Kim Hyun Joong (Why delaying PT (DNA)???)

September 17

Hyun Joong side holded a press conference to clear the rumour – “Hyun Joong refusing Paternity Test”

Atty Lee took the in charge and clarified the public doubts

* Shared pic – Hyun Joong taking DNA test

* Read a letter – which was written by Hyun Joong for fans and others….


Choi camp – Endless lies/ Manipulating words

Some people might point me and ask as – Hyun Joong’s fan you state your views blindly and your defending him …

Okay, let me clear, yes as a fan I wanted to defend Hyun Joong and I wanted to act as an anchor for him – but each time when I come up with something (doubts) non fans should understand why such doubts are rising for fans against Choi….

As per Choi’s camp – Choi has given birth on first week of September, but still she is hiding the exact birth date/time/hospital so on…. Moreover not ready for DNA test…

I understand her for hiding things from public but what is the purpose for her to hide all these information from Kim’s family?

If you ask me there can only be three reasons

1) No baby – Not pregnant (Mark my words she will send alleged baby pic via SNS and she will claim like how she did with sonogram pic)

2) Yet to deliver – need time

3) Baby isn’t Hyun Joong’s – she knew it

Let me explain why


September 10

Seon to dispatch – Choi delivered her baby early September, due to public interest we couldn’t tell anything…

 My Opinion – They sound like – they worry cause of public and so they have hided child’s birth… So therefore if they are more concern about public why should they reveal the child’s birth to dispatch at first?

 Seon to dispatch – Reporters were coming to hospital for interview, but we weren’t in a position to reveal due to public interest…

 My Opinion – As per Seon, either reporters would have known about Choi’s delivery or Choi been admitted at hospital…

If so – how come even a single media outlet did not speak about it… Media literally shows more interest and gives more importance to this case… Wouldn’t there been a news headline “Choi at hospital expecting her baby anytime” or “Choi delivered her baby but no more information said cause of public interest

But there wasn’t any news!!!

Seon to dispatch – Choi currently preparing paternity suit is because Hyun Joong refused paternity test…

 My Opinion – From day one when the alleged pregnancy was claimed by Choi until now the only thing which Hyun Joong side is requesting for is – DNA test…. How will they refuse it?

We all know back then from 2014 when the nightmare started until now Hyun Joong and his side statements have never ever changed – they were very true!!!

To clear up unwanted talks regarding PT refuse – Atty Lee and Mr. Kim came forward and said

“They weren’t informed about child’s birth not even Gender”

After an interview from Hyun Joong’s side

Seon said – “It’s not important whether Hyun Joong side rejected paternity test… They raised questions about Choi pregnancy and made Choi as a liar”

 My Opinion – Am a third person who isn’t involved in this case, when I myself can find so many flaws in their words/the way they claim… How cannot Kim’s family doubt?

Since from the start Choi has never gained trust… The only thing they do from 2014 is either try to “Convince or Confuse”….

September 13

ChoiIf the baby is Hyun Joong’s will not proceed with any lawsuit…

My Opinion – So it can be

* Choi herself said “IF the baby“, so she herself doubts it and she is backing off….

* Kind of request – I’ll (Choi) drop all the case even you do so…

Let’s not forget Choi has already been banned leaving SK – she is a criminal suspect…. (Still no valid proof submitted for the alleged abuse and alleged pregnancy miscarriage she claimed)

* Accept it’s your baby without a DNA test I’ll drop charges and will not file any…

September 16

Seon – Choi will be Suing Hyun Joong for denying his status as father of the child later this month…

My Opinion – DNA test is not taken the result is not out – how will Hyun Joong deny… If am not wrong Hyun Joong has never denied or accepted to be a father…It was a very clear note and an unchanged statement – “If it’s his baby he’ll take responsibility”


September 17

Seon – Hyun Joong violating human rights…

My Opinion – This is the first time Hyun Joong spoke, he wanted to clear his name and so he gave his side statements by expressing everything through a letter which was read by Atty Lee- how will this be Violating Human rights?

From the very beginning Choi was the one who revealed edited text message, broke Hyun Joong’s latch,  fake med certificate and  bruises pic to ruin a person, lied about pregnancy and miscarriage to destroy a person reputation – what else? What is all this called? Violating human rights???

