Kim Hyun Joong (Kudos to the Fandom)

Though am away from all the social networks currently because of my work, the “HJ’s fandom support for Soldiers” made me to come up with this article, I felt sharing some of my heart felt thoughts about it…


Here are my thoughts about the unwanted rumors been spread from last month(Sept),

Choi and her allies are working hard to ruin Hyun Joong’s image as we all know they literally put more effort for it…

*Last month September 9th, KE stated “Hyun Joong will not be taking his army leave in September and he has pushed it back due to his personal reasons”

The news started to spread like a wild fire and many (public) said “To delay PT Hyun Joong has postponed his Leave”, some said “He doesn’t want to have a PT”…
This made Hyun Joong to look bad on public eye…

*September 23rd, third hearing took place but as usual there were no progress from Choi side, they submitted the same text messages as proof and somehow as they (Choi camp) planned date were set for “Fourth Hearing”

The only intension is they need time; Choi wants to meet Hyun Joong to somehow get rid of all these lawsuits because she knew she doesn’t hold any proofs.

*The very next day a picture started to spread in all SNS – the picture which Choi camp claimed a proof for Hyun Joong and Choi being together and bruise on her arms…

The camp which only submitted the text message in Court revealed the Picture to dispatch – isn’t sounds weird?

(My wild opinion, many public turned towards Choi when she once again submitted the Text Message as proof even after so many hearings, to gain public sympathy Choi camp photoshopped a pic and came up with it, let us note the photo was not provided as a proof in court but to public)

*October 14th, KE once again said “Hyun Joong will have his first vacation but the date is unknown”

The unwanted news are going on and on, mainly the vacation – than Hyun Joong people who are plaining to ruin him are eagerly waiting for his Vacation days…

A kind request to them will be – let Hyun Joong have his vacation in peace, there is no need to speak about it and moreover please do not tell a wrong info… If there is any important news regarding Hyun Joong hope Atty Lee will for sure speak about it because he very well know we fans are waiting for it, and it’s better for KE to stay away of Hyun Joong – it might be harsh but who on earth will need the people who never supported or helped when they were actually needed…


Kudos to the Fandom

After so many above rumors, after so many talks telling – Hyun Joong lost his fans, after so many ajumma’s article, after so many blame which fans carried for past one year, the fandom stood strong enough without letting others to ruin their Uzoosin world, they crossed so many obstacles to support the soldiers at army by providing them with their daily needs and the project made a huge success… Anti’s even made petition to stop the support, poor anti fans dint knew the fact “There is no way to win Uzoosin soldiers (fans)” lol – kudos to Fans for fighting till the end without backing off… The hurtful memories are what have made the fandom stronger….


I use to always tell this,

“Even after hundred years the road which Hyun Joong and Fandom makes will never get faded and it will never be forgotten – history will speak about it”

Like Idol like fans – you keep proving it!!! For sure History will speak about the project and already other fandoms have started to speak about it… Even after Hyun Joong’s discharge the support items which were been provided will be useful for the soldiers who do their service after him (future)…

Though the fandom has been involved in many good deeds, this is one of the proof for the love and care they have on Hyun Joong… They have also proved that each and every fangirl in the Fandom are not just fans who holds pluck cards/shouts and encourage their Idol at concerts, they are not delusional fans who involves in unnecessary fights/arguments – they are someone who are Unique like their Idol…

Likewise when it comes to nightmare they never turned their back instead stood and tried to pull through the situation as much as possible which even the Media/agency failed to do so… They supported everything their Idol did even when Hyun Joong was unable to reveal things about the nightmare – they understood him better than anyone else… They always cheered him up, each time they came up with #hashtag, letters, gifts, flowers, foods and so on…

Being a fan is not impossible – everyone can tell they are fan of some idol, but what matters is being loyal to one whom you have decided to be with, to accept and encourage him with all his good and bad times – hope Hyun Joong fandom is the best example for it…

I’m proud being one among them; I will always be one among the million loyal fans who will support Hyun Joong …


I wanted to end by telling Kim Hyun Joong that,

Though the controversies are going on without an end we (HJ and fans) together will for sure leave a strong impression on non-fans/public in 2017 – We can do it & we will do it!!!

We fans have chosen you over everyone – proud to be your fan, always!!!

“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

Below are the pics shared by @sunsun_sky via twitter (Support items which were been sent to army for soldiers)












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