Kim Hyun Joong (Boycott – Right or Wrong)

#Boycott, I saw some fans trending this yesterday and speaking about it, some fans accepted for boycotting and some fans denied it by telling this might harm Hyun Joong…


Fans who think Boycott is Right

Fans are really fed up with KE and their actions against Hyun Joong which has made them to come up with this decision… This how I understood when fans started to speak about Boycott… KE is the Entertainment who should take responsible for their IDOLS when it comes to scandal, if fault was on Hyun Joong side then KE staying quiet can be accepted, when we look into the facts it’s very clear there is no fault on Hyun Joong … But what did KE do? Nothing…

Fans trusted Hyun Joong, stood behind him, defended him, they spoke for him and they equally struggled with Hyun Joong.

Each time when they defended, they said,

“In darkest hour when you are fed up just remember this, “We will always be there for you””…

Actually speaking KE should have said the above words, KE should have defended Hyun Joong, but they failed to do so….

  • Last year KE lawyer said Hyun Joong to comfort Choi till Dec 31st( It’s weird, which lawyer will tell this)
  • “Tonight – Platinum Record’ they never tend to make an announcement officially, million fans were waiting for it to be announced…
  • They buried all facts from Hyun Joong side by publishing unwanted news, facts which atty Lee said, facts which Hyun Joong parent’s said which makes millions of fans to doubt, “Is KE really an entertainment?”

By looking all these at first even I thought boycotting is the right decision, this will teach KE a lesson…


Fans who think Boycott is wrong

Some fans denied Boycott because they thought it might affect Hyun Joong… Media is something fans are afraid of, if there is positive news about Hyun Joong Media never takes a step to speak about it, but they publish all unwanted and trash news about Hyun Joong, we know what happened in the Nightmare, media played a very important role… Therefore, there is a chance for media telling “Hyun Joong lost his fans because of Nightmare or because he has enlisted”, if we start with Boycott….

Though at first I accepted for Boycott, with all these questions in my mind I asked myself whether Boycott is RIGHT or WRONG…


Answer I Received

The below words are which I picked up from someone who knows music Industry very well, they shared few things which was said by someone who works at Universal Music, it is,

*In every label recording there is a coordinator who digs out the profit and musical history of an Idol, the reason they do this it’s because Universal Music wants to know if the Idol is worth enough for their label and branding, once they complete with their analyze they will reach out to their boss… This what a label follows…

I spoke with a fan who raised hand for Boycott yesterday (24/6), I asked her all the questions which was lingering in my mind and this what she said me…

And when I asked about her opinion, what if it affects Hyun Joong, she said

“*Do you think am not a fan of Hyun Joong? Do you think that I’ll stand and raise hand if something harms Hyun Joong? We will do this after reaching Media, truly telling we are in process of it, only if Media accepts to post about Boycotting beforehand, we’ll proceed with it, we’ll never do things which’ll harm Hyun Joong…

*If an album doesn’t gain profit no one can tell Idol has no career, can a single album decide a person’s talent, then what about Hyun Joong’s 10 years of experience, will world forget it? Can any fan forget or deny his 10 year’s achievement?

*Is there any guarantee that KE will speak when this album hits Oricon chart?

* Am not asking you to accept Boycotting, but please don’t use the words, “by boycotting we fans who supports it are going to harm Hyun Joong”, it’s really hurting us, never forget we’ll proceed with it only if media accepts to publish about Boycotting… Am sorry if my words are harsh….”


My Thoughts

I came up with this post because I do not want fans to misunderstand their co-fans, Every fans have different opinion, when someone tells out their opinion it’s just “Take it or Leave it?”, but whatever it is let’s think twice before taking an action let’s think wiser…

If you ask me, it’s better for us to unite and support Hyun Joong until he returns, and we are not very much sure that KE will receive the profits for “The Best of Kim Hyun Joong” album because the album is been released in Japan and not Korea… For now let’s not take any decision, I very well know how much fans hate KE , no worries, Hyun Joong will give a back answer by ending his contract with KE, I think that will be the right decision, KE profits and shares will totally get declined and so they’ll understand  how powerful Hyun Joong and his fandom are….


