. You never forgot to appreciate which strengthened your Bond. Life is always full of problems that need to be solved and sorted out, you have always been the problem solving drug for one another.

You always shared priceless gift called LOVE. Yes, a wonderful gift which can never be replaced. The gift which you gave to one another is actually not decorated by ribbons not given on special day. You presented the gift each and everyday. You gave joy and made happy one another.

When you are together you always drive away the boredom and idleness…

You have never undermined the worth by comparing your self with others. It is because you are always different, unique and yes, special. You have never set things by what other people deem important, you do as you like, you do things to keep you happy. You arrive to your own decision no matter what. You think and choose the best and cling to it.

You always boldly walked where there is no path and left a trail, which could never fade….

unnamed (14)

I felt, Kim Hyun Joong the boy always said these words to his fans

You made me sing beautiful song

You cheered me when I was sad

You supported me when I was in trouble

And protected me when I needed

Same way I felt you Fans thanked Kim Hyun Joong by telling

Your song gave us power

Your voice healed our pain

Your smile made us happy

What more we need from you?

We are talking about you “WONDERFUL MAN”…


You both promised in your heart telling

I will love you, will always stay with you no matter what, I will never judge you rather will support you, I will throw away your pain, will raise your spirit, understand you and will walk beside you forever, ETERNAL LOVE” and you proudly said “I will love and care you until the day all the stars disappear

In one of my article I said

No doubt when you leave, you will leave the footprints on the sand of time, and there is no wonder all will be surprised to see in future the amazing and best Stardom, Fandom….

Believe me you have already proved it, because recently one of Kim Hyun Joong fan spoke with, when I asked her what made you to love Hyun Joong,

Her answer surprised me; she said “Kim Hyun Joong and the fandom made me to love them; I have never seen such a strong and united fandom”


Beautiful Fandom

You all are from different countries, different language, different culture, what ever it is, you all are united as one for one reason it is “Kim Hyun Joong”… The best fandom forever…

* You not only support and raise voice for Hyun Joong, but you do support, pat back, give strength, give your hands to raise, ask to hold your hands, ask to rely on you, and help the fellow Henecians and TripleS to just get out from all the bad dreams that are happening recently.

* You fans are excited and eager to explore and engage in new activities like tireless voting on polls, supportive project for Hyun Joong, endless love and support for all the program of Hyun Joong.

One of which I could not forget is, The KpopWay radio conducted a show- “Farewell for Kim Hyun Joong”. All over the world shared love and support for Hyun Joong by sending audio message.

* You fans always welcomed and encouraged younger and new fans; at times you entertained them by doing projects together.

Here it is, the video published by a fan recently, it was a collection of supportive message from fans all over the world, for Kim Hyun Joong….

* You always had a great time, you are happy, you get great satisfaction, and it is only because you have never differentiated and looked your fellow Henecians and TripleS, you do think each and every one in the fandom as your own family member.

Let me use this space, My heart felt “THANK YOU” to all my Henecians and TripleS friends and sisters for being with each other in all endeavors. You made it, and you’re doing it and you will do it… No matter how much big hurricane come nothing can shake your bond…

“Keep going, there in no end for you”


Words to Kim Hyun Joong

Hyun Joong, how are you doing, we all are searching you right now… Yes we miss you, and we know you do the same,

Can you hear us,,, our heart? It’s telling “We will wait for you always”, stay strong, speak out when you are ready to reveal the truth, we can understand you, if not we who will understand you….

Hate has surrounded us, articles are publishing, haters are attacking fans with hateful words, but do not forget

“Even if the entire world becomes our enemy, even if they stand against us, we will not leave you; our love for you is unexplainable joy which will never end”

How much ever we stay strong nothing can keep us stronger than a small prayer, let me end it with a word of prayer which I need right now …..


A word of Prayer     

Peace, where on the earth the peace is hidden, peace has always been the soul of smile of innocents, soul of people; it is really priceless, our heart is in thirst of peace. Let it fill our heart and end in happiness let it fill our soul, mind and everywhere. Hope it will heal our pain with its mighty power. Be with us almighty, we need you at this moment, without you we cannot overcome all the things happening around us…

Stay Stronger, there is no end for this trash news… Remember they do know the truth but still they publish to gain readers……

Meet you all soon in my next article, Take Care…..

collage_20150328153015465Lastly, I want to thank my Henecian sisters, Sana who always help me and reply me back when ever I reached her for any kind of help, and thanks to Nixie and Araina too… Love you girls….

