Kim Hyun Joong (Paternity Suit but not Paternity Test ???!!!)

Well everyone knows, today morning dispatch released the news – “Choi has already delivered her baby”…

It’s really good news and we Hyun Joong’s fan were actually waiting for her to deliver her baby because – DNA test will be taken and that’s it – everything will get clear/over – Choi true color will get revealed…


Speak something intelligent/truthfully rather being stupid – Choi

As usual Choi side is not clear – Doubts Rising

Speak something intelligent/truthfully rather being stupid Choi and her Camp– people are watching from the beginning….

* When reporters asked Choi lawyer about her delivery date earlier this month- he ignored answering it…

But now her lawyer states Choi has already given birth earlier this month…  Why did they hide? What made them to wait for a week?

* Yesterday, 9 September, It was said Hyun Joong will not be taking his army leave this month and he has postponed it…

All of the sudden the next day 10 September, Choi side revealed about the delivery – after keeping it as a secret for a week…

*If there is a baby why are they still not revealing the exact birth date and Gender?

* Aug 11, 2015 – Choi lawyer said “Kim Hyun Joong’s side should refrain from holding interviews with media”

But what have they done? Who reached media at first? Why did they again run to Dispatch without discussing with Kim’s family?

* If Choi already had delivered her baby earlier this month – why did they hide it from everyone including Kim’s family?

* Choi’s lawyer said, “Due to the public interest, we couldn’t say anything while she was in the hospital. We hope for your understanding.” –

It sounds bullshit, who brought all these paly to public at first place?

* Why is that Choi’s camp rushing for “Paternity Suit” rather than “paternity Test”, shouldn’t they go ahead and proceed with DNA test and finish it off?  Why are they dragging it once again?

* From day one Hyun Joong’s side said, “If the baby is confirmed to be Hyun Joong’s after a DNA test then he’ll take full responsibility” – What made Choi to go file a “Paternity Suit” when this was clearly stated from day one?

* Choi’s side had said, “For a paternity test to be done, the father’s side must give permission. However, since Kim Hyun Joong is refusing that, we will be filing a paternity suit.” – Let me ask a question here

Hyun Joong side is the one who were asking for Paternity test from beginning – in such case how will Kim Hyun Joong refuse it? And more over Hyun Joong is currently doing his Military Service – everyone knows that it is really hard to contact Hyun Joong or speak with him often, in that case many doubts whether Hyun Joong is aware of the child’s birth – but Choi side stated “Hyun Joong is refusing for Test”, which really Sound funny…


Now I Suspect:

When Choi had guts to submit all fabricated bruises pic, fake medical certificate, edited text message, Sonogram with no name and so on…

Can’t she once again come up with a fake DNA test result? Just asking….

Hope Atty Lee already has a better idea about her; he would have started to dig the time, date, hospital and so on… because there are many things which are said from Choi’s camp are not clear…

I wanted to tell Choi – Before complaining about others and before pointing out others for not taking your side just sit think why are you always failing to make them stand by your side… Many public out there are still not ready to shake heads for whatever you say… Better stop all your drama, don’t dig your own grave which is not good for you and your child if there is any because I still doubt….

Sorry for telling this but couldn’t stop me, “If I had a character like yours, I would have sued my parents.” lol…

Media – Once again they have proved it they are – Choi’s Friend… Lol

They had time to translate and publish whatever lawyer Sun Jong Moon said to dispatch via phone… What about Atty Lee’s response to Choi’s camp(statements)? Why still the media have not taken steps to translate and publish it?

So very clear – MEDIA trying to MISLEAD public as usual….

Keep speaking media hope someday you (media) will speak intelligently and shock people by clearing your by-names (Choi’s supporter/ Choi’s Friend and so on)…

 People who are misled by Media – just putting a question here

Still there is no proof that Hyun Joong is the biological father, Choi camp have not taken steps for the Test and they have not spoken about it… Let us think

Why is that even now Choi worries more about “Suing and Defamation” without caring her child which has just entered the world a week back…?

Why is she more concerned about money and killing Hyun Joong’s reputation rather taking a DNA test and finishing it off…? Just asking…

Think before reacting people…


Hyun Joong’s Fandom

As I always say “Hyun Joong’s fandom is really the best fandom”

You always do the best to show your support… There are many fans who have already started to comment on the below links to show their support for Hyun Joong and Atty Lee, let us all join them – let the truth come out..

Let’s show the world no one can dare to touch Hyun Joong until we all exist… Please Comment!!
















With all the questions above let me end by telling,

Hyun Joong let us struggle together and get rid of these problems entirely; everything will be fine absolutely fine… Stay strong… We are here for you…

May your future be blessed with peace, good things should get filled in your future and negative things that are happening should get faded away soon…

Together Forever!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet) and Thanks to Sana for the Info!!…

26 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Paternity Suit but not Paternity Test ???!!!)