Hyun Joong fandom is the best fandom which is well known to others, the non-fans have already started to speak and they are amazed seeing our unity and the way we trust Hyun Joong, for now it’s better to forget about Boycott and whatever it is let’s show our fandoms power let’s push Hyun Joong to the top…

Likewise let’s not forget

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Together Forever… Fighting!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

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12 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Boycott – Right or Wrong)

  1. Hi unnie~ Thanks for quoting my words! I am in full understanding with your post. Boycott could be the right thing, or the wrong thing. My friend who works at UM says that us fans are so silly, behind one guy! LOL! He doesn’t get it, why I keep pestering him with questions! LOL!

    I have so many questions and so many thoughts racing regarding this matter. Even though I put a stop to this, it’s funny how fans are still bullying me, tagging me in Best Album hashtags, some saying I am ruining his career and some even saying that I should take up the blame if something bad happened to Hyun Joong! I was pretty bewildered by their statements considering how I spend my day doing nothing but writing tweets and sharing articles to spread out the truth regarding his innocence, write long posts claiming how AMAZING of a singer and musician he is and even how adorable he is! Is this treatment fair? Maybe not. But I’ll let them take out all their frustrations out on me. I am not responding to anyone right now and I am just giggling at how much hate they are throwing at me! It’s admittedly, quite amusing considering they forget one important fact: I am a fan of Kim Hyun Joong! XD LOL!

    KE never helped HJ with anything. In fact they encouraged him to ruin himself. Lawyer Lee said that his previous legal system didn’t help him. And even his parents are talking so openly about it. If they wanted to help KE, they would have not said that his lawyer told HJ to take her to Jeju. But this means they’re fighting against KE.
    Hyun Joong, last year said that he has one album and one tour with UM. Imademo and Gemini. So this best of HJ is probably not his decision. According to the law, a celebrity is not allowed to have an income. That means, HJ won’t get any profit from this album. The producer of this album is KE, the publisher/distributor is UM. Whether the album is in Japan or Korea, the truth is that (and you can check this with any of his previous Japanese works) the producer is KE. That means, they have invested in this album and surely will get their share in this. (This is CONFIRMED by my friend who works at UM. In fact, he mocked me saying, “which producer won’t get money? Seriously?!” LOL!)
    KE lost a lot of their stocks after his enlistment. This was already predicted by KE during a shareholder’s meeting. The shareholders asked how they will keep things up when HJ goes to the military. They answered that they know that their stocks would drop but cannot explain the estimated time. Could this be that KE released this album to save themselves?
    Whenever Hyun Joong’s parents and lawyer says anything regarding the truth, KE releases statement regarding BYJ, to bury his truth. The latest one with his parents interview with K-star, the article was number one on NAVER. Within like an hour of it, BYJ releases some statement about wedding photos even when the date isn’t decided yet, burying HJ’s truth, taking the 1st place on NAVER, and pushing HJ down on 3rd place. Clearly they have bought the media. So even if HJ tops the charts, we must be prepared for negative reports or no reports at all. The cycle of hate and abuse will continue.Let’s be honest here, HJ’s rep is not at it’s best right now and the news of his album topping the charts… I don’t even want to think about what all we will have to listen to again. And not to mention, in the process of uplifting our loved one, with our own hands, we have fed the monster that is trying to bring him down. It scares me, you know.

    Now regarding sales of the album, while its true that agencies look at the sales, these very agencies have people called COORDINATORS who analyse and find out the reason behind a drop of the album etc. Their reason is to see what went wrong with the album and all, completely different motive, but if our boycott is loud and clear, these coordinators will be able to see it well and through. (Confirmed by my friend who is a coordinator at Musicians Institute. Though he works differently, he told me that every record label has these coordinators who dig information about the artist for branding and other purposes.) Fans have already contacted a few trusted media and they have responded. Hoping for things to work through.
    Purchasing power of HJ and HJ losing his credibility in Japan? Right now HJ is in the military and so he’s made to stay away from the industry. So, whatever happens, good or bad, it will happen to HJ only when he returns from the military. How can someone throw him out of the industry when he’s not even IN the industry? But here’s the thing. When he does return, fans have planned to buy the album and try to give him certification within a week. That’s the plan. It is difficult. But NOT impossible. I am sure Mr. Lee would also clear his name within those two years and bring him back his fans or even more fans! Kim Hyun Joong returns from the army and within a week receives a certification! He will also get the profit out of it! Will this be ignored by agencies? “Oh his album didn’t sell well two years ago but suddenly when he returns he’s already selling so much?! Oh he doesn’t have any purchasing power!” NO COMPANY WILL SAY THIS! People have seen his power, especially during an ongoing scandal. Agencies are not stupid like KE. Purchasing power is very important, I agree. Selling of albums is important, I agree. But this one album won’t break it for Hyun Joong. There is a LOT to the sales of music albums. Thing like charts and numbers are not everything to it. This is coming from a person who has been in the music industry and studying it for 15 years. I would not support this boycott if I knew this would hurt Hyun Joong as much as fans are romanticising it. A drop in the sales of album is not just because it’s directly liked to a scandal. I can prove this with so many other artists (and I am talking about Japan!) but what does it matter? I am still to be blamed, right? xD