Even you can thank or share your thoughts on how best and strong is our Stardom, Fandom…..

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (God’s creation – cannot be destroyed)

  1. Maha unnie you said it so beautifuly unnie gomavoyo for this article I also have same opinion unnie, we are a strong family. As a new commer I can say that without doubt , coz I am receiving a good response and a warm welcome from my henecian family always .I love it very much . I’m happy to be a part of this ever bright fandom !!!!my darling angel oppa Kim hyun joong is jinja a wonderful man. Beautiful and precious only one Unbreakable super talented treasure given to us by god!!!!!my dearest fellow henecian sisters all over the world are really welcoming and jinja support and help each other. I love kim hyun joong oppa and my(HIS) family henecians so so so so much. Hyun joong oppa is more valuable than gold and any other costly gemstones in this entire universe!oppa saranghae please stay strong coz I am supporting you !!!!I trust you oppa! Saranghaeyo! ! ! ! ! !


  2. All your words are very true…

    Hyun has been our angel, I think this is our chance to show him that we can also help him, support him and… TRUST HIM!!! 😉

    Whatever happens…

    We are his stars, those stars that are always with him, in the same way in which Hyun has done with Henecia!!! ^^

    Greetings, dear Maha. Thank for sharing with me this article! And greetings for all my Henecia sisters, too!!!


  3. maha unni its candy here..
    could you just see,this man..this man has conquered so much,that he is having a large kingdom of his own,so called as a green ocean.why do people just forget that he is a king after all.pitty on those who are using the king’s name for their publisity!! well the king’s kingdom is behind the king,standing as a wall.But really ots fun to watch backbiters gritting their teeth.lols.step back els you will endup with toppling down from your chair,your chair which symbolise your existance .lols.Henecians and their bond with thier king is so strong.

    unni veri nice article,i wish i could bash the haters as much as i wish,but i don’t want them to give another opportunity to say even a word against our king.
    so just fighting !


  4. Hi maha so glad to have a chance to read your article. Thank you for the prayer and the thoughts about God being the catalyst for Kim Hyun Joong and his amazing Henecia fandom. Even if our country mine being USA can’t apply for official membership since it is closed now… we still call ourselves Henecia USA because the Henecia fandom is for all KHJ fans. We will always love, support, pray for and protect him. I don’t know if you knew about the United Prayers for Kim Hyun Joong video project. It is now available on youtube and dailymotion, I hope you had a chance to see it. If not go to one of these links and see what a unified fandom we are sharing our prayers and spiritual thoughts in order to provide love, strength and courage to KHJ and his Family. The fans are being blessed by offering their words of Hope, Peace and Joy to give back to him what he has tirelessly given us for 10 whole years. We also TRUST and BELIEVE in him and each other for a wonderful future together. Here are the links at dailymotion and youtube:


    1. Hi angeljoong86

      Thank you for reading the article and sharing your thoughts, thank you for sharing the video links, I viewed it and it was amazing, really this boy is blessed with so many true fans… I am happy to be part of this wonderful fandom… Let us be united and keep supporting him forever…….

      Have a Great Day!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The Prince is KHJ. He’s our one and only. Why one minute they putting him down and saying nasty things about KHJ. And on the other hand want to use him, to make money. As for Dramafever better your program so someone can watch KHJ on Dramafever. I have all types of trouble with Dramafever, drama freezes up a lot. Stop working have of the time.


    1. Hi Sandra Taylor,

      Yes you’re correct, they want to make money and some are jealous by looking Hyun Joong’s growth… No worries, no one can pull him down, because he has a big army called Henecia

      Have a Great Day!


  6. Dear Maha Henecia,
    Good day!

    Thank you for the write up.. It is really inspiring. I am too unable to apply for Henecia Japan or Henecia Korea.. Yet I am proud to address myself one of henecians as I really like the way we bond ourselves together during these whole years especially this turbulent time. I am happy as most of henecians, triple S and others agree with the idea to spread love, trust, care and kind to the world especially people whom hate him for no reasons.I display my way of supporting to him by watching his dramas and listen to his music. He showed to us the different types of music and rhythm. I enjoy them so much even until now.I really hope the worldwide henecians, triple S and others will stay strong and become individuals that lend their ears and shoulders whenever needed, support and motivate each other, and act and see things in a smart and maturely way. Now is our turn to channel these positive emotions to the world instead of the opposite! Proud to be part of this enormous and warm kind of family!!!
    With lots of love,
    Hazell Malaysia.

    Liked by 1 person

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