Kim Hyun Joong (Trial grows on – lies are piled up)

Today Oct 30, 2015 fourth hearing was set at 3.40PM (KST) and what we all expected in this hearing from Choi side was

*A valid proof other than text message (that is a proper med certificate for which she claimed she was allegedly assaulted and had miscarriage)

Did she submit a proper proof? Or did she organize the same useless text message and submitted it once again? If Choi camp had submitted proper valid med cert then there would have been news from media outlets (its headline creating a bad image for Hyun Joong)… Yes, if am not wrong this is what they are doing for past one year. Until now there isn’t any immediate translated news from them, so we can confirm – No valid proof submitted…


Here comes another play from Choi Camp

*Choi s submitted/ showed baby’s picture.

Why are they again starting a new game with a picture…  Let me tell something, if she is going to continue her claim for the alleged assault case and the paternity case with useless text message and morphed picture then there is no doubt she is really a Criminal…

Why am I telling this?

Choi lost the trust by coming up with edited text message and the photoshopped picture – for more than a year we have experienced it and she can never fool fans/public anymore with a photoshopped picture…

I know some non-fans might ask a question what if the baby is Hyun Joong’s

*Can a picture prove baby’s paternity?

*Even if the child is to be Hyun Joong’s then let Choi claim by a DNA test and not with a picture– is it that hard anyways? Test will hardly take two hours…


The mother who isn’t aware of her own child’s blood type

When Atty lee asked for the baby’s blood type, Choi replied

*Don’t know

If am not wrong the blood group will be said at time of child birth, even if they fail to do so, the hospital will for sure have a record for it… Hope not only for DNA test, Choi did not find time to call or visit hospital to get know about her child’s blood group… Is this mean that she is careless/ not interested about her own child?

What is the purpose for her (Choi) to hide the baby?

Hiding the baby from Media/public is appreciated but what is her intention in hiding the baby from Hyun Joong’s parents – already two months over and still they haven’t seen the baby …

This always makes me to think – did Choi really give birth to a baby? (Just my thought)

And to be noted,

However technology improves – it still cannot provide/give birth to a baby as we wish…. (You got it, lol…)


Fifth hearing is set on Dec 23, 2015

I can understand many fans do think,

When will we get rid of all problems – When will we stop being the hottest topic for Netizens – When will Media stop playing biased games – When will we get Justice – When will we rest from all these catfights ——— When will it end???

It’s almost over a year – we fans are still facing these hitches together with Hyun Joong, sometimes we feel hurt, sometimes angry, sometimes left out, sometimes annoyed, sometimes burden, sometimes pressure – we did not have people to comfort us, we did not have people to support us including media, instead we had people to blame us, bash us, hit us through words, criticize us – what not?…

We the fandom with Hyun Joong together faced everything that happened around us, on each trial we expected “it to be the last one”. But what we heard was “Next trial date is set on ‘?’”…

It is not that we are afraid of the evils/trials – the annoying part is “Justice being delayed” even when there isn’t proper evidence from Choi camp…

Yeah we do understand, patience is much needed right now and our support is much needed for Hyun Joong and his family… With all the hope let us, we Hyun Joong fans wait for the next trial…

On Dec 23rd,

Court has asked for Hyun Joong to be presented – don’t know whether he’ll attend, if he does then I wish for him to speak up…  They have also accepted witness from Hyun Joong’s side to tell how he was been blackmailed by Choi…

And a request from me to court would be, again if Choi fails to submit proper med cert for alleged assault case or DNA test then please take a strict action – never allow her to drag the case, if she doesn’t hold any proof make her to stand behind the bars…

Let the Truth Prevail!!! Together Forever!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet), thank to @Princessmich123(twitter) for the news translation

Cr: Sunny (

Atty Lee and Seon Interview




And here it is, the happy news

Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour Gemini Teaser was released on Nov 2, 2015 (Enjoy!!!)