Hyun Joong side – Hyun Joong completed DNA and we are waiting for Choi side to proceed with DNA test for baby, we also paid for test…

Seon – Wanted to go together with Hyun Joong for test…

 My Opinion – From 2014 Choi camp – manipulated, twisted statements, faked proofs etc. so

* No wonder they would have planned for another drama and so they are asking Hyun Joong to accompany them… (Let us have this in mind – 2014, Choi made Hyun Joong to wait at parking lot and lied she completed her test (pregnancy/abortion) and even demanded expensive gifts!!! What if she does the same?)

* She might request Hyun Joong with all her tricks to accept baby without conditions (Never forget what she did with apology letter in 2014 and the money she received telling she will not reveal things to Media)

* She would have already known Hyun Joong will refuse to go with her and so she would have planned for making this as an excuse telling “Hyun Joong rejected Paternity Test”

She can do anything I say – she has done Master degree in Manipulating!!! Let us be careful!!!

People who believe Choi let me ask you a question

All these days many of you were thinking Hyun Joong was the one who avoided test – that wasn’t true and there is no need for him to avoid… Let us think

* If the baby is Hyun Joong’s, if Choi is sure about that – for now she would have taken a PT and would have announced with a loud speaker via dispatch – but what is she doing?

* Choi was the one who said she will sue Hyun Joong for PT but she hasn’t made a single step to provide baby’s test…

So all her actions are just making us to question her, and she did Confuse many public and once again made Hyun Joong to look bad by telling “He refused paternity test”

Many Thanks to Atty Lee and Kim’s family – they have done the right thing “speaking and clearing up unwanted mess which Choi created”…


Hyun Joong kind heart person as always

After all mess, after all hatred, after all ifs and buts which was raised and questioned against him – he still came up and spoke without complaining Choi or her statement… He apologized and same time he caringly spoke for baby…

Please be clear – all the words which Hyun Joong stated for baby doesn’t mean he accepted the baby or he is the father… In case if the baby turn outs to be his then he truly feels sorry to the child….

Finally he said,

He doesn’t want the child to be exposed either if it is his or not….

 My Opinion – Hyun Joong still does not have a clear idea whether it’s his baby

Choi is the one who keeps claiming Hyun Joong is the father for her alleged baby but she is not ready to share any information related to baby except lawsuit with Hyun Joong…..

It looks like she cares lawsuit more than her child, really a worst human, now I understood why people are telling “Some animals eat their own children”… I really pity her child if there is any cause I still doubt…

Actually speaking DNA test is not that difficult – Choi can test and demand whatever she wants rather than delaying…  I don’t know what makes her to delay…

So it’s very clear Hyun Joong is not the one who denies PT, Choi is the one who doesn’t want a PT to be taken place – and so she blames Hyun Joong and trying to find a hole in which she can escape without a test….

I wanted to tell Choi – If you play with a person’s life for sure you’ll pay for it soon…

I don’t know what makes them so dumb… I pray god that he should fix the bug which exists in his software called world – Choi, Seon and allies…

Some people are confused and they are speaking without understanding the facts some are smarter who aren’t falling for Choi’s camp trap… Anyways let us think twice before reacting…


With all the questions above let me end by telling

Hyun Joong – Never be sorry because we can literally understand your situation…. Some people will always bark let’s not give importance to them…

We are here for you always, for what we have shared together with you is a lovely experience – which indeed will never change….Stay strong!!!

Be at your BEST and the BEST will be always yours!!!

Together Forever!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet), Thanks to Sunny(@sunsun_sky) and 4ever_Hyun(@4everhyun) for translating and sharing news

Hyun Joong’s letter (Cr: @Princessmich123)




COMMENTS PLEASE – support Hyun Joong and Atty Lee!!!

3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Why delaying PT (DNA)???)

  1. Thank you beautiful Maha, well said.. brilliant insight to represent the views of the many of us.. fans of KHJ.. keep it up..
    Kim Hyun Joong is always in our prayer. Kim Hyun Joong needs fan like you to speak out on his behalf.
    Fight for JUSTICE. Lets use the power of the millions Global fans of KHJ to restore back Kim HyunJoon’s dignity & reputation.
    김현중에 대한 정의, 파이팅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was a really nice post, but well the truth was revealed, there is a baby and he is the father end of the story sorry fans


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