Kim Hyun Joong (Backing Off)

As we suspected there is someone involved and they are backing up Choi… Who is it?

Well! Though we have many answers lingering inside us, let’s wait, few more days to go, Atty Lee will bring everything to light, until now there are many facts which he has brought to the world which we have never thought – Hyun Joong has underwent and faced so many obstacles from last year…

Atty Lee from day one he took all responsibilities to clear Hyun Joong’s name and he is doing it until now… Thank God, if not Atty Lee then the truth would have never come out so early – which we could never imagine…

Yesterday Aug 11, Choi camp said they withdrew the lawsuit filed against Atty Lee, the reason could be

*Either Choi should have thought she might get gag order from court or she should have already got one

*She should have got scared looking at the way Atty Lee defending Hyun Joong and the Fandom support

*She should have realized – providing text message will back fire Choi and not Hyun Joong, Because this time it is not KE lawyer but Atty Lee who is standing back of Hyun Joong to bring the truth out.

Last year Choi did got money 600MW from Hyun Joong but still maintained telling she did not receive a penny from Hyun Joong and Media supported… The alleged abused case she filed against Hyun Joong was closed – No Rights To Sue, but she did maintained telling she withdrew the case because of love and media helped, and now Choi starts with another act telling she retract the lawsuit against Atty Lee and Media is helping (My thought)


When Choi have RIGHTS to speak up why not Hyun Joong

Choi’s side said “They filed lawsuit against Lee Jae Man, for libel, he swayed the general public’s sentiments to view her as a gold digger and blackmailer through various interviews and comments made to the press”

At first

*Who started all these Media Play?

*Who went and showed all the trash worthless proof to media

*Who manipulated the stories each time while releasing statement via media?

Isn’t it Choi, the one who swayed the public by releasing fake proofs and made them to think Hyun Joong as an abuser?

And now when Atty Lee speaks about the hidden truth, she is fearful…

Choi said she had abortion on Dec 7,2014, if that is the case then a women who gets abortion will definitely needs rest, at least she’ll need a week to fully recover… But Ms.Choi demanded for clothes from Hyun Joong after abortion, so is she that healthy to go hangout with Hyun Joong for shopping… What is this called, Fraud?

Girl who always demand for expensive accessories…. What is it called, Gold Digger? If Choi had ever loved Hyun Joong she would have never asked for expensive things or 1.6MW to buy house etc., Love is not money, it’s something above that!!!

Receiving money telling she was pregnant when she was actually not, each time telling she will expose about miscarriage which never happened at first place, gave media the fake proofs even after getting money… what is this called, Blackmail?

Choi lawyer said” Atty Lee made personal attacks against our client using words like ‘blackmail’, ‘threat’, and ‘fraud’. “

I wanted to correct Choi’s lawyer, why should Atty Lee tell her as a Blackmailer or Gold Digger; it is Choi’s act against Hyun Joong which has gained all these names for her, Atty Lee just proved it with the med cert. isn’t it?

Choi is the one who has actually given mental and physical harm for Hyun Joong , she did media play made Hyun Joong as an abuser before public….

And now when Atty Lee defends Hyun Joong strongly after each and every interview of Choi to dispatch, she wants Atty Lee to refrain from releasing news or his side of statement… Lol

This why I asked in my previous article, Choi

“Why do you do the things which you do not want other to do to you?”

Looking at Choi’s yesterday statement is it very clear she is “Backing Off”, when a girl who has never shown her face out but speaks all trash to ruin a person life, why can’t that person defend him… A coward will only hide; they are the one who’ll be scared thinking they might get caught when lies get exposed; Choi or whoever is – COWARD…

Whatever it is, Atty Lee and Hyun Joong will “FACE AND FINISH THEM”, waiting!!!


Supporters Increased – Hyun Joong support has increased there are many non-fans who have started to support Hyun Joong…. Netizens have started to apologize to Hyun Joong… This is really amazing! Thanks to Atty Lee!!!

Hyun Joong is someone who is funny, cute, straight forward, he never had problem of being straight forward, he speaks whatever he gets in his mind, which usually brings out his 4D character… What makes me to wonder is, people will start to follow an Idol by looking at their talent/looks, but here in Hyun Joong’s fandom, each and every fan girl has their own story for which they keep following him… He has inspired every fan…. A unique person, there can never be a copy of him even after decades…

That’s why when it comes to fandom it is Hyun Joong’s fandom which stands taller and fly higher, cause they are not delusional, crazy… Their love is true!!! …


Last year when Hyun Joong was blamed for alleged act, until now whenever he felt his life is left dry/ dark, his fans stood, they went knocked Hyun Joong’s door when he needed help… They did everything to cheer him up, they shared every fact which media never attempted to publish, they spoke for him, they sometimes had arguments, moreover the international fans started to comment on Korean sites – which will really make Hyun Joong and his family feel better and Media will also know that people are following the news….. A very big Appreciation to the Fandom!

Everyone in the fandom are thousand miles away, distance doesn’t matters them, they just come stand there, near Hyun Joong when he feels lonely, they know time gets hard, time doesn’t be same, whatever it is they believe and stay with each other – They are amazing!!!


Let me end by telling,

“Even after hundred years the road which Hyun Joong and Fandom makes will never get faded, it will never be forgotten”

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Backing Off)

  1. Loved it! Excellent you just wrote down what is inside my heart and I bet thousands of Henecias feel the same. We simpky love him, the real love, the love that supports, understands, criticizes but sticks by no matter what, love is an act of faithfully choosing your loved one, and we Henecias chose him, fighting and may justice prevail and the truth shines for alk to see.

