Kim Hyun Joong (Nothing is gonna stop us now – Together we are stronger)

When Choi came up with other set of lies, I Just IGNORED… We already know there’ll be media play, because

*Choi proof, so-called TEXT MESSAGES was not considered as EVIDENCE at first as well as second hearing.

* Choi and her Atty were silent at court is because they very well know (Hyun Joong’s) Atty Lee had enough proof and if they speak they would be cornered.

* There silence and manipulated text messages (no med cert) left a question for every fan and non-fans…

So at this point what can a LIAR who does not have proper med. Cert can do to gain public sympathy… REVEALING FAKE MADE UP STORIES, EDITED MESSAGES, what else? Yes, she did as expected…..

Like Choi there are many brainless media outlets who publish for sake of money… Hope these media outlets do not know what is MEDAI FOR? I was really shocked to see the BITS of Hyun Joong’s father Interview which made public to think – seeks sympathy…. “MEDIA should really be ASHAMED for not STANDING FOR TRUTH and for not PUBLISHING THE REAL FACTS”… Now it’s very clear

“WORLD has many CHOI who doesn’t care about a person life, feelings nothing, all they want is MONEY – Gold Diggers”



Don’t do what you do not want others to do to you

I do not want to speak about the text messages or the statements which Choi has given, because if we take a deeper look the dates which she has mentioned and her words does not match – untruthful… So just making a STOP…

I want to ask Choi as well as the Media and the person who is backing up Choi

“Why do you do the things which you do not want others to do to you?”

Only Criminals and people who do not have heart will hurt the people who are around them without a second thought, and now, I couldn’t conclude who is criminal here? Who is behind Choi, Media or ?

Whoever it is never forget, you’re not RUINING a single person but a family, you’re not HURTING a single person but a million of people (Fans)…

Will you hold a red hot iron is because someone is asking you to hold it, and will you ask someone to hold the red hot iron to fulfil your happiness, needs? Will you? God’s children will never do such things…. Hope you’re an evil…….

Choi LIAR: The saddest part is, one can easily destroy a person, if you decide to destroy then it will not even take a day – “The easiest thing in this world”… Choi born liar is just repeating her lies again and again sometimes she doesn’t know what is she actually speaking about… At first the LIAR said she was been assaulted, later she herself revealed that she is pregnant and currently carrying Hyun Joong’s child, later said she miscarried her child due to assault, when we thought it was the end of her drama, she once again came up with abortion story… LOL what more? Is anything left? No wonder, let’s be ready next time when she reveals the proof so-called text messages she might tell, June to December 2014 every month she got pregnant and aborted…..

She said she was ashamed of herself for being pregnant before marriage, and she was ashamed to reveal about her pregnancy and miscarriage which happened last year…  Hope she is no more ashamed and now she is ready to claim she was 10 times pregnant in 10 months… Lol

Who is stopping her from submitting evidence, who is stopping her from proving herself as a victim, why is she not submitting any proof, for past one year she has never provided any valid proof other than text messages….

The LIAR said on July 30

What is important here is that only 3 days after I received the abortion, on July 10, Kim Hyun Joong assaulted me. Kim Hyun Joong brought over a female celebrity ‘J’ to his home. I went to visit him with a friend of mine, and caught the two of them

On August 3

I spent most of my time at Kim Hyun Joong’s place and took care of my body. Kim Hyun Joong called over a female star that day and [having thought that I had gone home] he was shocked so he got violent.”

If am not wrong I remember Choi side claiming, Choi and her sister found Hyun Joong with J when they were back from grocery shop…. (Is she trying to confuse people? Or she has confused herself? Choi better write down your story in a diary, next time when you reveal something you can check and tell accordingly… Lol)

I even remember Choi side stating they have friend as witness and now friend has turned to be sister, so now they claim sister is Choi’s witness for her pregnancy… (Might be Choi friend would have backed off looking at Atty Lee – Let’s back off instead standing inside the cell)

Breaking the latch and entering home, I couldn’t imagine what king of women she would be? (Who on earth will like to date a women like Choi)

Choi has stated “[Lee Jae Man] asked why I revealed the texts to the media; it’s the same as Lee giving an interview for the press. So the attorney can talk to the media and I can only talk in court?”  (Lol, this LIAR is really making me to laugh, what she will do if Atty Lee asks the same question, wasn’t she the one who always went to media, keeping her mouth shut at court revealing trash to dispatch, and pointing Atty Lee who is trying to defend Hyun Joong)

What is surprising me here is, Choi’s camp said they ‘ll sue Atty Lee for libel, my God, the one who should be sued for libel is Choi and her dumb lawyer who always reveals text message to defame a person… It is already a year and even once from Hyun Joong’s side they have never revealed things related to Choi not even her name… Hope this is why she speaks a lot, revealing her identity will make her to shut her mouth and sit at a corner…… Lol

