Kim Hyun Joong (Fans will always stay with Kim Hyun Joong)

I am wondering whether Choi does things in right mind. As we all know, once again Choi has filed lawsuit claiming that she was psychologically harmed, and asked to investigate 100+ fans for the hateful comments she received…

Psychologically Harmed! This will be the world’s biggest joke of year 2015, lol…

Hope Choi forgot who brought all these news to public, who revealed it at first, who ran to media each time. So at first for causing all troubles for Hyun Joong and fans, for her endless lies can we file against her 1.6 billion won…

Oh God, Hyun Joong fans are in billions, each and every fan are harmed psychologically for past eight months, then she should pay each and every one of us….

Seeking attention! She does things only to be noticed, and each time when it is said Hyun Joong will be enlisting soon, some problems are raising, does she think she cannot get money if Hyun Joong enlist, lol…

I want her to realize that no people out there are ready to believe her words and support her anymore, so please do not expect a welcoming party….. As I always tell “Truth can never be hidden” the things you do tell clearly that you are a person who is trying hard to ruin Hyun Joong…


Testing Patience

Choi is testing the patience of Hyun Joong; she has forgot how calm was Hyun Joong, after what she has done to him all these months, the endless lies, fake proofs, twisting words so on., but Hyun Joong the gentleman never revealed her identity not even her real name and took all responsibility, which no man will do…

“Hit on Hyun Joong he stayed quiet and clam, Hit on fans he will never sit back and watch…”

We all know how much Hyun Joong loves his fans, do you remember he always says “I’ll protect my fans”, the man who always been true in thought, word and deed is now fighting back for his fans( my thoughts)…..

Legal representative of Hyun Joong said

This case is not something that we will negotiate on to settle. We will be taking strong measures, and if needed, we are willing to counter-sue

I was really happy while seeing such news from Hyun Joong side… You’re the best Idol…


Fans will always stay with Hyun Joong

The other news which I really wanted to share is, LDF (I know it’s late, still I want to share)

Why because?

The reason they gave for removing Hyun Joong made me to feel bad…. I questioned myself, did LDF think Hyun Joong has lost fans or soon he will enlist, so LDF concluded the support for Hyun Joong will reduce?

If it is, then shall I make it clear, a normal man can be forgotten, an idol can be forgotten but a person like Hyun Joong, the man who just worked hard for his fans, the love he have for his fans can never be hidden or forgotten even by a non-fan.

Fans have always stood by Hyun Joong through all his thick and thin. A lump was forming in my throat as I started to write why this man is really treated like a God by the fans.


Let me share some incidents which really made a deeper pain in my heart….

For Break Down Album: The six packs, the abs he did it all in just two weeks, he had only two week time, he stayed at home and worked out all the time, he did the chin-ups without rest, where he even got calluses which was seen for many days….

He sang and danced nonstop for four months; even after four months of nonstop practicing he still postponed his release date for a month, and practiced to make sure any of his fans shouldn’t get disappointed….

Fans can understand him, but still he worked for them tirelessly, he wanted them to be happy, he does not want them to get disappointed

Before going on to stage, he’ll always warm up; he’ll be practicing his steps, he’ll be practicing either alone or with his back up dancer, to just make it perfect for his fans…

Fans can understand him, but still he worked for them tirelessly, he wanted them to be happy, he does not want them to get disappointed

Once, on the day of concert Hyun Joong felt unwell due to cold, he took cold medicine and went on stage,

He said, “I’m back to life”, “Medicine is good and let’s party some more”. To return the love for fans he put on a powerful performance even when he was not well.

Fans can understand him, but still he worked for them tirelessly, he wanted them to be happy, he does not want them to get disappointed

He never considered his health, his only medicine was fans smile, to inhale the medicine, his daily routine as a singer’s was, 3-4 hours’ sleep in a day, practice dance for 7 hours, recording for 5 hours, body-training for 2 hours…

Fans can understand him, but still he worked for them tirelessly, he wanted them to be happy, he does not want them to get disappointed

Finally the thing which made me to cry is

When he said he’ll have a free last concert for his fans.

Hyun Joong “My dream is that… I feel that as I grew up in my work, my fans really stood by me, for the final, should I say last dancing concert? If I were to have a final dancing concert, I would like to invite all fans for free. Of course, they can put whatever they want into the can (4D).. I constantly thinking about it, I would like all the money collected to go to charity, and have the last dance concert with the fans.”

Ever since we met Hyun Joong, everything about him had become something precious for us. The way he sing and dance, the way he smile, the way he laugh and the way he try to hide his tears, we remember them all, it is because in our heart in our mind he is unforgettable…

To everyone out there(Choi and others) I wanted to tell Hyun Joong fans will never leave him at any cause… Even if he retire from his singing career, Hyun Joong and his love will never fade, fans will cherish it and protect him and support him till the end… His sincerity towards fans kept them with him for long time, even after so much of trash news… I admit

“Once if you look at Hyun Joong, there’s no turning back”


To Kim Hyun Joong,

We know how much you love us, you have taken a right decision, just go fight for yourself, fans will always be with you, we will give you full strength to fight back…


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

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6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Fans will always stay with Kim Hyun Joong)

  1. Thank you for writing this article MahaHenecia. Your words made me cried and wish we could pat on his shoulder and say ‘hey, no worries. We are 1000% behind you and will never leave you.” We will pray for your winning, KHJ!

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