    Sorry for taking up so much of your space! I couldn’t help but shed some light into this. People will still bash and I won’t be replying to any of them, so I apologise to you in advance! Love you and take care~ ❤

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      1. Well because it has come to the fans’ attention that HJ has planned to not renew his contract with KE after MS. Also, there are speculations about the relationship between BYJ and HJ. There was a rumour in early May 2014 or so that while in Jeju, BYJ and KHJ had a strange and cold atmosphere between them.
        Recently, KE released a statement saying KSH had saved their company as 70% of their earnings was from him last year, completely ignoring Hyun Joong who did a major tour, released albums as well. Not to mention, he was the highest tax payer of the country in 2014. Clearly Hyun Joong earned a lot of money, but KE has decided to damage his already damaged reputation. BYJ also said that he is releasing his own news in order to save Hyun Joong. He said he’s sacrificing himself so he could save Hyun Joong’s reputation. Funnily, the only time he releases ANY news about himself is when Lawyer Lee or his parents reveal information or give an interview. There is a laundry list of events that I can give you when KE has been apparent in their plans. But then again, it would be like a blog post instead of a comment. XD LOL! Have a good day, my friend! ^^

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        1. Hi Nixie,

          Sorry for replying late…

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts… Well!!! I agree with each and every word you said…

          I just came up with this article to make sure fans shouldn’t misunderstand their co-fans…

          Let me make a request, please do not tag or bully your fellow Henecians and TripleS… Really it sounds Kiddish? Don’t forget we are all one big family, we are trying hard to support Hyun Joong in some or other way, only the Opinion matters, and the path we choose differs…. But in the end, we all are doing it for our ONLY ONE….

          People who support Boycott are making sure to let Media know beforehand, if it’s that, then I think there is no wrong in proceeding with Boycott, if else we should think wiser…

          Whatever it is, let us not forget, HJ fandom is well known for its unity and for the matured way they act. Let us be more matured… Let us be together and fly high as those stars on the sky…

          KHJ & Fandom… Together Forever!!!

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  2. This video clip of Kim Hyun Joong says it all…! What would “HE” feel from all of this contention? How do you think this would make “HIM” feel? His tears say it all here. Please, let us support “HIM and HIS MUSIC”! He worked so hard, let us continue to give HIM our support.

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  3. Well said Nixie you explain well our reasons. Now I am going to take this site that is impartial and respectful to said MY opinion why I wouldn’t buy this album even without the boycott.

    Someone told me that she is a real fan because she buys and supports unconditionally his products, hey kudos, as for me this release it is simply an after thought. I know very well that the best if any artist is a compilation of the best but is this one the best of Hyun? For ME it is not. It is a recycled album of his hits without a doubt but his best no, and let me tell you why I think so.

    If you bought Imademo you will know very well that that album was made under care of Hyun from the mix to the excellent pictures for the cover. This best of does not have a new song or even a special version for his fans, the cover is a recycled old old pic and yet you think is his best? This album does not have his touch and you know why? Because he was depressed and in utter despair while these songs were mixed, he was in darkness with the cover was printed, his parents were desperately looking for help while the release was planned, and so for ME this album is a mockery to his work.

    So I will finish saying that if you think who cares if he cannot be an artist in SK and Japan is enough, let me remind you that Mr. Kim said that he is looking for his son’s honor to be restored even though it could cost him his career. Withouth Korea there is no Kim Hyun Joong, maybe it works for other artist but it won’t work for him.

    No names calling, no labels please this is my opinion and my two cents approval or reply is not needed. We all love him in our way, the fandom is in disagreement but not broken. Peace

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  4. Thanks a lot for your words. They describe exactly why I think. It`s so nice to read a mature and good opinnion about this fact.

    Sorry but I took your article and translated into Spanish in order to share it at my facebook page.

    Thanks again for your words.

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