Kim Hyun Joong (You & Me – Never Ending Love)

On 26/8 Wednesday, there was a message from Kim Hyun Joong – Japan mobile site update,

“What can I do that I cannot come on TV? Because you cannot see me, please don’t say Bye – Bye!”

Like everyone my day started very good, hearing Hyun Joong’s voice message I was boosted up more – how can I not? Fears were lingering inside us due to the sign of war between NK and SK – but thank GOD it all got set with an agreement between two countries and our tension reduced…  His voice message really made us happy after all this tension…

After a big smile, once again I read his message and I was like – wait! Did he tell, BYE – BYE…? Is he joking?

Later, I do not know why I questioned myself like, “will I ever tell BYE to this man?” –  Thoughts started to bulk my head, I was wondering when Hyun Joong became a part of my life, I felt I should speak from my heart, bear with me I’ll use this space – let me share my words…



Hyun Joong when I first met him I felt he was just an entertainer, what‘s so special about him… Like I have already said, when I started to watch BOF I liked Hyun Joong, never at that time I thought I’ll become a fan of him, I’ll speak about him, I’ll share about him, I’ll defend him…

Time passed and my love on him increased,

Life went on!!! Days passed!!! My addiction towards Hyun Joong increased – I admired for who he was!!!

I felt like a monster devouring Hyun  Joong music/shows, I was always hungry, I never made a stop, when I played one of his song – my hands automatically played the next one, when I watched one of his show – my hands automatically searched for next – my heart was asking more and more… I was exhilarated with the power I received by his music/shows…

Everything was fine, to be honest I loved the magic which he created inside me, nobody can understand the depth of my joy and the extent of my happiness which Hyun Joong created with his lovely voice unless they themselves go through what I just had.

Life is actually a celebration, you don’t need an occasion to make others feel good – I felt this boy has born to give that kind of feel.

Gradually I started to share/speak about Hyun Joong with my friends and colleagues; sometimes I shared some of his songs and made them to listen… Many got attracted by his 4dness….I felt proud being fan of him… Things were going good until the nightmare broke out …


Nightmare- Well, at that time so many questions popped out, many if’s and but’s were raised and it was answered between us (Fan and non-fan). So many views were brought in and debated. I did not know why I spoke for Hyun Joong, why I defended him; why I opposed many non-fans and their views towards the nightmare – which I have never done before in my life… Until now, never once I regretted because – I know what I did and what I do, I was right, I know him, I understand him, I trust him – I said to myself if someone calls you ‘lunatic’, let them do and many times I did answered them – yes I’m mad and I do not want to wake up from this world – Hyun Joong’s world which has always been with me in every happy and sad days… Last year august many public words did hurt me and looking at some people comments, I remembered a slogan “If you can’t convince, just confuse”…..I felt like shouting out

If all that I read about you (Hyun Joong) upsets me, I can understand they’ll upset you hundred times more…. – the ache in my heart did not reduce, everything I read made me sad, though I thought and I did prayed this all should be a dream and when I wake up everything should get vanished – nothing happened, false talk rang out everywhere and my pain increased, …

I still remember, one night on last September I sat on my bed I was thinking about Hyun Joong – the way he strived to prove himself, the way he propelled forward and pushed him harder and harder whatever it was…. For him there was no next time, he climbed every mountain, mountain of different kind without complains… The dreams in his eyes and hopes in his heart – I remembered each and everything; the thoughts formed a lump in my throat.


I was annoyed; people out there who does big mistake are unnoticed and is because Hyun Joong is a public figure he is going through all shits … The pain which I felt was almost physical. I felt like there was someone inside my heart digging out little bits of it with a blade and throwing it away….. Where ever I go (sites) Hyun Joong name was mentioned – At that moment I realized life is unpredictable and it could take unexpected turn anytime.

Once again I said,

If all that I read about you (Hyun Joong) upsets me, I can understand they’ll upset you hundred times more….

I strongly believed there was something hidden behind the nightmare, but at that time it did not matter me, all my worries were somehow it should end, a third person like me who lives miles apart from Hyun Joong, who is not involved – feels such unbearable pain, I understood how much pain he would have had and equally his family… I never failed to pray GOD for him – my heart uttered, “Heal Hyun Joong’s pain… please! I know you can do that”

I started to tell, Hyun Joong If you don’t pull out the thorn the wound will get worser and worser, just go fight… Hope even he felt the same he would have felt like, ending everything and to not have this situation anymore….

Like I wished, like million fans wished

Every fact came out, Atty Lee entered into action, we got a clear picture like what really happened and what a women was Choi…

Though I felt happy to see Hyun Joong name clearing up same time I was equally anger on Choi and the people behind her – anyways there is no one who cares about the person who does not exist in this world, Choi comes under that – non-existent category….

So only little more to go, Truth will always win over the forces of evil!!!


Let me end by telling,

Like I said above, I do not know how all these started, but I wanted to stay with and cherish every moment with this alien family…..

I believe each day in our life is a gift to be truly cherished. If you do not laugh for a day, then you have wasted that day of your life on earth – I’m always thankful to our Uzoosin for making me laugh even when am tired, defeated and broken….

I also learnt from Hyun Joong, “You have to do what is right for you even if it hurts” and therefore I thought I should stun everyone including myself in whatever I do…

I wanted to tell Hyun Joong,

“Times everyone in life will need a strong person who acts as an anchor for you, someone who will be there for you, lead you on and never let you down, a person whom you can trust blindly” – yes like me there are million fans , we will be that person – hope our words and our support will always reassure you….

“We will never say BYE to you our Alien Prince”

The faith which we have and which we have carried for past 10 years is what has created a miracle between us, the world (Hyun Joong and Fandom) which we live is really the best place and it is always surrounded by love, caring and acceptance …

The past one year we did faced many obstacles and within a glimpse time separated us for two years…. I think we should take this as a challenge, a test, when we start our travel once again on Feb 2017 there is no doubt we’ll be passing every step with flying colors…

We owe you a lot, for the time and love which you have given us even without considering your health, you did it all for US – only US, it will always be the best gift which we have ever received in our life….

Thank You once again, here we are for you always….

Together Forever!!!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

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