Kim Hyun Joong (DNA test result is out – My point of View)

Today morning after reaching my workplace the very first thing I read was “DNA Test result is out – 99% possibilities of the child to be Hyun Joong’s”

I hardly agree with it (test Result)…..

People might tell I’m totally insane and I’m a delulu fan which makes me to support and doubt the test result – ‘telling it might have got manipulated’… (Let me ask something, is it that hard for a girl who boldly claimed she was allegedly assaulted by KHJ with photoshopped bruise pic and fake med – just asking?)

Fine…. I’ll give all rights to speak or yell at me , but before that just read and get to know – why I still doubt the test result and why do I tell Choi/ her supporter would have bribe the hospital and got the result as they needed…

*As per Seon’s statement Choi got impregnate on Dec 20th, and on 9th Jan she sent an ultra sound pic telling she was five weeks pregnant to Kim Hyun Joong

If her impregnate date was 20th Dec then by 9th Jan she should have been 3 weeks pregnant… Why did she tell Kim Hyun Joong that she was 5 weeks pregnant?

And what will be shown in an ultra sound pic of a three week old pregnant lady?

*Fine, Let us tell ‘Choi was really pregnant’ – if it was true then why she did not send/share a proper Med cert or a sonogram pic to Hyun Joong’s parents

The one (US pic) which she shared with Hyun Joong’s parents weren’t a proper one, it did not contain Choi’s name or a proper date n time (like when was the report taken)

*Okay let us forget the above question and let us consider it was Choi’s sonogram pic (the one which she shared with Kim Hyun Joong/camp) – if she was really pregnant – why she did not appear to any of the hospitals in which Hyun Joong’s parents made an appointment to just know whether the baby was growing fine (it was just a normal/regular checkup which every pregnant women’s will undergo)


Let me add some more doubts which I have

* Feb 28 Choi lawyer said “My client is four month pregnant” – How can she be 4 month pregnant? It should actually be two month…

*On September 10th Seon said to media “On early Sept Choi gave birth to the baby, due to the public interest we weren’t in a position to reveal about the child’s birth” – hiding from public/media is totally acceptable but why did they hide from Kim Hyun Joong’s camp? What was the purpose?

To clear up unwanted talks Kim Hyun Joong side came forward and said they weren’t informed about the child’s birth

*On same day Seon said to media, “It’s not important whether Hyun Joong side rejected paternity test… They raised questions about Choi pregnancy and made Choi as a liar” (Why his words are inconsistent)

*From day one Kim Hyun Joong said he will take full responsibility if PT gets confirmed – keeping all that aside Choi camp claimed via media that “He isn’t acknowledging the pregnancy or the birth”

*To make a stop for all the unwanted things which Choi camp was claiming – Kim Hyun Joong took a DNA test and asked the other side to proceed with the test

Choi instead of taking test she went and filed lawsuit telling she wanted to take DNA test together. And in one interview Seon/Choi even said “What is the need for a DNA test” (It sounded like they were trying to escape by giving excuses)


Here my doubts were getting bigger

On September, Choi’s camp was continuously backing off when Hyun Joong side asked to proceed further with DNA test, they also gave unnecessary answers and did not proceed further. In every interviews Seon Claimed “Hyun Joong was refusing to meet Choi and he was refusing to take DNA test together”

After that there weren’t any statement made by Choi camp regarding DNA test (Were they planning something Big? – just my thoughts)

On Dec 14th as per court’s order Kim Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby underwent with the PT test…

Let us note Seon was very confident and he was mentioning in every interview that the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s and he is sure that the DNA will match… (The one who backed off in September started to tell that he and his client were 1000% sure of the DNA result in December)

Is everything for money?

The test result was revealed today (21/12) via Media – DNA result says the probability is high – Kim Hyun Joong is the father of the child…


Yesterday (20/12) in an interview Seon said “baby will not take Kim’s name “and “They want 5MW -100MW for child’s support” (Doesn’t want Kim’s name but needs his money?)

Moreover demanding money for child support before getting the test result makes me to doubt more “Did they bribe the hospital which made them to speak so confidently?” (Just asking)

Choi side also demanded 100MW for defaming the child (the one who caused all the trauma for the child by revealing the hospital name, date and time to media was Choi and she is fully responsible for it, she was the one who brought all these circus to public via media. Who asked her to reveal about the DNA test location?)