  1. Very well said!!
    I guess media will never see the truth and continue to stand by her! Same with the haters!
    All that we can do is just stand by HJ and support him…
    World will know the truth one or other day then comes our time!
    And you are so much welcome unni I feel happy to share things… 🙂

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  2. Well said unni ….choi is digging her own grave ..just a money digger ..lair mountain. .choi just wait little bit ur gng to struggle alot for ur drama ..hyunee oppa we r with u forever ..let’s end it soon ..henecians fighting

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Maha … Thanks for sharing this beautiful article ….
    Well Dearest Hyun Joong …
    Whatever the DNA result may be …
    We are always by your side …
    We are equally responsible for it … Because we are all 1 family …
    We will always be Together & Forever …

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  4. Dear, good article as always. Can’r agree more of what u said. Choi, Seon and their allies are bunch of evil people trying all means just to ruin HJ reputation. They are satans in human sheild to be exact. I can feel Hj now, how he was been slandered saying he refused for paternity test of a baby and how Hj’s family feel when they were not told of the baby born. Damn that Bitchoi!! Really she is evilist villain i’ve ever known in this world. No word can describe her doings. I pray to GOD, HJ , Mr. Lee and Mr. Kim’s family will get through all these burdens smoothly and they will live happily ever without this evil Choi around them. And for Bitchoi and allies, I pray they will be served with maximum jail time according to what huge mess they hve done to HJ. God please listen to us! T_T

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  5. I would support him in all his lows also , if its his baby also i gonna support him , bcz i wanna say one thing to all henecies pls secure his career , his career is in his fans hands , he is hard working , neither choi nor some else cn destory him we are always thr to suppoert him , i gonna support . if we think logically she digging her own grave every bodie knows tht and tht sum media which supporting her also r digging there own grave , his fans are stong inaf to support him and stand with him for ever , be strong hyun , work more hard than before , think maturely than beore as u promised , cum back just waiting for u kim hyun joong fighting !!!!!

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  6. Thanks always for your articles.
    I don’t think the baby (if baby is) is from our HJ. We all know HJ loves babies. If he would have a baby (even with this evil), he would be here and be a very good father. But he always want DNA and he isn’t present here: he knows he is not the father.
    I hope to be clear: I have always difficulties with english!

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  7. I am always hyunjoong side what’s this issue now is not yet cleared if it’s hyunjoong child or this may false again…the fact that from the start all her statement are false I might thought that this will false again…for her to get sympathy to people..but you can’t fool us hyunjoong fans because our fate and support is more stronger we will never leave you no matter what.just be strong and pray and we your fans are praying also for your justice.keep in mind that your not alone and you will never be alone..God bless and take care..

    Liked by 1 person

  8. yes agree with every word you say..i would not wait week to tell the kim family their grandchild has born.. i would tell them right away the first moment i will know it going to happend and sure will ask to do the dna test right away to prove its realy hj baby.. why to wait??? for what??if u sure its hj baby then do that… what is there to argue?? to show what????? i just see she is evill bitch and stupied nothing more..if there is baby for real think on him..for 1 moment think of the baby.what he will learn on his mom in the futer????nothing good for sure..

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  9. Amazing article! I agree with everything you said here! She wants to drag things out by filing a paternity suit and create time for her. She is a criminal suspect for blackmail, felony and defamation! How much ever she tries, she cannot escape that. Baby or no baby, her title as a criminal suspect won’t change. By publishing it to the media, she is once again putting pressure on HJ so she can get the house she wanted along with the 1.6 billion won. The greediest creature I have ever had the displeasure to know! Unemployed and seasoned blackmailer. Not suitable to be a mother. She is the worst! Really, I would have sued my parents too LOLOLOL!!!
    I hope Hyun Joong’s family and him have the courage and support they need. I hope they know that his fans are ALWAYS there by his side. We spent 10 years with this guy. Seen him grow up into an amazing, respectable man. We have seen his kind gestures, his HUGE heart. A disgusting, vengeful person like Choi will NEVER be able to ruin that for us.
    Let’s continue commenting and supporting HJ with all we’ve got. He needs it the most now! Hwaiting!
    Once again, lovely article unnie! Thank you sooo much for this. Love you :*

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  10. Dear Maha, thank you so much. I really think, that we’re a family with same feelings and opinion. If you don’t mind, I’ll share your article on .

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  11. Makes me believe there is a chance the baby might not be his. If she believed it to be his, she would have had that paternity test by now. It’s all smoke and mirrors with this chick.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Agreeing with everyone here, she’s trying to paint herself as the victim again when we already know otherwise. She wants to deflect the attention off her breaking and entry, extortion and false accusations and make him the bad guy again. Attorney Lee will hopefully push for the pat test ASAP. As he said there’s no need to wait, results are available as early as the next day.

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  13. Is there any possibility the court would help her got what she claims without PT &DNA test??I think Seon pig ,Dispatch and the whore have planned so many ways to escape the DNA test after silence for weeks, maybe the fabricated documents reports are ready too .Thanks for a good article helping us organized what is Hyemiwhore trying to play through media ^^

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  14. en que fecha de diciembre ella lo siguio a Jeju, ya que si dio a luz a prinicipio de septiembre, quiere decir que a prinicipio de dic quedo embarazada, por lo que se, ellos estubieron 3 dias, lo que no sé es la fecha, me gustaria saber en que fecha nacio el bebe, ya que inicialmente decian que naceria el 13 de sept. lo que da como fecha de concepcion entre el 12 y el 16 de dic, pero como dicen que nacio a principio de mes da como fecha entre el 3 y el 7 de dicpor eso seria ideal saber bien la fecha en que estaban en jeju, eso seria la primera base para sacar sus mentiras…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Era no pasado el 20 de diciembre, sería al final de su ciglo de ovualation si deveras es tan puntual que supo inmediatamente el primer día que no le bajo su regla. Pero el bebe a nacido 10 días antes de su fecha, que se me hace bien sospechoso por ser su primero.

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  15. Good article! I hope Attorney Lee keeps a close eye on them. I still don’t understand why they can’t name the hospital and give an exact date of birth. That does not make sense to me. Unless, of course, they are hiding something. That can’t be it, now can it? (sarcasm) 🙂

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