Kim Hyun Joong (DNA test Completed)

As per Seoul Family Court’s demand – Kim Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby underwent the DNA test at Seoul National University Hospital On Dec 14, 2015 at 2PM KST …

The result will be out within a week…


Appeared earlier to take PT

Kim Hyun Joong appeared few hours before and entered the test center via a different building – it’s because he wanted to avoid the uninvited burden and moreover he did not want the baby to undergo unnecessary difficulties and wished to solve the issue privately…

He also mentioned about this in his letter (a month old) – “I sincerely ask this to you. I do not want any information regarding the baby being exposed anywhere.”

Hyun Joong left to his camp immediately after the test.


Mom who created a difficult situation for her own child

Choi very well know about the consequences her baby will face if the PT test information is publicized – even after knowing it, her side reveled the hospital information with date & time… The reporters surrounded her when she arrived at the hospital – which made a difficult situation for the baby, the kid started to cry because of the continuous flash lights and the sounds while clicking pics…

Every mom on the earth will try to protect her child; she’ll never let her own child to experience a problematic situation – but what has the attention seeker Choi did?

I remember this, on sept 20, 2015

Seon said, “We will go to the judiciary branch to decide who will decide on the child’s name, etc. and as well who can love the child more.” – Hope everyone now understood how much Choi will love her child(Sorry to tell this but the way she acts makes me sick)…

Gold Digger demanding money once again

The funniest part here is, the result of the DNA test is not disclosed – it might take a week or so…

But the Gold digger has already demanded 5million won per month for 19 years – is Choi asking money for the child or for her?

And what is the urge for it (money) now – does Choi doubt the result?

On Feb 25, 2015

Choi said, “I’m going to take responsibility for the baby.” – Then why should she ask for so much money?


Seon – And there he goes Blah blah blah…

Every lawyer who accepts a case will do a detail analysis on the case and will collect all necessary documents and information to prove his/her client is a victim. But Seon does everything in an opposite way and sometimes he acts as if he is not well aware of the case/ his client details.

Whenever a question is asked from reporters Seon answer will not be relevant to the question… Yesterday when reporters tried to collect information regarding the child he answered same way…

Seon said, “He didn’t remember the birth date” and he did not disclose whether it was really a boy baby…

Like client like lawyer,

The only thing Seon knows – to have a big smile while giving unrelated answers to reporters and

His client Choi – will provide text message when asking for legit proof


What do I think…

I don’t know what the PT result will be – it can be either positive or negative – whatever it is… Even if Choi rolls on streets and cry telling the baby is Hyun Joong’s, I will not believe.

It’s because,

As per her lawyer she got impregnate on Dec 20 but in her interview on Feb 25 she revealed some text message in which on Jan 9th she has stated, “She was 5 weeks pregnant”

Truly there are lots more things which still make people to doubt…

She is a liar who does anything for money – what if she once again manipulates the DNA test result – just asking? (I don’t know whether it is possible or not for me she isn’t a trustworthy person forever – once a liar will forever remain the same)

5th Hearing

On Dec 23rd the 5th hearing will take place – court has given the last chance for Choi to provide the valid proof for the alleged assault and miscarriage that she claimed in 2014 but as per Atty Lee statement till now Choi camp hasn’t submitted any proof… (They’ll never submit because they do not hold any valid proofs)

To Hyun Joong, some days in life are to test how strong you are… Be strong – we are with you

Justice will prevail!!! Waiting for 5th hearing!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

please take a look at @sunsun_sky tweet for the TV daily report


3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (DNA test Completed)

  1. Choi always contradicts herself..but like any habitual liar,she forgets what she declared earlier and do exactly opposite later on! And the media always seem to support her – they have their own ulterior motive of making money out of this situation!
    What ever the result of that test is,i will always believe and support HJ. And i hope all these trials and tribulations will only make him stronger and wiser -to come back after the completion of his Army duties and resume his career with even more brilliance!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No one can go through such a trial without acquiring some sharpening of edges. I just hope the edges don’t pierce through the soft inner core that makes him him. Yes, I’m sure he’ll look at things now with a different eye, but a little life experience is always good. Especially for an entertainer grew up sheltered by agency management. At least we know she keeps shooting herself in the foot and those capable of rational thought are starting to see her for the liar she is.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. To Kim hyun joongsshi be strong in any trials that comes in your life,,,and specially pray to our almighty God and he will help and guide you in anything you do,,,take care your self in the army,,,,have a blessed day ahead,,,and god bless u always and to your family,,,,

    Liked by 1 person

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