Kim Hyun Joong (Truth will be revealed – Trial on June 3rd)

I just wanted to make a quick walk through on the nightmare from the beginning for haters, no from now on am not going to call them haters, they are just been redirected wrongly by media,

I know the article is too long, but I hope this article will clear the non-fans of Hyun Joong who have misunderstood him,

Phantasm World Tour    

Hyun Joong came up with a world tour concert in 2014 which was set in 7 countries, 12 cities. Throughout the world tour he had nonstop tireless practice and sleepless nights, and he made each concert bigger for fans…..

Such an amazing boy said in the concert

‘I feel happiest I can perform in front of fans after a long preparation full of sweat and I can interact with fans up close’

Phantasm made a festive mood for HJ fans…Suddenly unexpected news popped out the day before Hyun Joong was scheduled to fly Thailand for his concert,

Articles Published by Media said

On August 22

Miss.A who is now called Choi filed four charges against Hyun Joong for repeated assault on Aug 20

In middle of the celebration this news made fans confused, all started to ask “Is it really our HJ?”, the most appreciative part was, whatever it was fans never panicked or got into a conclusion……

On August 23

Silence broke out, KE gave a statement

“They had a physical fight which was a mutual fight, and it was one time occurrence”

Hyun Joong’s silence made Netizens to throw hatred comments. Still Fans never bothered other’s saying…… Hyun Joong heated every concert no matter what; fans overwhelming support gave a slap for Choi and haters…..

On August 25

Dispatch released text message, it was said, the text shared between Hyun Joong and Choi

On August 27

Dispatch released medical report and bruises pic stating it was Choi’s….

From there on all media published articles which started to spread like a wild fire

On September 2

Hyun Joong went to Seoul police station to give his testimony, from the four charges only one he accepted “light physical fight” and other three he denied.

On September 12

Choi side stated

“Currently we demanded Kim Hyun Joong to self-reflect and apologize for the multiple times he physically assaulted her, and admit the assaults took place.” continued “The main goal is to reveal the truth. Thus, he must admit his wrongdoing and apologize first”

On September 15

Hyun Joong posted an apology letter

Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong

During the two years we have known each other, once trusted and loved, to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize.

As a guy, I handle things badly and I’m embarrassed for the way things unfolded. Since this situations is entirely mine to burden, don’t blame that other person, I want to say again to that person, I apologize and to that person family and friends as well.

Above all I hope that person accept my apology and forgive

“I’m going to reflect on what happen and do my best to be a better person.

On September 16

Choi’s side stated

“We will withdraw the case if Hyun Joong is truly sorry about what happened.”

On September 17

News came out all over mentioning

“Choi dropped the case against Kim Hyun Joong” and added

“From the beginning, if HJ apologized, Choi was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money”

On September 24

Hyun Joong’s case moved to final prosecution. Despite the habitual assault, the other three assault cases were forwarded with no right of arraignment”

Three of the four charges that were filed – including rib fracture were dropped by Choi. However Hyun Joong admitted to one of the charges the case must proceed…

Public View

All the news published by media made people to conclude “Choi was the Victim and Hyun Joong was the abuser”.

A deeper Look

What really happened?

* The evidence which were submitted by Choi (Bruises pic, medical report) to police turned out to be unacceptable one and the said “NO RIGHTS TO SUE”; police never accepted the evidence to be real and police did not find any proper evidence other than Choi’s claim…

Choi’s Play

* The text messages which Choi revealed weren’t a proper one, she edited that is cut and pasted…. (No proof that those text message was sent by Hyun Joong)…

* As we all know technology has improved a bruises can be made for any pic, even on an animal pic lol, moreover the bruises that were submitted from hospital had a fake barcode without a doctor’s signature.

* The Medical report was not signed by a legal physician, which clearly tells that all evidence she submitted were fake.

* Choi stated she had a rib fracture which took 6 weeks to recover, but as per the medical report there wasn’t any X-ray taken….

* The report which Choi submitted said that the alleged took place on July, but as per the medical report she examined on August.

