Kim Hyun Joong (I’ll be there)

From day one, the nightmare started we each and every fans started to promise

I will be there with you Hyun Joong till the very end

Many said we fans are STUPID, NOT MATURED, DELUSIONAL and so on… Still we were the same, the same OLD & LOYAL fans, we trusted Hyun Joong and now I wanted to ask each and every one who said we are not matured, we support him blindly…….

Hope the truth and the facts which are coming out one by one via Atty Lee tells how Choi has manipulated to destroy Hyun Joong’s reputation… So weren’t we correct? We did not support him blindly; the fact is “We know him better than YOU”…

“Thank You Atty Lee for the tireless work, a mere thank you will never equalize because as the days pass we feel happier than before, the truth is been revealed one by one”

Atty Lee told Daily Sports

Last year we handed Ms. Choi 600 MW for her claim that she was physically abused while she was pregnant. But the pregnancy and the abuse were to be false and so we’re suing for the 600 MW in damages. At the time of the compromise, the two agreed to pay 600 MW as a penalty if the incident is leaked to public. Because Ms. Choi broke this agreement even after receiving monetary money, we added on the penalty of an additional 600MW which makes the total 1.2 billion.

Aside from the 1.2 BW, Kim Hyun Joong is suing for damages he experienced due to his name being tainted from the incident and having his advertisements and TV gigs cancelled. His current agency has requested for evidence that proves the actual financial damages Kim Hyun Joong has suffered thus far from the incident.


My Tweets

When the OBS interview came out I tweeted

When Atty lee was able to find all the facts within two to three months, why not KE lawyer? What he did last year?

I know this is the question which is been raised by everyone, but for now we can only wait by just telling

“Like Choi KE will get their chance to speak out and answer, “why dint they never tend to take a step last year to protect Hyun Joong?”


Two weeks before I tweeted “Am not asking you to support Hyun Joong but “Stand for the Truth – Media””

Media – It is something that people from all over the world believe, people believe that media reports only the truth…

Am not blaming them, but they made statement by just assuming and by hearing words from one side, which made Hyun Joong as an abuser in front of Public…

Media should be careful because sometimes their words become more poisonous … people who have caused the mental harm for Hyun Joong should pay the price for what they have done…

Wake up media start to publish all the Interviews of Att Lee… “STAND FOR TRUTH”

When media started to publish articles with unproven news, not only Hyun Joong the fans were equally hurt and we could never forget the days we got hurt more than anyone, it was more deadly…

Whatever it is we have never stepped back from our decision – “Supporting Hyun Joong”, hope everyone are now very clear that Kim Hyun Joong’s fandom are, “Always happy because we are ONE, we have come to know how strong we are when we stand TOGETHER… We rely on one person warm stretched hand, and there is nothing for us like


Whatever media speaks we have never bothered, and there are fans who tirelessly posted the facts and Atty LEE’s interview in the comment box of all the articles which was been published by media outlets…


Our Love and Support – NO END

There are many who has cracked jokes, mocked us telling

“Going back of an abuser?” – No proper proof, No proper research but concluded as an abuser, how pathetic?

Anyways we have never bothered about others saying, this how we are

We only got Hyun Joong inside our mind; we pray each and every day that he should always be happy… Our heart couldn’t bare the pain he has went through, “We will always stay right beside him”

We could never deny the fact, it’s

KIM HYUN JOONG” -> this is what we write, speak and we keep posting…

It’s because he has done so much for us and he has impacted many of our life, we always wanted to thank him for that, Kim Hyun Joong he is such an amazing person and we often find ourselves looking up, we feel proud of him…


To Kim Hyun Joong,

Hope you’re doing good at Paju… Never forget we are here for you thinking about you every day…

We will be that person who will stand by and stick up for you and if someone hurts you, we will never hesitate to go chase them and make them regret… lol

Hope you know what our love means to you, we have not been like this for anyone before… At end of the day if you feel hard then just look at the moon we’ll be watching by telling “It’s OAKY”

We are here with you to turn your night into day, even if you whisper how painful your day was we can understand and we’ll come to you with open arms to just comfort you…  Take Care…

I wanted to end by telling,

Truth can never be buried; whether it is pretty or heinous doesn’t matter, it will come out into the world in some or other way.

Second hearing is on July 22nd let us wait… Truth Prevails!!!


Hope some media outlets have started to use their brains, they have published about lawsuit filed by Hyun Joong, Thank You!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

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