If you ask me – Hyun Joong/family from the beginning were more concerned about the baby

Kim Hyun Joong in his letter said “I do not want any information regarding baby to be disclosed”

His father said “Baby should be blessed and should not put in such situation I feel sorry” and

Atty Lee mentioned “Not to use baby as a tool”


My inference

Though the result is positive still I wonder why the result was said to Media (were the test result submitted in court before revealing it to Media? Were the result been shared to Kim Hyun Joong camp before revealing it to media?)

Clearing the issue privately by submitting the valid proof to court and then revealing it to Media would have been better (even I would have felt that Choi is trying to prove herself has victim) – But that did not happen, I don’t know what is making them (Choi camp) to create more mess …

Did they think revealing the DNA test two days before 5th trial might decrease the fan/public support of Kim Hyun Joong – If their intention was that then let me clear it – our support and our love for him will never reduce, it will be forever.

As per Kim Hyun Joong father’s statement “Kim Hyun Joong will be responsible for the baby and regarding the child support – he will do as per the court’s order, and nothing matters about custody of child as long as the child is happy” (from day one his statement has never changed )


Love him for who he is

As a fan of Kim Hyun Joong I love and support him for who he is and my love will be with him forever no matter what…. I’m happy and fine – Kim Hyun Joong himself has accepted the child and now I’m pleased to welcome the cute little KHJ to my Alien world with love…..

PT confirmation will not affect the lawsuit – Atty Lee

On 23rd Dec the 5th trial will be taking place

Seon said he has submitted 66 evidence – statement of facts from 50 hospital including 10 text message for the 5th trial…. (I don’t know what made Seon to go around Seoul (50 hospitals) to get a proof about Choi’s alleged pregnancy/assault and miscarriage…

Atty lee and Kim Hyun Joong’s father said the 1.6 billion lawsuit will take place n will be proceeded no matter what – the PT confirmation will never help Choi and the lies she said to defame Hyun Joong last year…. (Which means Choi can never escape until she prove she is a victim with all legit proof)

Let’s us stay together and support Hyun Joong on 5th trial…. Fighting!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet)

Updating Article

Seon interview to the Media Cr: AllKpop

On Dec 20th,

Seon, “During the two years she lived with Kim Hyun Joong, she was impregnated 5 times”

Their words are always varying

If we check the earlier interviews of Seon/Choi – they have said

*Choi will not visit Kim Hyun Joong’s place often

*Later they said – Kim Hyun Joong and Choi lived together

*Then they claimed Choi was impregnated 5 times in 7 months (Mar – Dec 2014)

*And now they are claiming Kim Hyun Joong and Choi lived together for two years

Seon, “Without any evidence, he made the mother of his child into a fraudulent blackmailer and defamed her character, and said multiple times that if it was not his child, she would have to take responsibility. From now on, he will have to apologize and reflect upon his actions that murdered her character, and show responsibility as the father of a child and protect the rights of his child and the mother of his child.”

My statement

Your client submitted fake proofs on 2014 claiming she was allegedly abused and this has what made her to gain such names, so she is the one who is totally responsible for it….

Instead of speaking these things to media just go submit legit proofs and prove your client isn’t a fraud or blackmailer….

And Seon what character are you speaking about? People doesn’t know who she is or where she is or what she is doing? Hyun Joong or his side has never spoke about her (Personal things like revealing pic or name) to Media… Moreover if you check Hyun Joong’s lawyer and his parent’s interviews, they would have just answered or cleared the public/media doubts (they step forward and did this because your client/you were ruining his 10 years career by giving false and unwanted statements to Media)

And finally what do you mean by “Protect the rights of the mother of his child” – are you indirectly telling to drop the charges, if so – NEVER DREAM about it…..

Dec 21, Kim Hyun Joong’s parents interview Cr: AllKpop

Mr. Kim said, “We heard the news that the baby was born; firstly, I’m sorry towards the child. The child is of my blood but I feel sorry that I didn’t even see the child. We should have exposed our sentiments earlier. We have said countless times since January that we will take responsibility for the child but delayed the paternity test. It’s good that the [results] were revealed, though late. I’m sorry towards the child. Hearing that the child is healthy, I’m thankful,” and continued, “Hyun Joong has acknowledged from the very start that the child is his. He has always said that he will be responsible as the father of the child. Didn’t he also say ‘sorry’ to the child in the letter he revealed back in September?”