(Hyun Joong was fined for one Incident even though there were no proofs, it’s only because he admitted he had a mutual fight)

Did Media Support?

* When this alleged news popped out, Media said he is hiding not turning to the country and not showing up for investigation, which made Netizens to yell, but he went to continue the concert which were already scheduled which could not be dropped… (My thought: Hyun Joong went on and continued his concert for his fans, he never want his fans to get hurt or disappoint, just think how much pain he would have carried because of this false allegation, still he never got back, he went stood before thousands of his fans with bright smiling face)

* In the medical report it was mentioned that the alleged (2 week injury as per Choi stated) occurred on May 30… Dispatch twisted the story telling Hyun Joong departure was on May 31 after the incident but it was not true, Hyun Joong Departure was on May 30…

* The source from the police department stated, “To substantiate KHJ’s assault allegation, everything is vague. There is no evidence except A’s statement to prove who assaulted A, and that was KHJ. KHJ said it was a light physical fight happened while they argued about breakup issue.”

Therefore Choi’s evidence weren’t proved, but media never bothered to reveal the truth indeed they said Choi dropped the charges she filed… Media’s role was bigger; they published one side article and false articles which turned out to mislead the public… They tied their hand with Choi to show her as a Victim. They exaggerated the story each time to destroy Hyun Joong the innocent boy.

*The sad part is, it was said that one time ALTERCATION and not ASSAULT… Till now even one article or haters have never used the word ALTERCATION …

*The title of every article published by media made readers to think Choi was the Victim and Hyun Joong assaulted her….  The titles were “Innocent until Proven Guilty” (published hearing Choi’s words), “Kim Hyun Joong assaulted his ex which caused rib fracture” (published before it was proven)

* The apology letter which was said Hyun Joong wrote stated

“I’m really sorry that I have given MENTALLY and EMOTINALLY hurt to the person I loved and believed for 2 years.”

But Media published:

“I’m really sorry that I have given MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY hurt to the person I loved and believed for 2 years.”

(My thought: Truly Media is the one who assaulted the readers; they are the one who played a greater role in ruining Hyun Joong’s 10 years of hardworking, Choi and media have equally taken part…

To all the people who are reading right now, I wanted to tell you “Never believe the Media, they write trash for money”)

The Hidden Truth

(As per Lawyer Lee’s Interview) Hyun Joong broke up with Choi, which made her to threaten Hyun Joong that she’ll spread false rumors; she made sure that Hyun Joong pays her a large compensation.

Choi threatened Hyun Joong telling she will expose him as an abuser, who assaulted pregnant women which led to miscarriage, and demanded 600 million won, which Hyun Joong paid her. She also made an agreement telling the money which Hyun Joong paid should not be revealed to public. She received money from Hyun Joong but said to media her intention was not money but to reveal the truth.

And at that time Hyun Joong paid her because he did not have any Lawyer to fight back.

Moreover the apology letter which Hyun Joong posted in his official site was exclusively written the way Choi wished.

Choi’s Drama once again started

GEMINI started in Jan and ended on Feb 20 with great success

Hyun Joong flied to Korea from Japan on Feb 21… He never had time to breathe in his concert; dispatch never gave him time to take a small nap even in his mother land, within a day on Feb 22

On February 22

Unexpected news revealed that popular Kim Hyun Joong is expecting his first child and will become a father this September!

And it was also said, Choi was two years older than him and they are back together…

February 23

KE statement “Kim Hyun Joong and Miss Choi came to terms last September on the issue of the assault. They did meet again after but at the end of last year agreed to go on their own way. A few days later (early January) Choi told Kim Hyun Joong that she was pregnant. Kim Hyun Joong and his parents called Choi and her parents on multiple occasions to meet and confirm that she was pregnant. Choi, however, refused to go see a doctor and has since not been in contact.” – (The first offic ial statement, please note the statement from Hyun Joong’s side were always same)

February 24

Choi’s representative said “They have enough evidence”

They also said “we are considering publicly releasing the information. In addition, Choi and Kim Hyun Joong have been in contact and have even met in person. Even today, the two have been in contact since the morning. However, we can’t release the content of the conversation between them.”

