Kim Hyun Joong (Till We Meet…)

Today early morning when I got up, I remembered what Hyun Joong said in his last concert, GEMINI…

Do Not Forget, Wait for Me

Suddenly my heart was burdened… I had many question, I thought whether Hyun Joong was thinking two years break is really big…


Honestly, at first even I felt, two years is really a big gap, I felt we will be missing him, did you all notice our last meet up with Hyun Joong was on Feb 20 (GEMINI, Makuhari); it is just a month… I thought Months have started to pass like years…

But later when I turned back, I was stunned by looking at the memories which Hyun Joong has given, and I realized two years is not enough to cherish the ten years beautiful memories which he has given… And I understood this boy is so smart and damn brilliant, he has made us to engage each and every day my cherishing the memories without missing him.



From where should I begin to tell, the story of how great was our 10 years travel with Hyun Joong, the story which is older and deeper than the sea.From where should I start to tell the endless love of Hyun Joong.

Yes, his first HELLO to his fans was 10 years back, he appeared like a star and brightened our empty world, he filled our heart with his angel songs, and he filled our soul with his beautiful smile.

10 years has gone, he has achieved many milestone and accolades have poured like a rain for him. He has crossed many obstacles and celebrated the essence of victory. Either happiness or pain he always had an epitome of love, courage, perseverance and patience.


I was amazed by this boy; at end of every concert he thanked his co-workers, technicians and lovely fans, he shared his success with all…. The one who always said,

Not Me, But You

The boy who always thinks,

Together we can do so much and we can achieve a lot rather doing it alone

Kim Hyun Joong the single man with all his hard work added many feathers (Fans) to his cap. His love and his invaluable gift to the Fans are measureless. His Music transformed the universe into Heaven.

When we recall the 10 years of sacrifice done by our illustrious Hyun Joong to just make his fans happy, we are speechless.

“His 10 years of achievement, the sincerity, love and care towards work and fans, is proof to all, which motivates that others can achieve it as well”

And yes, of course when this cute little angle is with us days are flying; years are passing in a glimpse.  I wanted to tell him

“Thank you for everything which he has given us”,

but later realized the mere thank you is not enough to express my feeling.


To dear Henecians and TripleS

Now we all have a Question, Where is Hyun Joong? What is he doing? Has Hyun Joong enlisted? Will he tell his final bye?

For every question there is only one answer, whether he has enlisted or not, whether he speaks before enlisting or not, our ‘LOVE’ for him will never change… So let us forget those questions which are lingering inside us, let us think he is with us, near us, soon he will come and perform for his lovely fans… He promised us, he will keep up his promise.


10 years back, Hyun Joong stepped on the stage with lots of dream; he believed his dreams, he was passionate to his dreams, he wanted to soar higher, he loved the stage, he was stage addict, he worked tirelessly, by looking everything success knocked his door, he achieved, even if he were about to fall fans always stood behind him as safety net, you never allowed him to fall down no matter what…

Shall we once again be as the safety net for the memories by not letting it to fade  which Hyun Joong has given us, shall we cherish by sharing it till he come back, so am here, am going to start doing it, and will you join me?

Though the two years seems hard and long, there is no doubt we will stand bravely and will never shrink.


My Invisible Moments With Kim Hyun Joong

Like Morning Prayer I use to hear Hyun Joong songs daily, which is my energy drink, yes, I will be boost up with full energy. I will continue it forever. His music has always been the light for the darkest path which I walk through.

He will always be my twinkling star who will shine on the darkest night and will gently rescues me from all my worries, how much ever painful moments come, his smile will quickly drive away everything. My soul has often found relief,

“I’ll cast on him my every care and will wait for the sweet hour of the day when I will meet him performing onstage once again after two years”.

For two years, where ever he is,

“I will walk with him, I will talk with him

I will listen to him, the sound of his voice which is sweet like candy

I will tell him “I am waiting”

I will share my joy that tarry inside me, which none other as ever known…

And if I miss him, I will be right here on this page; will cry loudly by telling my feelings…”


I am a working girl, who is not from a well settled family. I strive hard to protect my family, I very well know, there is less than one percent of chance for me to meet and attend Hyun Joong’s concert in future, I will literally have tears while thinking of it.