If someone asks me I’ll tell Choi should “SUE HERSELF” for her character before suing others… Lol


Media PLAY: Last year, the source from the police department stated, “To substantiate KHJ’s assault allegation, everything is vague. There is no evidence except A’s statement”

The evidence which were submitted by Choi (Bruises pic, medical report) to police turned out to be unacceptable one and they said “NO RIGHTS TO SUE”; police never accepted the evidence to be real and police did not find any proper evidence other than Choi’s claim…

Therefore Choi’s evidence weren’t proved, but media never bothered to reveal the truth indeed they said Choi dropped the charges she filed… Media’s role was bigger; they published one side article and false articles which turned out to mislead the public… “UNTIL NOW MEDAI DOES THE SAME – MISLEADING PUBLIC”

Funniest part is till now Choi is speaking about the alleged assault and MEDAI is helping her, until now even once the words from police department have never been published….  So therefore it is very clear media is not interested to reveal/search the truth….

If someone asks me I’ll tell Media should “SUE THEMSELF” for supporting a liar, for not letting world to know the real facts – not doing justice to work…..

And people (Haters) who are been misled by media, Please respect Hyun Joong’s family, never forget Hyun Joong as a public figure bares a millions times bigger pain than what you all think and equally his parents are going through… Just because he is not speaking, just because he is at army doesn’t mean his heart doesn’t cry… And just because he stands stronger before everyone doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong -and he is doing well – Silence is his STRENGTH. He hides everything deep inside his heart….

Let’s think how much weight our words carry before speaking about others… Hyun Joong, His dream – has never allowed him to sleep, he succeed by patience, sacrifice, hardworking and so on… If it was me, if it was you, we would have QUIT at one stage…. But Hyun Joong he kept going, he made brave steps, when many doubted him his answer was ‘WAIT & WATCH’ and yes he succeeded he became one of the top Idol…  Let’s not ruin it…

As a fan we know better what he is actually going through, I could never forget last year when this nightmare started; Hyun Joong read some hatred comments which led him into deep pain… I think you should know better before you start speaking, dig Kim Hyun Joong side as well…. Thank You….



Nothing is gonna stop us now – Together we are stronger

Our heart aches looking at these shits happening cause of a single women and her supporter… No matter what

“Nothing is gonna stop us, till the very end we will be the same loyal fans for our only one”

We will always be that fandom who’ll stand by Hyun Joong stick near him to bring a small curve on his face… And we will be that fandom even after 10 years when we meet; we’ll still remain with same LOVE and CARE…

Sometimes we might stay silent, it doesn’t mean we don’t care Hyun Joong anymore; it is “We care him, we support him quietly”

Above all, we will be an example for other fandoms, and I believe we are already one…. We have the best shoulders, we have the biggest heart – Hyun Joong will always be the STAR who will be deep inside our heart…..

People usually tell, we can never choose people like who should come into our life, who should stay with us, yes we agree, we can never choose…
But we can always choose the people whom we wanted to stay forever, right?

Then we (fandom) have chosen, its “Kim Hyun Joong”

We can understand how hard it would have been for Hyun Joong and his family, if not, a family will never speak about suicide, and we couldn’t imagine their pain – Heart breaking…

What can make them stronger?  What can we do?

I know we already support him in every way, but I think we should be little more louder where Hyun Joong and his family should hear that we each and every fan in the fandom keep telling

“We’ll be there with you when you feel you cannot move, We’ll be there with you when you fell “Let’s Stop”, We’ll be there with you when you feel frustrated, we’ll stand with you to face all the defeat, we’ share with you all the pains, and when everything ends we’ll still be beside you feeling PROUD and cheering you up – Unconditional love”


Let me end by telling,

Look at the sky Hyun Joong. You’re not alone fans around the world are with you – Supporting you, whispering your greatness, smiling quietly when you laugh and with dropping tear when you cry…. Little more to go let’s wait, like I always tell

Truth can never be buried; whether it is pretty or heinous doesn’t matter, it will come out into the world in some or other way


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

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4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Nothing is gonna stop us now – Together we are stronger)

  1. Thank you for this beautiful article. The thing is, we know who we support. The media is asking us to believe the lies of a woman we’ve never met, never heard of until last year. Or the man who blurts out everything he’s thinking. The man who’s told us every carefully constructed plan for his life and career. The one that many have had the privilage of knowing for the past 10 years or those like me…who fell in love with the smile of Yoon Jihoo only a few years ago and just absolutely had to know who was the man behind it..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lillian,

      Thank You for reading! The thing is, Media doesn’t care to reveal any truth. It doesn’t want to share his side of statement – which leads public to conclude fault is on HJ side,
      But now looking at all her Media play, people have started to stand on HJ side….
      But don’t know what makes/ who makes Media to stop releasing his side of facts/Interviews?
      Let’s wait, hope we’ll get an answer soon…

      Have a great day!!!


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