KE in response said

“We are not denying her pregnancy; rather we just wanted to clarify. But she has been unresponsive. We first heard news of her pregnancy in January and even received ultrasound pictures via phone messages. After this, Kim Hyun Joong, his father, and an acquaintance met with her twice, on January 5th and January 7th. After that, the two have not met in person, but have contacted each other about going to the hospital to check on her and the condition of her body. They have not received her answer on this topic. Kim Hyun Joong is fully willing to take responsibility for the child.”

February 25

Ms. Choi said in an interview with Dispatch that, she will not marry Hyun Joong and she revealed the text message which was exchanged between Hyun Joong and his father.

February 26

An interview was been given by Hyun Joong’s parents…

(Am not posting full interview)

HJ Mom ” I believe Choi and I’m not suspecting her, but I feel hard to think myself, this is our grandchild looking at a ultrasound pic with no names on it sent vis mobile messenger app,

HJ Father “Text message which Choi revealed through dispatch were cut and pasted… He revealed that he also has all the messages and is willing to reveal them, but that he wanted to receive Choi’s consent first.

He was asking for hospital visit because he had a rumor of her drinking alcohol, but he never asked about that to her because he did not want to hurt to hurt someone.

He also said he wanted to protect the child and not to abort, Choi has misunderstood.

Her father made appointment as per Choi wish but she never turned up. Hyun Joong mother had an operation even though she was not fully recovered went to hospital and waited for Choi but she dint show up.

They again made an appointment on Feb 2 she refused and so they arranged an appointment on Feb 25. But on Feb 24 she called Hyun Joong’s parents and said she did not want to visit that hospital anymore and so the parent’s agreed to go to another hospital but still she dint not show up.

Mother had an emotional and valid point telling “why is she doing all this, when this should be solved out between two families. Why is she not discussing things with us

His father commented, “He’s having a tough time. He can’t even step a foot outside of the house.” His mom added, “Even today, I came after having cried for an hour. Those with children should be able to understand how pained I am. I don’t know how to express it in words. Is it only considered murder if one actually kills a person. I think putting a family through this kind of pain is also murder. Honestly, this the pitiful state of heart I’m in. If I’m feeling like this, how do you think he [Kim Hyun Joong] feels.”

Silence turned on

Fans were confused but they truly believed Choi was not pregnant due to her cook up stories…

May 3

Ms. Choi filed a mass lawsuit against 100 Netizens claiming she was psychologically harmed by the spread of false rumors on the internet as well as hate comments.

After few hours

Ms. Choi has filed a mass lawsuit against 100 Netizens claiming she was psychologically harmed by the spread of false rumors on the internet as well as hate comments.

May 4

Legal representative of Kim Hyun Joong told media outlet DongA, “We’ve confirmed the lawsuit of Ms. Choi. Currently, we are seeking a way to respond. This case is not something that we will negotiate on to settle. We will be taking strong measures, and if needed, we are willing to countersue.”

May 6

Kim Hyun Joong’s legal representation stated, “Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend’s civil suit court date have been set. Currently, we have collected all the evidence internally. We’ll attend the planned trial.” Though Kim Hyun Joong will not be able to attend due to the start of his mandatory military service, the trial will continue on without him present.

Once again Choi came up with another drama

On May 10

Choi said “On August she had a miscarriage due to abuse”

A Deeper Look

*On August text message which was revealed by Choi, she called Hyun Joong as “OPPA”, on Feb 2015 it was stated that she is 2 years older than him.. (Girls will call the boys who are older than them)

*Kim Hyun Joong said to his parents about Choi’s pregnancy and decides to check on pregnancy at hospital. But Choi changed the reservation many times and later she was out of touch…

*On Feb 24 Hyun Joong parents made an appointment at hospital at of her choice but she did not turned up rather she went to dispatch place for an Interview.