Mrs. Kim, “Must Hyun Joong die for an apology, or must the family die for it?”  “I wish that the child will no long be associated with money [made from media play]. We will do the very best for our child’s happiness. We admitted that he is the father and said that we will take full responsibility so I don’t know why they keep trying to murder his [reputation],”

(Check “;-when-will-they-apologize–89682.html” – hope this translated correctly)

My statement

I literally understand how they feel right now… I wanted to tell them “we (Fans) will always stay beside your son/family – stay strong!!!”

To Media: Before publishing an article wouldn’t you dig and write about it accurately – just asking…

For more than one year the issue between Kim Hyun Joong and Choi is taking place – Just check all the articles which you have published (regarding the issue) and you’ll find how inconsistent Choi’s camp statement are…

You should have tracked the news and you should mentioned or questioned why their (Choi’s camp
) words aren’t consistent. – But you never did it, why?

Then what is the use of media – you’ll just publish whatever people tell? You don’t care about the truth?

We public rely on you and we believe that your updating us in timely manner with proper/correct news – please do justice for your work.

Thank You!!!

Today’s update Cr:@sunsun_sky

5th hearing has postponed to Feb 3rd 2016 – reason not known…

Fingers crossed!!! Get ready fandom let us fight together and win over the evils!!!


Updating Article (Dec 24, 2015)

Yesterday (Dec 23) at 11.15 PM KST on Midnight Entertainment Kim Hyun Joong father gave an exclusive interview…

(Please take a look at Sunny’s tweet for translation of full interview

– Cr: @sunsun_sky)

* From the beginning Kim Hyun Joong & his family statement has remained the same…

* Choi demanding huge amount 5 MW/month for child support and 100 MW as compensation

My interpretations on Seon interview


“Is there anything more important than money in raising a child, honestly? Raising a child, needs money for formula [milk powder…], and Kim Hyun Joong is a Hallyu star, wouldn’t they want to raise the baby better than anybody else? So we are demanding in an appropriate level…

My Comment

* If there is no proper love and care do you know how a child will grow Seon? How can you say there is nothing important than money to raise a child – aren’t you ashamed?

* Lol Hallyu star baby…. Your client want Hallyu star’s hard earned money but she doesn’t want the baby to carry his name?

* Yes I accept, Kim Hyun Joong wants to raise the baby in a healthy way with love and care, he will protect the child– it is not like what you think (need money to grow child)…


“If Kim Hyun Joong wants to take responsibility as father he himself should speak

My Comment

*Are you planning to convince him by telling “Drop all charges before taking responsibility as father?” (Like you did on 2014 “Give 600 MW we will not file lawsuit for alleged assault) – If so just stop dreaming – Kim Hyun Joong will never meet or speak directly with your client and moreover he has the best lawyer he can fight for child’s custody to take full responsibility…

*They (Choi Side) should take some time and come up with new tricks, lol

Last time when Hyun Joong took DNA test – Choi camp said “We wanted to take it together” “He is refusing to take DNA test together” and “He is refusing to meet Choi”

Now when Hyun Joong says “He’ll take responsibility” – they are telling “If you want to take responsibility speak by yourself”

Let us wait, Soon AllKpop and Choi supporters (other Media outlets) will come up with a headline “Hyun Joong is refusing to meet Choi even after PT confirmation”


“Out of five pregnancy, two were miscarriage and two were abortion… Abortion were forced and one miscarriage by assault”

My Comment

*Claiming five pregnancy within seven months itself a ridiculous one – your telling Choi miscarried her child by assault…

*Please wake up and get back your sense – first, do you have proof for the alleged assault case? Just submit one for that, later you can claim for alleged miscarriage…

*Abortion on Dec 8th, impregnate on Dec 20th – How is this possible?

So is this your client’s life story!!!

