Kim Hyun Joong (You are always Number One)

Congratulations! Kim Hyun Joong and Fandom… It is another prideful moment for us.

“TONIGHT – Platinum Record Certified “

‘TONIGHT’ hit the platinum record certified by RIAJ for selling 250k copies… Receiving a Platinum Record Certification is not that easy, happy that Kim Hyun Joong and his fandom have made it…


Hyun Joong’s soulful Music

Music is an outstanding gift which was given by God to Hyun Joong, he received the gift he made the wondrous magic link with fans, Hyun Joong songs gives you according to your need it either could be happiness or healing pain…

“Kim Hyun Joong’s song is light to his Fans”

Heaven belongs to the lord and he gave the earth to people, but Hyun Joong turned the earth into heaven through his music….


The boy was never afraid of falling down, he never doubted whether he can do it, he boldly made his step, fans stood behind him, they together moved forward by telling bye to all pains… Each time he made sure that he flied higher than anyone before, high as those stars in the sky…. He made his own challenge and made sure that he transcend and went beyond…No one was able to hinder his progress; he always kept the flag flying high…

Hyun Joong songs converted fans mind into living fountain, he stole the fans heart….

If a person with a disturbed mind or with a lot of stress listens to Hyun Joong’s song, it calms their trouble mind. It transports them to a new realm where it lights their face and warms their heart… His songs inspire his fans……


Salute Hyun Joong and Fandom

I can proudly tell each time you were able to add accolades because,

You both love each other more than you love yourself .Your eyes tells the tender love, your smile speaks out the love that continually seems to grow, your lives shows the joy each other derives, just knowing each other is there, to care and understand, to lend ear or hold hand and to celebrate the success by sharing it with each other happily……


My Shattered Worries

All these days there were so many things surrounded us, mostly I will ignore but times I will get hurt and now

* I am wondering where CallMeNoona is hiding, Noona knows how to put Hyun Joong on negative side, writing article by ignoring facts which was proved…

* I am not sure how far it was confirmed that Hyun Joong will enlist on March 31st, I don’t remember Hyun Joong or KE telling he will enlist on March 31st, media concluded Hyun Joong will enlist on March 31st and when it was said he will be postponing his enlistment, Media came with an article telling he has delayed his enlistment and made sure the article was a negative one…

* Another article was published pointing out eight reasons which said why Hyun Joong will never be ready to enlist…..

* Earlier when Hyun Joong was busy working and preparing for his GEMINI and album, an article spoke about the next work schedule of BOF cast members but for Hyun Joong they mentioned about the nightmare but failed to mention about concert or album….

* When all was settled, when all started to move from this nightmare, from somewhere an article published with all old story blaming Hyun Joong…

* Articles were written without knowing the meaning of ASSAULT and ALTERCATION…..

By looking at them I concluded there are some medias which only write negative articles, trash news, repeated news and unproved news…. Thousands of questions were running in my mind, I asked myself,

* Why no news about Hyun Joong’s continuous voice message for Henecian Japan

* Why no news about “Farewell for Kim Hyun Joong” show which was hosted by KpopWay radio

* Upon all, at least the Tonight – Platinum record certification should have been mentioned by media…..

I do not know why it is delayed, maybe media is waiting for it to be announced officially, if that’s so then am happy, I am hoping that soon an article will be published by media, which will really make millions of fans happy, and I will for sure proudly comment on every articles telling, how proud I am to be his fan… Fingers Crossed….


To my Family

I was really happy to see the celebrations in twitter on Sunday, it was really a treat for eye, twitter was flooded by your tweets and Hyun Joong, our boy deserves a lot more….

By looking the tweets I realized if you get a chance you will carry him to another world, a world which will be fully covered by love and affection for their only star Kim Hyun Joong by Henecians and TripleS… Won’t you carry him and fly?, I was able to find the real love which you have for him…


To Kim Hyun Joong

Whatever it is you’re our star, brightest star which will be twinkling tirelessly, we forever need that bright light which will make us happy, boy you always make your fans proud, not even once you have disappointed your fans, I really salute you… No matter what our full support will always be for you…

And finally I wanted to tell you,

“I’m happy that you are my Idol,
I enjoy your music,
You inspire me, you are my role model,
To dream, to work and to reach my goal,
With your kindness you draw my attention,
I am thankful for all that you’ve done,
I admire you each day, and I want to say you,
You are the number one Idol….”


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong (You are always Number One)

  1. Hi mahahenecia,

    I really enjoy and love to read your articles. I am also waiting for his great news to be announced in the media. No matter what happened, I will stand beside KHJ and love to be in this gigantic warming fanfamily!

    Liked by 1 person

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