But still I have a belief that one day I will be there standing one among the millions of his fans,

I will be clapping my hands and cheering him proudly,

I will be raising my voice and encouraging him whole heartedly,

I will be singing along with him,

I will be tapping my feet and moving while he dance,

I will be happily listening to his talk,

I will be smiling widely when he smiles,

I will be having tears when the concert ends,

I will be walking back with heavy heart which will be loaded with tons of memories

Even this positive thinking I learnt from this perfect man. I will always console myself telling these words.


To Kim Hyun Joong

In one of my article I said,

No doubt when he walks away from us, we’ll have a prickle in our heart…Our deepest fear is not that, we will miss Hyun Joong… Our deepest fear is, whether Hyun Joong will take care of him, we all know he is a person who will always choose the toughest path and fight to achieve and prove it, he has all the capabilities of overcoming on whatever path he choose… Shall we pat on his shoulder and tell,

Please do not strain yourself Hyun Joong ah, don’t choose the tough path or fight for it when we fans are not around you

We are asking to our self, will we overcome the pain, the two years of pain without our Angel around us… sure he is also fighting to overcome in his heart without letting us know, to overcome the temporary partition from his lovely fans, so let also act that we did not find it out and let us smile and tell him,

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Strong”…


Kim Hyun Joong always drops message for his fans… It either could be on his concert or on Official page when he gets time… whenever he leave a message we all can understand that he is missing us so badly… He will sure miss us at least once in all 730 days after enlisting… Can we give him a big hug and tell,

Hyun Joong ah, we might be different but our heart beats as one.. So there is no way for us missing one another”…

If Hyun Joong is bidding farewell then shall we hold his hands and tell,

Why should we bid farewell, no matter what you will always stay deep inside our (Fans) heart and we will always stay deep inside Your (KHJ) heart.

(Words was from the article “Kim Hyun Joong – Take Care (It is not the end, but beginning), please have a look )

I felt like sharing it once again, I want Kim Hyun Joong to know we all are waiting for him, and we will forever wait for him, two years or 10 years that does not matters us, it is forever our “ONLY ONE, THERE CAN NEVER BE ANOTHER ONE”


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Till We Meet…)

  1. Tq, Mahahenecia.
    It was lovely and very honest thought. I really like it. I can feel it too. We shall continue to walk the same path together although we are in different countries as we look at the same sun, moon, stars and sky.
    I believe you’ll achieve it one day!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kim hyun joong oppa i will wait for you to return to us we canot forget you because we really love you and will love you forever be strong pleas and donot late we wait for you i cannot live without you because you make me smile and make me live i live now to meet you donot disappear plea love you forever

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello, dear Maha! ^^

    As always, it was a pleasure read your words. You’re always very accurate in everything you think and make me feel so optimistic!

    I know it’s hard that we have this uncertainty. But I also know that, whatever happens and whatever the decision of Hyun, Henecia will always be here, waiting for his comeback.

    No matter the time, distance or what others tell us… between Hyun and Henecia there is a promise: ALWAYS TOGETHER!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Thanks for sharing this article with me. I send you a big hug and many greetings for all Henecia World!!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dear Maha Ali,
    Sending you tons of thanks for sharing this article .
    It has satisfied me well because your article contained everything of what I feel for Kim Hyun Joong .
    I went it through for 4-5 times … And it brought smile on my face.
    Well, I myself I have never seen him in reality but I have a dream to see him 1day personally …
    As of now I can only pray for him because he is far away from me and I can do nothing more …
    2 years seems too much but as the days goes on … Time will flee away soon and we will be with him soon.
    So always uphold him in your prayer as well.
    Once again thank you so much.

    Always take care.
    FB user name: Victoria k KHJ.

    Liked by 1 person

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