Kim Hyun Joong (Truly Blessed)

A small tribute to all my Henecian and TripleS, for the endless support you give for Kim Hyun Joong….. I feel proud of each and every one of you and I wanted to share, what I feel….

Scandals about artists are very common; when an Idol becomes popular there are always some people who wait to let him down…  But the nightmare which happened for Hyun Joong for past few months is really a heart breaking incident for every fan girl, millions of his fans were able to see the reality of the nightmare, and it was only a cooked up story to put Hyun Joong down, destroy him, throw away his fame, jealous of his huge success and thought Hyun Joong fandom will let him down (Which will never happen).


Are we blessed?

* In Hyun Joong’s fandom each and every fan girl’s heart is strong which I can assure, because I’ve talked with many of his fans where I understood that how strong they are when it comes to “Kim Hyun Joong”…..

*They don’t easily crumble, not at all; they don’t conclude in one go; they wait; yes they wait till the very end without lending their ears to other people’s false talk…

*The fandom accepted their loved artist Kim Hyun Joong wholeheartedly; the trust, the love which they have is very true and sincere, and they do not believe rumors because they do strongly believe their Star….

* When the amazing Kim Hyun Joong was known to them, they were happy, they never wished for weekends, they never looked forward for special events, each and every day they enjoyed, made it special, cherished each moment even when the haters tried to ruin their happiness by false talk.

*They proudly tell there is no one else out there who knows Hyun Joong better than them. If we speak with them then we will admit it is true….

* Even when the internet was filled with nightmare’s gossip, their heart never changed, it was tied together till the end

* Lot of people called them crazy, many said they were pathetic, the nightmare rang out louder but they never gave attention to others, I was wondering how they are so attached to a person whom they have never seen closely.

And then I found out

No one in this world can understand them by just looking at the outer side, yes no one can understand; only the people who are with them can understand how much they both (Hyun Joong and his fandom) adore one another ….

* Hyun Joong is a normal human being, he is like you and me, but for his fandom he is someone who cannot be replaced, when you look via their eyes you can understand, he is person who is filled with music, his every actions from smile to walk, everything seems like a melody of song, which will soothe your soul by just taking a glimpse at him.

* They don’t make noise, they are always silent, their voice is not heard, but when it comes to Kim Hyun Joong, their unstoppable support never forgets to make noise…… Yes a big noise which reaches every corner of the world…..

* Upon all, the loveliest part is, they take everything in a positive way, even considered the nightmare as a test given by God to prove the trust they have on Hyun Joong, a test to give him up or to remain with him forever; finally the amazing fandom stood with him even taller and stronger than before till the end…

Even after years their love will never fade; they are united as one for their only one.


I felt Kim Hyun Joong is a blessed child he has such an incredible fandom beside him, but when I looked at his love for his fans I was confused…..

He once said.., “I give 200% for my performance because I know the tickets are very costly and I don’t want to disappoint my fans“,

He practices harder, and performs at his best and he gives a feel to all his fans and non-fans that there is no one better than him.

The man who understood that all his fans are missing him, updates his voice often… which made many of his fans feel better…This morning when I saw one of such update, my heart was filled with tears of joy and woes…..

Japan mobile site voice update

Hyun Joong (Voice): Don’t cry anymore. I’m here right

What more else I can tell after hearing this, with a great shock I realized no one can love their fans like him…. and each and every fan feels it.

Now I asked myself, “Is Kim Hyun Joong’s fandom blessed to have him?”

I am confused, how much ever I search I could not find the answer, at last I felt their(Hyun Joong and Fandom) love cannot be measured, many times they have cried by seeing the affection they have for one another which cannot be counted, but every time they cry, the other one comforts with open arms…

And this was the words I got as an answer from them (Hyun Joong and Fandom)

We don’t give up that easily, any struggles we face we will overcome them before it gets too difficult, when we get too tired the other will offer their back, which make us to let down all our heavy baggage, we are not alone, even while crying we lean on one another which helped us to hold it longer, we smile widely even when the other is not around us……


My Heartfelt words

With much burden and many tears I pen my thoughts as I felt I wanted to share how proud I am when am getting to know the bond between Kim Hyun Joong  and Fandom, years have come and gone still am yet not able to fully express the greatness of your(Hyun Joong and Fandom) love.

I loved Kim Hyun Joong, without knowing anything I entered into his fandom with tiny little hesitant steps. But the tender love and compassion showed by this amazing Stardom and Fandom it made me to feel as if, I was in Heaven…

These glorious moments which am having with you will forever be etched in my memory… I thank God for enabling me to be part of this warm Stardom and Fandom.


To Kim Hyun Joong

I am not going to tell anything because after I heard your voice update, I felt you conveyed us these words, the words which you tell yourself every morning…

“Today is going to be a fine day,

I can do things more than what I think,

Things don’t get better by worrying about them,

There is always something to be happy about;

You fans are my happiness,

Let me work hard to achieve greatness”

This made us even more positive… Thank you Hyun Joong……


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

Thanks to Nixie for translating and sharing the voice update

3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Truly Blessed)

  1. Hi. I am a french fan of HJ since 2006. I don’t like to be manipulated by medias andI can say he is a very good man. When he is with SS501, he is so good with the members of the group (he always put them forward) and he is so kind with fans and he never changes. He takes true bodyguards to be sure his fans don’t be mistreated, wounded like we can see with other stars. He is the only one star I follow and I am very proud to be his fan. I am very glad he wins young and new fans now. HJ respects everybody and he loves his fans I think like sisters and brothers.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Your warm words are real birthday gifts for Henecia.
    On 24 of april in 2011 Kim Hyun Joong’s Fan Club was officially named Henecia.
    It was coined from the name of Hyun Joong + Benecia (Blessed in Latin) = Blessed Hyun Joong + Blessed the People.
    Because of Hyun Joong, people are blessed and I hope, He feels himself blessed because of his fans too.
    I really feel myself blessed to know Him and being a part of His big, strong and warm hearted Henecia family.
    I think, the best name was choosen.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Dear Mahahenecia,
    Another fine article by you. I am a newbie in this fandom (ever since 2011) and my only wish this fandom will be standing beside him forever. This is one and only fandom that I’ve ever participated and looking forward to everyday.
    Thank you for accepting me in this enormous gigantic fandom family. Hope KHJ and us will be blessed with success, health, happiness and true love.

    Thanks a million, Mahahenecia!

    Liked by 2 people

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