Kim Hyun Joong (God’s Strongest Soldiers’)


Each time when Choi reveals proofs, some or other way many questions are raising, cause form back then 2014 till now she has never given a proper or real proof…..  After reading the above news, I had many questions, let me share it…

Question 1

*If the reporter had collected ultrasound pics and revealed it, will Choi keep mum? I don’t think so; I feel Choi would have provided these pics to Dispatch…. Remember, once Atty Lee said when he tried to contact the hospital they said they cannot provide details about the patient without their presence… So in that case, how can a reporter get ultrasound pics?

Question 2

*On June 3rd (Trial), why didn’t Choi camp provide proper evidence, as per Choi she was miscarried last year, but in MED. report there was no record of her being hurt on stomach nor about her miscarried drama…  (Atty Lee raised this question, still there isn’t proper answer)

Question 3

*Media was able to collect bunch of ultrasound pics, But Choi refused to provide ultrasound pic to either Atty Lee/ HJ parents or at court?
Shouldn’t she provide a proper ultrasound if she is really pregnant? The one which she provided has discrepancies in date and time?
As per Atty Lee and Hyun Joong’s parents
“The time recorded on the sonogram pictures and the time Ms. Choi went in for checkup differs and her name isn’t present on the pictures.” “The only proof she has only provided is, text messages between Kim Hyun Joong and herself for pregnancy. Moreover the text messages she showed were edited the times weren’t properly marked.”
“When she visited the hospital on March 2015, she went in around 10:40 a.m., and her consultation ended around 11 a.m., but the time on the ultrasound pic is marked 11:20 a.m.”

Question 4

* The ultrasound pic which Choi provided didn’t have her name, when Hyun Joong mom visited hospital and counselled with other pregnant women’s their name was present on ultrasound pics…
If the names are present for others, wouldn’t the hospital follow same pattern for all? Why for Choi alone name is missing?

Question 5

*The lawyer which KE provided for Hyun Joong last year said, “Comfort Choi and take care of her until Dec”,  Will any lawyer tell this?

What are lawyers for? They should defend, provide the real facts and should fight for their client no matter what till the very end… But what did KE lawyer do? Nothing
And when it comes to apology letter, KE / lawyer never tend to make an effort to defend Hyun Joong, which made people to conclude Hyun Joong apologized cause of Guilt, but isn’t Choi the one who wrote each and every word in apology letter?Everything is still in a ‘?’

Question 6

*When reporters asked about the evidence to Choi’s lawyer, he said,

“There are other ways, beside medical records, to prove pregnancy; witness a friend who knows about her pregnancy and the text message which was exchanged… LOL, I couldn’t control my laugh….
Is he really a lawyer? I don’t think so?

Question 7

*As per Atty Lee Choi impregnation date is Dec 21st, Likewise, Choi lawyer said her client impregnation date is 21st….

*To Hyun Joong she informed about pregnancy on Jan 3, 2015, and shared ultrasound pic via SNS by claiming she was five weeks pregnant (Suspecting: If her impregnation date is Dec 21st, then by Jan 3rd she should be two weeks pregnant and not five weeks, if it is two week, can an ultrasound be taken?)

*Feb 16 she said to dispatch she was 10 weeks pregnant and on Feb 24 her lawyer stated Choi was 16 Weeks pregnant that is 4 months. If so, how will the due date be on Sept (by sept is it 11 months)?


My Views
Now it’s clear that Hyun Joong never reconciled with Choi, hope haters have received an answer…

Choi is the one who got back with Hyun Joong, she was the one who received money, and she was the one who said they can apart on December…

She revealed her pregnancy and now ultrasound pics to dispatch, but she is not letting either Hyun Joong or his parents to know about her pregnancy or medical reports… Truly speaking, to whom should Choi speak about pregnancy, HJ/Parent or Dispatch?

Choi lawyer is confident that baby belongs to Hyun Joong, which sounds weird…
If they are very much sure, why aren’t they providing MED. Certificate, why aren’t they waiting until September, which suspects that, Is Choi really pregnant?
From day one Hyun Joong his parents and Atty Lee are saying, “If Baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s then he will take full responsibility” Shouldn’t this be ended long back as Hyun Joong already answered….? Choi filed lawsuit and sued for 1.6 billion for psychological damage, why not for alleged abuse or miscarriage, so it’s clear she herself is not sure about any of it? Only money matters, she needs MONEY; she made Hyun Joong to fall on her trap by knowing his innocence… From day this women is just LYING and MANIPULATING!!!

We’ll wait for July 22nd (Second Trial), the day when all questions will be answered…


Let me end by telling,

Sooner or later the truth will come out; already the non-fans have started to question and suspect Choi… There is no doubt Choi and the people who are involved in this will find their right place…

The fandom as always been the biggest strength for Hyun Joong and his parents… Let us hold our hands even more tighter this time… Let us always remember this is just a temporary test which is given by GOD to his strongest soldiers…

“Let us win the battle and show the world ‘WE ARE GOD’S STRONGEST SOLDIERS’

 Truth Prevails!!!!  Together Forever!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits:Owner(Taken from Internet)

3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (God’s Strongest Soldiers’)

  1. Trust in Lord Jesus Christ, He knows about you from beginning to end. He will uphold you. Only believe Him, Who alone is very present help in time of trouble. I am praying for you and your family.


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