On same day when Choi’s lawyer was contacted he said “It’s true Choi’s pregnant, right now she is having tough time that her pregnancy is revealed to the world” (Note: who revealed all this dirty laundry to the public… )

*Ms.Choi lawyer stated on Feb 23 that she was 11 weeks pregnant and on Feb 28 he stated she was 4 months pregnant that is 16 weeks

*(As per Lawyer Lee’s Interview) After all the postponed of appointment Choi accepted to have a check up on March 12, 2015. But, either HJ or his mother was not allowed to enter the consultation room, only the Medical report was handed to them. (Suspecting why dint she allows any of them?)

On end of March Choi kept on messaging Hyun Joong to take responsibility as the father of the child, but Hyun Joong’s said he’ll take responsibility after DNA test.

But Choi rather waiting and accepting Hyun Joong’s decision, she sued Hyun Joong for 1.6billion (Note: Is she pregnant at first? If so why is she not accepting for DNA test? Why should she file a lawsuit in a hurry?)

And moreover the 1.6 billion won she demanded because as she is pregnant she wanted a house for her and baby.

*Hyun Joong’s side revealed a pic of Hyun Joong with his friends and Choi which was taken on June 7 at Jeju Island and she was fine, there were no bruises (Note: She stated she was beaten to death on May 30, 2014, if so she should have bruises but there were no sign for it, and how can she go for a trip with a person who has harmed her)…

* Choi stated she had a miscarriage last year due to abuse, but in the report she filed she has said doctor had said she was not pregnant and advised her to go to hospital for Check -Up. But she herself said it was a miscarriage, there is no proof (doctor certificate) for her being pregnant or about miscarriage except her text message. (Note: Even without any proof Hyun Joong paid her 600MW because she threatened him without a break)

I do not know whether the way I write is correct, but I wanted to pour the things which are lingering inside me

Question to KE? (Take Responsibility Speak out)

Why dint you provide a lawyer for Hyun Joong, why dint you take a small step to protect Hyun Joong on August 2014? If you had provided a lawyer and supported Hyun Joong this would have not gone through this extent?

I hope you should take the responsibility for what happened to Hyun Joong all these days, the pain he underwent?

What is Media doing? (Take Responsibility Publish the truth)

All the trash news from Choi’s side were published without a delay, but what about Hyun Joong’s side, is that media supporting Choi? what about Hyun Joong’s lawyer interview, don’t you have time to translate it, if so fans are super-fast in translating and spreading just get from them or ask help, fans will help you finding the truth and translating it…

Don’t publish a one side article, Media you are the one who is helping people to know what is really happening in the world, just don’t write fake news for money, think Media….

With painful heart am telling you have played a very important role for causing so much pain for Hyun Joong as well as fans by spreading trash news, just dig before you release an article…

Question to Choi? (Take Responsibility accept your fault)

So you did not love anything from HJ other than his money, right? from starting all you wanted was only money, then you should have asked for it directly, why did you play such a big drama, How were you able to ruin a person who has struggled 10 long years to where he is now, you know how much pain he has underwent? I will surely tell the money you received from HJ is the hard work, pain, sleepless nights he spent to earn that…

Choi how can you hurt people so much, don’t forget God is watching what you sow you’ll reap soon…

Finally Ms.Choi thank God you were able to speak trash and you were able to reveal fake evidence all these days, it’s only because Hyun Joong never revealed your Identity and fans respected him, don’t dig your own grave.