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  2. I think i know who,but i cant tell now until it gets proven. They maybe took him as a threat on their career as he get famous as years passing by, .and loved more deeply by fans. Thats why they’re trying to erase his name in entertainment industry. They’re so cruel. Khj mustn’t trust even close friends whom he think are real. May God punish them as soon as they expected.

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    1. I wanna give a guess but later. As what u said above, I so agreed. That ‘ person’ feel his popularity hs been overshadowed by HJ and maybe his fans already swing their love to HJ since HJ is so talented compared to him. Fans especially Japanese fans love HJ so much coz HJ is so entertain compared to boring actor guy who only know acting. Hj even has grabbed a lot of international fans around the world. They had noticed this along the time especially when HJ’s album sales was always in the top of the chart.

      If my guess is true that particular guy is really cruel. Me at first doesn’t believe it when some fans talking abt him but now after all the crap happened lately, I come to understand the situation. Wow, what a cruel world of SK entertainment. Now we can see the brighter pic bit by bit.

      I pray Hj, Mr. LJM team and HJ’s family can endure these saga until the end and may GOD give them and us the justice we need. Those people must be punished for their sins.

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  3. So TRUE!! We stand by his side, we love him. we support him, we forgive him, we believe him, we follow him, we give ourselves a chance to understand him in the situation because we simply KNOW him, we aware of him, we certain that he is what he is, he’s Hyunjoong that we recognize for over his 10 years in the entertaintment that he is truly to himself, blatantly honest, a man with his words!!

    No doubt we are so true which until now all he said abt the case has never change. People have seen it and change their view on him. Im so proud of him. So proud being his fans. Its worth it my life who never bother to any artist even in my own country.

    Sometimes I feel myself weird but he really give me a strength, a hope, cheerish, love inside me that make me love myself more than before. Knowing HJ make me forget those obstacles that had ruined in my life. Am so grateful meeting him and. always thought God made me know him for a reason.

    Thank you for the writes up. Yeah its really worth it. I love Hyunjoong. I love myself. I love u and all our sisters who love Hyunjoong aound the world. May God bless us always!

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  4. Thanks Maha Henecia for sharing this great article. I’m a boy who is a great fan of HJ. I accidentally saw break down song and i was impressed by his voice. I watched 3-4 Mv’s of him. After 6 months I came across an article about KHJ’s scandal. The article was unbelievable but I thought it might be true because I don’t know anything about him. The support of his fans challenged me and i wondered what makes them to support him blindly. After reading so many comments of his fans I really dont know whom i should believe. It was a cliff hanger. So i decided to dig more about the case. The more i started to know about it the more i trusted HJ. I can clearly say that it is a cooked up story from Ms. Choi to destroy HJ’s reputation. Whenever HJ’s side provides evidences she always throws out text messages to media. If she is truthful why cant she produce all proper evidences like med cert to the court and end this case. Causing defamation and trying to get money from his fans is really pathetic. No one will dare to date a girl like her. I wish HJ’s lawyer will tear up the real face of that choi and bring justice to HJ. His fans never failed to believe him and Now I really feel happy to be part of such a great fandom. Though I’m boy I still like to continue my support to HJ. As long as we are backing KHJ no one can touch him. #supportKHJ

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    1. Very well said. .i can feel your sincerity.
      To be a fan of him have no age limit,gender,status,race or language differences. We still unite as one for our Only One coz our hearts beat the same passion,to love and support KHJ for the rest of our lives.
      We have to show them what is Henecia for. Choi was just a loser who cant accept rejection from someone who already fall out of love on her.,and whoever that someone behind her was just a person that afraid for his achievements and fame to get surpass by Kim Hyun Joong. They are just using each other for their own benefits. These kind of people should rot in jail.

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    2. Hi Sid,

      Thank You for Reading! That’s Cool, couldn’t agree more and I’m totally impressed the way you wrote… Welcome to the Big Family!!! Let us support HJ together!!!

      Have a great day!!!


  5. Thank you Maha Henecia for the article..I’m Kim Hyun Joong fan here in Cagayan de Oro Philippines. I became a fan of khj for 2 months since i saw a his Kiss Kiss music video.. I known him before in a series BOF but he did not catch my attention at that time (2009). For 2 months I’m also reading and follows every details for his on going case against his ex girlfriend. At first, I am so shocked but when I found out how he gain so muh love from his fans all over the world, I really cried, though I don’t know him personally, I always include him in my prayers everyday, that all this storms happening to hm now will be over. I’m sad for that Ms. Choi..hope she realize the mess she did not only to KHJ’s life but to her life as well..I’ve heard also that shes pregnant, hope she thinks the welfare of her baby rather than ruining it. I know all Khj fans out there loves him so much. I hope one fine day, we can gather into one place and meet all with our beloved KIM HYUN JOONG. God bless us all and yes we will never leave KHJ.. #SUPPORTKHJTILLTHEEND

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  6. I hv been fan of u frm 2009 love ur 4d nature too ,, ur a person tht love s to work ,, i hv seen ur transformation s following all stuff of urs
    A small thing dont believe any one bindly is the lesson u got from ur life on this incident of miss choi.
    I hope all our support brings he back with all fllyying colours and his smile mainly and love his stage appearance waiting for him to cum back more stongr than before and more powerfull perfomances than before , ur unbreakable khj , u hv done lot of hardwork , so be happy stay safe ,, i dont believe ms choi s words ,i hv read all ur interviews all i got to knw is ur closed person , who wants to keep all ur personal life private and i appreciate tht too ,, think positvly saty health and safe for us , for the ppl who love u , ur mom and dad and ever body and for ur family of henecies

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  7. You have written very well….. As said in above comments all henecia feel the same because their minds think same for KHJ. Good luck for Kim Hyun Joong and Atty Lee

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