Kim Hyun Joong (Proud Moment)

On Saturday at 10.30pm IST, when I was surfing, I received a message, Henecia India shared a picture, which said, “Tonight made platinum record”.

The very first thing which I thought was, the people who said Kim Hyun Joong has lost his fans, he has lost his fame, would have got the answer now…

“TONIGHT – Platinum Record”

This is the proof which strongly tells, no one can stop either Kim Hyun Joong or his Fandom…


Tonight Album

Tonight was released on June 5, 2013; it ranked NO.2 spot on Oricon Single and Weekly chart. And now it hit the platinum record certified by RIAJ for selling 250k copies.

Only this boy can do such type of miracle.


Proof to all – Cannot be destroyed

The single man Kim Hyun Joong’s dream is a seed, a seed of a tree (Fans). He always feed the tree with whatever they want. The tree is happy, it enjoys to the fullest, and it sways with Hyun Joong’s incredible songs.

No one can stop Hyun Joong and his Fandom from doing things. Kim Hyun Joong is the king of MUSIC, they together live with excitement, they watch out next surprise. Even if the haters wait for decades, Kim Hyun Joong and his Millions of fans dreams cannot be destroyed.

He is been the priceless gift for his fans which cannot be replaced, the value is greater than a mountain made of gold.


Let us celebrate

The path which we have travelled to reach here has been a culmination of all the steps, it is 10 long years, if we look the happiness and the millions of relationships grown and lots of other mixed emotions which we had together are priceless, many tried to destroy all these and tried to pull down the stardom, fandom, shouldn’t we give a back answer, answering by telling out we are still on top, we will for ever be on top….

It is the time to forget about the past, let us celebrate the precious gift which we have got… Let we fans all over the world UNITE and start our celebration.

We all know till now there is no news from media telling Tonight has hit a Platinum Record…


So what shall we do?

For today can we all be a writer, a publisher, shall we spread the news all over, and shall we make noise telling we are here proud to be Hyun Joong’s fan…  Let us make sure this news spread and reach to each and every person in all corner of the world…

The fans have already started to trend in twitter, can we join them and start trending. Trash news are spreading like wild fire, but what about this Platinum Award, the medicine which we have got at right time, shouldn’t we celebrate, so let us start, let us begin our party…..

Lastly, I wanted to tell, without you fans this would have not been possible, I really salute the unbreakable man Kim Hyun Joong and each one of his fans… Each time when I look at you am surprised, am speechless, there are no words to express how strong when you are together…

“When you stand together no one in this world can stop you”

To Kim Hyun Joong

Hyun Joong ah you have proved

“The winner never quits”

Beyond many hardship each time you prove, no matter what people tell, you are just moving forward, what we can tell other than this, we our proud because of you, we are proud to be your fan, we are always here for you.


Thank you to all who worked tirelessly with Hyun Joong. This will be one of our(Fans) unforgettable day….

Happy day!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

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