My Words

I can understand why did all these days Hyun Joong was mum, and sometimes accepted what Choi said, it’s all for his Fans. He would have thought of not hurting fans by creating more trouble… He took all responsibilities and thought to settle things, how much pain he would have bared by doing all this alone…

The boy who always blame him and never allows others to suffer, I even remember SS501 Kyu Jong once said “sometimes leader cried alone at night due to burdens”, I literally cry whenever I think “Would Hyun Joong have cried sitting all alone in his room”

At first nightmare even though the fault was not on his side, he accepted it and tried to make a stop, really no man will do it. Second nightmare, even after so much pain, pressure, false articles and haters comment till now he never came up and said the real name of Choi or revealed her identity, I don’t think no one will be like Hyun Joong he is really a gentleman…

Upon everything, Hyun Joong stood before his fans in PHANTASM and GEMINI with smiling face without letting his fans know how much pain he was carrying in his heart. Hope he got that strength from fans, whatever it was, fans trusted him and stood behind him, defended him, they spoke for him,  they equally struggled with Hyun Joong.

They said Hyun Joong each time when they defended him
” In darkest hour when you are fed up just remember this “We will always be there for you”“,

Hyun Joong in his hand written letter said, how could I repay for the support and trust you have given… Truly speaking fans are wondering how to repay you (Hyun Joong), the person who does not think other than ‘FANS’…

“GOD will test good persons but he will never let them down” , Hyun Joong is such a nice person, a true person, we all know from Aug till today each and every words from Hyun Joong’s side are very true and sincere, there were no change of words…..

Thank God Hyun Joong is fighting back; we have got a sincere true honest lawyer on HJ’s side… Hope this will soon end and world will know who is Victim; trial is on June 3rd, just waiting for it…. “Truth will never die”

Am ending it here with great satisfaction that truth will be soon revealed officially, let’s pray and Wait for June 3rd……

(Thanks to all the fans who translated and shared Lawyer Lee’s interview which would have opened many eyes by looking at the truth, Thanks @Miyokolovekhj ‘s @sunsun_sky Princessmich123)

✌Waiting4KHJ ✊ 20150513_210221

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong (Truth will be revealed – Trial on June 3rd)

  1. I think of the Kim Hyun Joong situation like this. You’re driving one day and suddenly a cute puppy runs across the street in a panic you brake hard to avoid hitting the cute puppy and as a result the car behind you hits your car, tapping your bumper. This is the first accident you’ve had after just getting you license.You exist your car nervously and the other driver joins in on examining the damage. You noticed that there is nothing wrong with either car so you ask the other driver if they’re ok, they say yes. You insist on calling the cops or taking them to the hospitial for a check up but they adamantly rejects your kind gesture. You give them your insurance and contact infomation and watch as they get in their car. As you are walking away you notice the other person writing something down, you sit in your car and watch them as they drive away.
    Two months later you get a text from an unknown number stating that they are going to report you to the police for fleeing the scene of an accident that left a person in a serious condition. This person claims that their health insurance will cover the cost injuries but to fix their car they will need $3000 and your auto insurance won’t cover it. You think that it is a bit excessive but you don’t want the cops involved because your parents are politicians, and this will be all over the media, so to avoid the publicity you pay the $3000.
    Three months later the driver sends another text but this time exlains that the damage to the car was more extensive and demand $15,000 as a down payment on a new car, threatening to report you to the cops for fleeing the scene of a crime but this person now has additional evidence that it was you that caused the accident with the text messages and phone calls used for the earlier transaction. You ignore the messages and a week later your parents names are splattered all over the tabloid news and website with headlines that reads “Child of Local Politicians Drives Drunk flee the Scene”, “Politicians’ kid payoff victim of violent crash” and “Child of Politician’s was High at the Time of the Crash, Flee Scene”. You explain the situation to you parents at first they are upset because you didn’t come to them first for help. But they understand and stand beside you through the entire ordeal even if it meant losing their careers.
    Reporters surround your house and a few days later cops come to your house to take you in for questioning. As you are trying to explain your case to the cops and other court officials, the other driver continuously meet with the press about the accident disorting facts and making up lies gaining sympathy from the public, while they (the public) are placing all of the blame on you because they see you as being privileged.
    Luckily for you there were red light cameras recording the entire situation, however most of the public is convinced that you were wrong for leaving the scene and that you were on drugs or drunk druing the incident and your parents helped getting you off. Even with video evidence they blame you and wish bad things about you.

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