Cr: Universal Music Japan


4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Trial grows on – lies are piled up)

  1. Thank you for this article, getting clear English explanations is sometimes hard.. and while it’s hard to be calm, your helping us to do that. Also.. thank you for putting into words the way the fans like us have been treated by the media and haters.. we have felt alone at times, but in a way it’s brought us together and made us stronger. Hard to imagine how strong the Henecia and all fans of KHJ could have been stronger than they were two years ago during his drama.. we were all enjoying his performances and new songs.. but yet after the trials we are in fact Stronger and growing in numbers with new fans that never paid attention to KHJ have seen or heard of the trials, and when they inquire and see the talent, and the kindness of KHJ, then see our support, and see the injustice that he’s suffered they are also becoming Henecia… so in a warped way God has turned this pain into gain for KHJ.


  2. I honestly wasn’t expecting much for this trial since she can let it drag on and on as along as she says she still has evidence to present. But now it looks like it’s his turn to present and hopefully he will listen to Atty Lee and not decide to be present at the next trial. All of a sudden she’s interested in attending as well. Now that she’s ‘not’ pregnant, right? But we’ll be patient, Atty Lee is working on it and has witnesses that have been accepted.


  3. The 5th hearing is not set for Choi but for Hyun Joong’s countersuit against Choi. This will be when Hyun Joong presents his witness testimonies to the court. Also for this reason, the court has asked Choi to get a paternity test done so she will have to do it soon and the results should be out by before December 23rd. 5th hearing, from my understanding is not a bad thing, especially for us considering that Hyun Joong’s side of the story will be heard then. As for Choi, she will try everything in order to escape or delay the criminal suit because she knows she is doomed. Her lies are catching up to her like wildfire and even the public is not swayed by her lies anymore. Justice will be served.

    Many are confused as to what a Civil suit is. Here is a link to explain further:
    Also, it is VERY normal for civil suits to drag on for months or years. Civil suit is settled through monetary compensation. Choi is running after money; that is the reason why she filed a civil suit. However, Hyun Joong, besides the civil counter-suit, has also filed a criminal suit against her. A Criminal suit, unlike civil suits, can be fast-tracked and with enough legitimate evidences found from the investigation; the accused, if found guilty, will be put behind bars.

    To clear the doubts of fans who have been extremely confused on this:
    * Choi filed a civil suit for 1.6 billion against HJ for the psychological trauma caused from the miscarriage by assault in June 2014. (“Assault” was when they fought and there was a mutual physical altercation between them. She fell and claimed to have suffered a miscarriage due to that.)

    *Hyun Joong countersued this particular suit. Choi’s claim is miscarriage by assault. Hyun Joong is proving that there was no pregnancy in the first place let alone a miscarriage. He has acquired the reports by her hospitals, eye witnesses and other required documents. She has only text messages to prove the pregnancy. The 1st-4th hearings was for this suit where Choi’s side and HJ’s side collected the required evidences to prove their claims. The 5th hearing was set by request from HJ’s side as they have witness testimonies. This is all pre-trial preparation.

    *Hyun Joong sued Choi on criminal accounts for blackmail and extortion, defamation and so on. The investigation as said by Atty Lee was to start in early October. I believe it’s ongoing. We won’t be hearing much about this particular investigation as of now. But if required; Atty Lee will point out the salient facts and information.

    I guess it’s only understandable for us to be patient with this. I know it’s damn annoying. But at least now, the public have opened their eyes to Choi’s vicious tactics. We must continue to spread the truth and support HJ through this admittedly long trial. Fighting, henecia!

    Sorry, Maha unnie for taking up your space here! It’s just that we need to be clear on this entire idea if we are going to be defending him. Cannot afford to be clueless about such things anymore! Haha! Keep on writing. Your articles are just satisfying to read. Thank you and have a lovely day! ❤ If you have any questions; you know where to find me! ^^

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