Kim Hyun Joong (Hold on: Pain Ends (2015) – Best year awaits (2016))

Atty Lee Interview – Choi’s intention on revealing text message – watch out here for full interview translation… Cr: @sunsun_sky

Like we all said “The truth will always come out one way or another”, the liar Choi has got caught with her own proof – ‘Text message’…

Now it is clear, Choi family is backing her… She has tried her best to obtain money from Kim Hyun Joong in name of

Love, pregnant, abortion, alleged assault, miscarriage, continuous lies

Adding up, now she is demanding 3.4 BW in name of child…

The DNA test result is out, Hyun Joong and his family has acknowledge the child, but what if they (Choi camp) had prearranged something to get a DNA result as they needed – Just asking?

If you ask me, there are only two ways

*When Choi had guts to premeditate and bring out alleged assault case and so on to get money as much as possible from Hyun Joong then sure there is 1000% possibilities for them to do the same in name of child, PT result…

* The whole world knows that Kim Hyun Joong is in army and he’ll complete his service on Feb 2017… So even if she (Choi) lie’s or manipulates stories telling she got 200 times pregnant, 100 times miscarried, 150 times aborted and she lost one leg and one hand due to continuous assault no one will be ready to hear her cooked up stories… And it is impossible for her to blackmail or threaten Hyun Joong…

Therefore the only possible way to dig money is – ‘CHILD’ (knowing it she would have got pregnant)

(Many questions and doubts are lingering inside my mind regarding Choi’s 2015 pregnancy and delivery which I have spoken in my previous article… Please read it up!!!)


The statement from Atty Lee which left a wound in my heart

KHJ has said “I got bruise on my eye and I’m handicap for my life”

My Statement

Assaulting a man, throwing the whole family into these kind of trauma – what is the need? Money? Or is someone helping her out to get what she want (money) and what they want (defame him so no more an entertainer) (Totally my thought)

Whatever it is Kim Hyun Joong will clear his name and fight for justice till the end and we fans will support him and spread the truth as much as possible…

Choi and whoever it is 2016 will give you big luxury house ‘JAIL’ – keep waiting!!!

More Updates

 Kim Hyun Joong father’s interview on Section TV – Cr: @sunsun_sky

He said, “Choi’s 3.4BW demand, suspect’s premeditated lawsuit by Choi. On July 13, 2014 Choi mother has directed her to maintain the relationship with Hyun Joong until the end of the year”…

“Sorry to the baby we will follow legal decision, If Choi cannot raise him well”…

“Choi mom has said her – Think how you can get most out of him. You have to endure well and must keep it till the end of the year… Though there are many mountain to climb over”

He added up, “Saying to keep it till the end of the year even before filing lawsuit in August 2014 is very odd. As Hyun Joong’s dad I can’t help but take it as premeditated”

images (6)

Reminiscences of 2015

We are almost at the end of the year (2015)… During this twelve month journey we (KHJ and fans) faced many ups and downs… The obstacles which we met were quite big… Many tried to destroy us (KHJ & Fans) but the love/trust which we had for one another and the bond between us were STRONGER than they imagined – they were amazed!!!

Lot of great things and unpredicted things happened

*We (Fans) started of the year (2015) with a great news – “Japanese Comeback“

*We received an immeasurable gift from Kim Hyun Joong – “Imademo” Japanese full length album

*We had the best date – “GEMINI” First Japan tour

*We got an outstanding Christmas present – “GEMINI” concert DVD

Everything was going fine until the second nightmare which broke out on February 2015….

*An unexpected situation turned out and it existed…

*Choi and her lawyer’s media play, inconsistent statements and lies were unstoppable…

*Media played a vast role in Choi’s drama

*Non fans started to jump sides…

Looking at the public mixed reaction (Comments) and the false articles – some fans got hurt, some did not mind, some opposed, some fought and defended… We (fans) acted differently having one thing in our mind – “Each year thousands of people might visit the earth and leave… Yet there have never been someone like Kim Hyun Joong and there can never be one – he is UNIQUE!!! Our forever IDOL!!! We’ll always STAY RIGHT BESIDE HIM

IMADEMO massive hit

#2 spot in Oricon Daily Albums Chart

#3 in Oricon Weekly Albums Chart

Pierced Heart

The way Kim Hyun Joong ran out of control while hearing ‘Your Story’ which fans sang for him at Makuhari will always pierce the heart of whomever watches it…

Why he cried? Actually many reasons are hidden in those tears and we all know it…

Gifts for soldiers

Upon all obstacles the fandom stood enough bravely to support Kim Hyun Joong as well as the soldiers in army by providing the daily needs which they wished for… This was been widely spoken by other fandom as well as public… This will always be the proof that Kim Hyun Joong fandom aren’t just fan girls but they are unique like their idol…


Two unforgettable days of the year  

*Last stage of GEMINI – Feb 20 at Makuhari

*Enlisted Day – May 12

Though we very well know nothing can apart us from Kim Hyun Joong still on these two days something wasn’t good, we felt little sad, we comforted each other…

Kim Hyun Joong consoled us telling,

“Even if we’re far away we are absolutely not isolated just retained in the heart of each other.
I love you all!!

Until the day we meet don’t feel lonely, because am always by your side…”

He also promised,

“I will be coming back, wait for me”

He is the man who meant to keep up his promise – he will be back as he said to slay the world with his music… Waiting!!!


Though the year wasn’t that great due to some rocky paths still it has equally given us the best days and memories… Having everything in our heart let us tell BYE to 2015.

No more worries fandom, 2016 will be the best year for us and Kim Hyun Joong… Even if Choi and her camp comes up with another set of cooked up stories ‘Nothing Maters’ as we already know who she is? Why is she doing all these things from 2014…..?

Cheer Up!!!

images (11)

Looking forward to 2016

Adding plus 1 – another year as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong… Happy for it!!!

Everyone in this world has an Idol it can be father, friend, entertainer, comedian etc. What matters is being a loyal fan for whom we have chosen – Kim Hyun Joong fandom is the best example for it… I’m proud for being one among them…

Thanks all for the Love!!!

May 2016 shower Kim Hyun Joong, family, fandom and all with more happiness… Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! Keep Smiling!!!

images (10)

 “When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet – I own nothing)


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong (Hold on: Pain Ends (2015) – Best year awaits (2016))

  1. This man have been in the public’s eyes for years. People around him order know whether he is cable of doing things like this. From what I’ve seen in the media was good things about him. Its not like he has been in the police station with charges of abuses. Because abuser beat every women they have been with. How come no other women have come out saying he abuse them to. Because there isn’t any just this one that didn’t want KHJ to leave her, so she decided to accuse him of a crime to get money out of him. If she was that beaten up why drop the charges. Why not let him go to jail for his crimes if that’s the case. She drop those charges because she knew if he went to jail she wouldn’t have gotten any money. As we can see if it wasn’t about money why drew up that contract about money and then told him not to tell anyone. Because we would’ve know it was about money. Her and her family must have spend all that money they extorted from him from the beginning. Now they are broke and want some more. But he didn’t give them any more so this is why we’re in the courts now with lies. Trying to get him out of some more money.


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