Kim Hyun Joong (June – Month of Celebration)

June 5, 2015 at 08:25 PM IST I heard a beep sound, it was a message and when I opened, I saw my fellow Henecian ping telling it was 11:50 PM in Korea. When I entered Twitter it was around 11:55 PM KST and my first tweet was

“Five more minutes to GO for Hyun Joong’s Birthday, Excited! “

The clock struck 12 in Korea, June 6 Hyun Joong’s birthday, party started, twitter was flooded with wishes from all over the world and same way in Face Book and IG, everywhere fans started to ‘PARTY’. It was such a festive mood… And truly speaking that was the first time I celebrated Hyun Joong’s birthday with co-fans…

Two days later June 8, once again Henecia and TripleS worldwide celebrated Hyun Joong’s 10th anniversary and SS501’s 10th anniversary…


Party On

*Fans from countries Colombia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Madagascar, Rostov, Kazakhstan and so on gathered together and enjoyed Hyun Joong’s birthday with wonderful cakes…

Pic Cr: @mohanasweety


*Letters, Birthday cards were been collected and sent as a bundle to Hyun Joong (Henecia Korea shared the PO box and E-mail ID, which made easier for International fans to share their letters and wishes either via mail or through postal)

Pic Cr: Owner


*Fans also participated in Charity Event, Henecia India contributed an amount of US $ 568.00(Indian RS.35,000) to a Home and same way Henecia Thailand contributed 21,606 THB to an orphanage (Note there are lot more charity events occurred I have just shared two out of it)

Pic Cr: @Henecia_India


*There were lots of video uploaded on YouTube for Hyun Joong’s birthday; one of the Video (USB) which was sent to Hyun Joong which made me to watch over 30 times

Cr: Seta & Yogi

Hope by seeing each and every fans love Hyun Joong would had a bright smile on his face. After seeing all these I felt Kim Hyun and his fans are equally blessed to have each other by their side

“The Most Blessed Idol” + “The Most Blessed Flan Club” = “The Best stardom and Fandom in the whole universe”


What makes us (HJ and Fans) special? 

We all know, we all believe and we all feel that Hyun Joong is someone who is sent from God, he who touches billions of hearts with his songs, he who shows heaven and hides pain with his songs, he who clams the anger with his songs, and he who make sure to give happiness with his songs. While hearing Hyun Joong songs our heart is singing, the happiness fills our soul, our mind is lifted up and our eyes flashes…

In youth Investigation life Hyun Joong said, “I didn’t think that I’m an extra because I’m unique.”

Yes he is such a unique man, during the journey of our lives; we’ll occasionally meet someone who is special and unforgettable. And Hyun Joong is that special person who will always be remembered fondly by each and every one of us (Fans) and non-fans who knows him.

Whatever it is we have never turned our back and walked away from our only one and it is because of the faith we have on him, the trust we have on him, the love we have on him…

And I remember Hyun Joong once said, “He who wags his tail to anyone is not my style. The one who gives loyalty and faithfulness to someone who honestly treats you with love and care is the “REAL” one.”

The above words suits for both Hyun Joong and the Fans…

An integrity fact is that all of us look different, have different finger prints, heights, weights, color, voice, language, culture, country all differ. To sum it up, all of us are unique but whatever it is when it comes to Hyun Joong we all are united together as one.


The below Comments is which I came across and felt proud of our fandom… This is only because Hyun Joong’s fandom believes him, we stick to him without letting our self to listen others saying and we have never looked for loop-holes and ways to bend our beliefs…

A non-fan commented

“You know what is so interesting for me? his fans doesn’t love him for his handsome face, they love him just for himself, his personality & his good soul, well in all fandom’s there are some people like them but what is so interesting about him is, his whole fandom are like that. I have never read any comments from his fans which they have talked about his look. (well his look is the most important thing for all the haters & non fans), but surprisingly his fans are just trying to cheer him up & giving him strength, all of the, saying he looks so innocent & pure, well maybe I can’t understand them, but their love is the way more than love of a fan for his idol, they look like a family! Kinds of strange for me, well he’s lucky for having them.

Pic Cr:@Miyokolovekhj


The other comment which touched my heart


Words from Fandom to Hyun Joong

“Through the days of laughter and night of tears

We were beside you

Through chamber of love and the garden of pleasure

We were beside you

Through the river of joy and ocean of delight

We were beside you

Through the storms of agony and the mire of pain

We were beside you


And now we PRMOISE we will always stay beside you forever”

And we wanted to tell you, In today’s ever changing world of uncertainties, Henecia and TripleS is one place that will never change…

Each and every one in the fandom have already started to count the days, more 608 days to go, and each day we keep telling, “Now we might miss each other but when we meet again our joy will be restored and we will feel no loss, until then as you(HJ) said

“We’ll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky”


My Words to Hyun Joong

10 years passed, and this is the first time Hyun Joong you would have celebrated your birthday in a very different environment, hope you would have loved celebrating it in different place and with different members. Though it is late I still wanted to wish you from bottom of my heart

“Happy Birthday Hyun Joong ah”

Thank you Hyun Joong, as I look back, I remember the times of uncontrolled giggling triggered off while watching your shows. As I flip through the pages of my memory, I see pictures of times which I will never experience again, which has left me with a deep sense of nostalgia. Hyun Joong and Fandom will always be close to my heart wherever I am and whatever I do.


By looking at your 10 long years of hard work, I learnt one thing

“When we were born, we were born with a hidden gift, something unique to us. We have to probe deep inside ourselves to find it. We can’t be so lazy as not to bother enough to look for it. But, when we do find it, that’s when we really know who we are. And nothing can or will define us better than that.”

Thank you for teaching me Hyun Joong, I know it’s too late, but still I will find that hidden gift and will prove myself in my career…

Once again “Belated Wishes” and take care, hope you’re doing great in your training, please don’t strain yourself, and I wanted to end it by telling

“Let your fame spread far and wide. May life grant you success and happiness wherever you are”


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owners (Taken from Internet)

2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (June – Month of Celebration)

  1. Yeah. That’s right. He is unique. I love him because of his good qualities and personality. Just as cold wind, he makes me happy. Just as remote , twinkling stars he gives aims and ambitions to my life. After i met this great guy…. I really understood that he is my life. Though he is too far from me , my all dreams are filling with his images. Through thick and through thin i am still with you.
    …wishing you tripple gem bless…..
    -Lovely Khj-

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