Kim Hyun Joong (Mixed Feeling)

Last weekend I really had a hard time; I was sitting inside my room with lights turned off, I was really sad after reading Hyun Joong’s parents interview in FUJI TV, which left a deep pain in my heart… I felt like shouting at Choi who stands as the main reason for all the things which is happening for Hyun Joong… I was really angry…  I received a beep sound from my mobile, I saw the below pic which made sure to bring a small curve on my face…


I said “Thank You Hyun Joong”

Later I turned on my system, searched for Hyun Joong‘s interviews and shows and started to watch… Six hours passed, I did not realize until my mom knocked the door of my room,

Six hours, I forgot all problems, I smiled out loudly, I was inspired, I enjoyed, sometime I even clapped …

When I was watching Lee sora’s show, Hyun Joong said to her

My dream is that… I feel that as I grew up in my work, my fans really stood by me, for the final, should I say last dancing concert? If I were to have a final dancing concert, I would like to invite all fans for free. Of course, they can put whatever they want into the can… I constantly thinking about it, I would like all the money collected to go to charity, and have the last dance concert with the fans.

Not only in this, he has spoken about the free concert in many shows and interviews. We all know it was one of Hyun Joong’s dream…

In an Interview, Hyun Joong mom stated that “Hyun Joong Originally planned for a free concert for the 10th anniversary in April and planned to enter army by celebrating it with his fans, who were with him for past ten years but he wasn’t able to make up”…  Hope this cute little angel would have thought even this as a DEBT; thinking he failed to thank his fans properly…

My next click was on Hyun Joong‘s GEMINI concert video, Hyun Joong was smiling and speaking with his fans, and I asked myself,

How did he hide all the problems and stood before millions of his fans by smiling? Did he do all this for his family, fans & friends?

And yes we all got the answer, Hyun Joong said to his father “He did not want to make his parents worry about him, he was pushed to a tight spot and he had mindful of fans “

Our boy stood alone and tried to solve the problem without letting us (Fans) worry. We couldn’t imagine the stress he would have gone through, my god!!…

Whatever it is, how much ever he tries to hide his pain, we fans can understand him better, Am I right? We all know he would have cried sitting in his room, but he never showed it to us, it all would have happened behind us and he made sure of being happy in front of us…  And this proves how much Hyun Joong loves us (Fans)…

The very next video clip which I clicked was, Fans singing ‘Your Story’ for Hyun Joong, he was crying like a small kid, at the time of GEMINI when this video was shared I thought he was crying because he’ll be missing his fans and music for two years, but now I understood there was some other reason hidden, he would have felt like relying on us (Fans) by seeing the unconditional love (My thoughts)

The struggles and sacrifice which Hyun Joong has went through for past 10 years and knowing how hard he worked to achieve success we fans very well know how bad he would have felt when Choi went to media even after receiving money from Hyun Joong and she also blackmailed that Hyun Joong shouldn’t reveal about 600MW, how pathetic?

Few days back I tweeted,

“KE does not deserve HJ… Without HJ the entertainment would have not gone to this extent… But what have they given back to HJ ‘?’ “…..

So it is still in a ‘?’, they have received all the fame, money because of Hyun Joong, no one can deny it, even KE…  The proof for it is, KE shares reduced after Hyun Joong’s enlistment…

Even when it was said that the apology letter was written and confirmed by Choi’s camp, KE did not tend to remove the letter from official site, only after Fans request it was removed, really bad…

Whatever it is, I should tell, this boy was really brave even when KE failed to support him, he stood alone bravely, he said cops that they had a mutual fight but it was not like what Choi stated, it was a very slight push, and his words were true from day one. And same thing Hyun Joong’s father said in the FUJI TV interview.

I can tell, Hyun Joong from day one when he debuted back in 2006 till now he took responsibility for his actions, gave his all, and never tend to quit…. Through sheer determination he was able to turn a negative into a positive time after time.

Now people would have understood what Choi loved, it’s all Money, right? Though I feel like bashing her I’ll stop by telling…

“What goes around comes around; Choi soon you’ll find the right place to go”

15 - 1

Wishes for your ‘New Role’

This week I really had a mixed feeling, though I was sad after reading Hyun Joong’s parents interview… I felt really proud and happy of Hyun Joong because

Hyun Joong enlisted on May 12th, he went through his basic training which he completed on June 18th after a ceremony, from June 19 he’ll be taking up his new role as a “Border Patrol”, he’ll be serving in the city of paju.

It was said, the one who does good at his training will be placed in the city paju, and there is no doubt this strong hearted and brave boy would have proved himself in the training…

Pic Cr: Owner


Hyun Joong looks very confident and proud in the above pic, hope he is enjoying…

Back then in 2006, when we first met Hyun Joong, he was looking like a small kid, a kid who carried a big role ‘LEADER’ of a boy band… He faced all obstacles no matter what and shined as a best leader.


We all know him as a best leader, best singer and he proved he is also best at acting… He played the role ‘Yoon Ji Hoo’ in BOF, this stands as one of the best drama even now in 2015… He is well-known for the character ‘Ji Hoo’, fans started to call him as ‘Flower Boy’ from there on ( But Hyun Joong broke the ‘Flower Boy’ image in ‘Inspiring Generation’ in 2014) …


The singer come actor again proved himself as a soccer player which no one imagined…


When many had a question whether he’ll succeed as a solo singer, he broke out those thoughts by coming with a great album ‘BreakDown’, which sold out nearly 100,433 copies, and it topped the Oricon chart…


After 10 years of achievement, he joined MS and hope he feels proud for being a soldier… When we take a deeper look we’ll know, the way he crossed every stage in his life is really unique… Moreover he sees every challenge as an opportunity and never made a stop even if the path was tough… Proud of our Boy, he’ll always hold a place in our heart till the end…

I wanted to end by telling

Hyun Joong we are really proud of you, we have always stood back of you in happy as well as in painful moments and we are happy to promise that we will stand with you till the very end.

Hyun Joong I remember you telling, “I like to challenge myself”

We know how hard and tirelessly you’ll work until you succeed, but please take care of yourself, don’t strain, and eat well…  Fighting!!!

Together Forever!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner(Taken from Internet),  Thanks to the fans who translated the Interviews

7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Mixed Feeling)

  1. I cried reading your article. He is a so so kind man and that almost kill him. Mr Kim and Mr Lee saved our HJ I think. Now, I pray for a MS without problem for him and I pray Mr Lee will revenge our HJ and restaure his reputation. Fighting to them!

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  2. Hi sweet heart! This is beautiful article. I am so very proud of my Angel Hyun Joong and praying very hard he will be safe! Nothing the best and most challenging for him! He is truly the best and we are never disappointed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear, Maha Henecia,,
    I really love to read all your articles and l wish everyone can read and know the real,,Kim Hyun Joong,,
    How he struggled alone all the hardship he faces,,
    How he beared all such heavy burdens,,,
    I believe God will unite all his fans in bonds of love,,
    Where there is unity there is always victory.

    FB..Victoria K kh Joong.

    Liked by 1 person

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