Aborted on Dec 8th, 2014

Impregnate on Dec 20th, 2014

5 weeks pregnant as of Jan 9th, 2015

Four month pregnant as of Feb 28rd, 2015

Even in drama we can sensible stories…

Choi Mother

“Be patient more patient, think how we can get more out of it” (Text message sent to her daughter in 2013)

My Comment

The writer of the story is Choi mother… 2013 mom has trained her daughter and from 2014 daughter started off with ‘Criminal Activities’…..

Thanks to the text message (which was submitted by Choi camp to court)… Lol

Choi tried to destroy Hyun Joong with continuous lies – now truth has started to destroy her… – Her own text message proof has backfired her… Let us wait truth can never be buried – jail is confirm for Choi and her supporters…

Let me end by telling,

The 5th hearing is pushed to next year- Feb 3rd 2016… Let us pray God that this should end soon – God Bless Kim Hyun Joong, his family and the fandom….

This year Hyun Joong will be celebrating and enjoying Christmas in a different environment…. Let happiness surround him always…..

Merry Christmas!!! 

Enjoy!!! Have a Good Day!!!



7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (DNA test result is out – My point of View)

  1. Exactly my sentiment….claiming she was beaten but no valid medical certificate presented. claimed to have gotten pregnant but pregnancy test revealed negative,,,then the news that she miscarried..and then again we were astounded when there was news that she delivered a child. how so? how come? she claimed she miscarried as a result of his abuse? what do they take us for? Fools? that we will just swallow everything? Even claiming that her character was defamed. Who did that i pray…I’ll say she brought it upon herself…and all for what..for MONEY….Another thing… I am a mother of 4…If she is really a mother, she wouldn’t subject her child to such underhanded cheap tricks..Which made me question also…Why do South Korean people take her word compared to the person who have been in the limelight for 10 years. They should know practically everything about him…Was there a time he was accused of doing bad things?..he is a popular public person and nothing usually escape the media.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am hoping the child is actually her sister’s baby. I heard they gave birth same day in same hospital – how likely is that? And when was that exactly – does anyone know the birthdate yet so it can be confirmed? Also hoping she goes to jail and when the Kim’s take custody (until KHJ MS is served) that sister will come forward and try to keep her child and have to tell the truth.


  3. Wait a minute, she said she felt weird on Jan. 2 took a test on Jan. 3, plus she said she was about 5 weeks by Jan 9. Now if that’s the case where was the baby on Jan. 19, her medical record she show to the courts say no pregnancy as of the Jan. 19. so how could she have a baby by Sept. if she wasn’t pregnant on Jan. 19. I think KHJ should ask for a second opinion first before committing himself to this child to be sure its his. Clear Blue Fact: You can do a pregnancy test as so as you have sex. Ans: No you can’t. It takes about 6 to 7 days after an egg is fertilized (after having sex) before your body starts to produce the pregnancy. Fact: It takes about two weeks before the sperm penetrates the egg. Two weeks baby don’t exist. But this is the time you ovulate. You can do a pregnancy test as soon as (you have sex) before your body starts to produce the pregnancy hormone (hCG) and a few more days before the level is high enough to be detected by a pregnancy test. How could she be pregnant in one day from the information from Clear Blue it don’t happen in one day. Plus in Feb. 25 interview with Dispatch they show her text messages where KHJ said the has grown and even moves. Choi was telling him about a video where the baby was moving. KHJ asked her to send the video. Choi I can’t send video through text messages this was on Feb. 18, 2015 Fact: The baby’s first movement, is called the quickening between 16 to 25 weeks. So who’s baby video was she trying to show KHJ. Plus ask her where is the video she was trying to show KHJ through her text messages.


    1. The whole thing stinks of deception. I’ve had 4 kids, I know… If she was ovulating on the 20 or 21st of Dec. her next period should have not been due until the first week in January. She wasn’t even late and she knew she was [allegedly] pregant. She must have been hoping for a pregnancy – which means she set out to trap him. She’s the one that wanted to meet him on that specific date. These things can be planned in advance. I figured out the date for my sister-in-law and she conceived that day.

      Granted testers are better recently but its far fetched when she talks about baby movement in February. That should not happen until at least the end of 4th month (end of April). I think the birth happened before first week in September, and to someone else. Its why she kept her [alleged] pregnancy and birth under wraps and secret. True age of fetus, then the age of baby could be discovered.


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