Kim Hyun Joong (And the Weed Grows On…)

On September 23, 2015 – third hearing took place at 4:30PM KST which was attended by lawyers of both side (Kim Hyun Joong and Choi) it was a closed proceeding.

As usual and as we all expected Choi side submitted the worthless text message and their so-called witness was been denied by court (If am not wrong the witness would have been Choi sister).

Before sharing my thoughts let me share the valid proofs which Hyun Joong side holds on the alleged assault/pregnancy/Miscarriage…


Hyun Joong side proof

As per K STAR report

* The Documents which Atty Lee collected from all the clinics in which Choi got treatment showed there wasn’t any sign of pregnancy.

* On May 20, 2014 – Choi took an ultrasound scan but it did not show any sign of her being pregnant.

* Likewise on June13, 2014 she again had a test but the medical record said she wasn’t pregnant.

* Choi also claimed she took treatment after miscarriage – but how can she take treatment when she wasn’t pregnant. Moreover, the clinic did not have records….

* On May 31, 2014 – Choi received a diagnosis of two-week treatment from the clinic telling she was hit by someone…

* On June 25, 2014 – Choi again received a diagnosis of six – week treatment telling she bumped into a machine at GYM…

* On August 18, 2014 – Choi again went to the clinic and received an injury certificate for two – week treatment. (Note: She said she was been assaulted on May but she received the med cert on august that is few days before the nightmare broke out)

* On the same day she went to another clinic and received an injury certificate for six – week treatment telling she was been hit by someone… (Note: She changed the “Bumped into Machine to Hit by someone)

Choi side Proof

* Text Message

Almost three hearings over and still Choi camp failed to submit a valid or justifiable proof. From the first hearing until the third hearing the only proof they submitted were “Text Message”…

And to be noted the text message are not yet accepted by court it is still under verification. So there is a chance of either

* Court rejecting it – insufficient evidence

* Like Atty Lee said “This can turn out to be a good evidence for Hyun Joong – it will prove how she has lied to him when she was actually not pregnant”

All for the sake of MONEY!!! Choi well planned and received all fake evidence before breaking the nightmare. Only because of Media’s help she looked as a victim before public in 2014… Unfortunately now every public turned out against her…


My opinion on Seon’s Interview

Seon: We submitted document that showed Kim Hyun Joong exchanged text message with Choi regarding pregnancy and miscarriage but Kim Hyun Joong side refers to acknowledge anything.

My opinion

How can Seon call a text message as a proof – Hyun Joong believed that Choi was indeed pregnant but that doesn’t  mean she was actually pregnant, can a text message prove that a women was pregnant?

If a friend of mine text me telling “Hey, am pregnant” and if I reply “Great, I’m happy for you, take care of yourself” will this become a valid proof – just asking?

Shouldn’t there be a legal Med. Cert. if you’re planning to file a suit – if Choi was indeed pregnant or had a miscarriage she would have obviously consulted a doctor, where is the med. cert?

From last year until now they only speak about text message and failed to mention about Med. Cert?

This proves they do not have a legit proof and she was not pregnant at first place…

Seon: The request for witness was denied because the text message can fully cover as an evidence for pregnancy.

My Opinion

Seon proved it!!! – The lawyer who did not complete his bar exam… So he still believes that the text message can prove Pregnancy/miscarriage/assault than a valid med. Cert…

Though I’m unfamiliar with law when comparing to Seon I feel as if I have little knowledge about law than him, lol…

Seon: He isn’t acknowledging the pregnancy or the birth. I hope that he doesn’t show this kind of side anymore. He knows well enough how he and Choi were together and lived together. It’s shocking that he didn’t celebrate the child he had with the woman he loved.

My Opinion

*In previous interview Choi said “She visited Hyun Joong often and stayed at his home to recover after she had a miscarriage” but now they claim

“They both lived together” maybe in their fantasy world, lol

Each time they keep changing their statement which is really ridiculous…

*Until now Choi has just shared only the nameless sonogram picture and she hasn’t shared any other details about her alleged baby… So what kind of celebration do they expect?

* Choi camp informed the child’s birth to dispatch and Choi’s lover dispatch celebrated it by revealing to public… what more else she wants? Already celebration over, right? lol…

Seon: I can’t help but feel sorry for my client who is living [alone] with her new baby.

My opinion

So what is Seon expecting – Marriage??? That will never happen…

Its clear Seon is seeking public sympathy or he is asking for another settlement to look after Choi’s alleged baby…  And its obvious Seon cannot help her client because her side lacks evidence and so he is trying for another drama…

Seon: We plan to bring a paternity suit against Kim Hyun Joong. It’s just taking some time because we have to register the birth of the baby and take care of other matters [related to the birth].

My Opinion

Shouldn’t they have a DNA test result before filing a paternity suit? But they aren’t ready for a test

It is clear

*No baby / Wanted Hyun Joong to accept the baby with a DNA test

*pressuring Hyun Joong and so Choi can find settlement

* Choi camp needs time/they doesn’t have a valid reason to delay DNA test so what Seon is relating PT with registering the baby birth.

I don’t think registering baby’s birth will take such a long time though I’m not sure what procedure SK follows still I doubt their words…

“Choi camp will never submit a legit proof even in the 100th hearing” – Liars will always be liars….

“Liars Will Never Prosper, Cheaters Will Never Win”

Let us wait for fourth hearing which will be held on October 30


Let me end by telling,

This seems very tiring and frustrated for us (Fans), same time we can understand how hard Hyun Joong and his family will feel looking at all the shits happening around them. Let us hold their hands whenever they feel numb and let us struggle together no matter what. Fighting!!!

Together Forever!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (And the Weed Grows On…)

  1. Thank you, Dear!
    Yesterday I was very dissapointed,and felt, we have nothing, and didn’t took a step forward. But when I’ve read your words, I tought, athough we didn’t step forward she made deeper the hole of her lies and her own grave… I’ll wait patietly to see when she’ll fall in it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your continuously clear and focused writing. I still don’t understand how the courts in SK can continue to let Seon waste courts time. It’s shameful and disgusting how they can play with someone else’s life and career.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Patricia,

      I agree!!!
      But Mr.Lee said the case may take few months or even a year to complete… No matter what we have got a clear pic about Choi, let’s wait patiently…
      Justice will Prevail!!!


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