Kim Hyun Joong (Wait is Over)

Finally!!! The wait is over, two long year has come to an end. Couldn’t believe how the time flied away. I still remember the fans message on SNS when Hyun Joong enlisted – May 11, 2015. The million fans words were same, they said

“Hyun Joong we will wait for you, you understand? No matter how long it takes we will make sure to wait and when we meet once again after two years we’ll have so much to talk about”

Same way Hyun Joong said to the fans “Please wait for me”

Both kept their promise and met each other with mixed feeling on Feb 11, 2017.

Fans warm welcome   

Sergeant Kim Hyun Joong completed his two year military service on Feb 11, 2017. More than 1500 fans from different countries gathered to give a warm welcome for Hyun Joong. Fans prepared surprise gifts like cake, flower garland, paper cranes, posters, banners and so on. Fans from different part of the world who weren’t able to fly made sure to participate in projects like rice wreath and so on. SK fans also prepared free shuttle bus to 30th division Gyeonggi-do’s Goyang city.

At 10.00AM KST Hyun Joong met the fans, greeted and had conversation with them – this was the moment for which we all were been waiting for. Fans encouraged him by chanting his name continuously. Toward the end Hyun Joong walked around by thanking his fans for coming long way to welcome him.


The fans made live streaming shared pics of Hyun Joong so that the international fans who all were been waiting without sleeping due to different time zone were able to see their star and enjoy.


Hyun Joong’s message
Source: AllKPOP

“Thank you for coming such a long way despite the cold. I felt a lot while in the army, and I was relieved of my duty feeling like it is time for me to begin a new, with the second half of my life. In truth, I’m still very worried and fearful about things, but in army, I thought of ways to combat what I’m going through and vowed that I would, so I hope that fans will trust me and watch over me.”

Full translation credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky

Hyun Joong’s love for fans

When I was watching all the clips from Kim Hyun Joong’s discharge event there was a scene were Hyun Joong was walking around so that both (HJ & Fans) can have a closer look, suddenly a fan fell down, he made sure the guards to take care of her. That was the lovely moment of the day, he always care for his fans, he notes whether all his fans are safe. The real hero.


Positive articles from Medias

All the articles which were published by media were positive. They also covered and made sure to publish that Kim Hyun Joong has still huge fan base – this is the answer for haters who were been asking whether Hyun Joong has still fans left and so on.

Below are the articles posted by Media (Translation credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky)

*1500 fans gathered, KHJ military discharge like walking on red carpet.
*KHJ ‘Congrats on discharge’ origami crane gifts from fans, 33 countries and 49 fan clubs *KHJ fans gathered to welcome him braving cold weather
*KHJ with eyes like doe, moved by fans gathered
*KHJ astonished by the number of fans gathered

Memorable moments which were shared by fans
credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky

Credits: @blancbelle

To Fans (How did fans overcome wait)

We all know waiting is the worst part and to be honest it would have not been possible without you (fans). You were the one who filled the gap, you always kept your co-fans busy by sharing the wonderful memories which we had together with Hyun Joong, you gave the strength to overcome the struggle which we faced during the trials and you always made sure to reach out and grab the hands and hold it whenever Hyun Joong or the co-fans felt down. The love which you showed towards Hyun Joong and co-fans were endless and unbelievable. Thank You to all the fans – you are the best!!!

Vide0 on Hyun Joong’s official Chanel

Hope Hyun Joong is moved by fans support an letter which was written by him was posted in his official YouTube channel on Feb 12, 2017.

Kim Hyun Joong – Letter

Video translation credit: @nana_heneciaimg-20170212-wa0007

To Hyun Joong

Welcome Back!!! Thanks for coming back stronger and healthier. As we promised let us hold the hands and walk until the end. We love you!!!


“When we stand together no one in this world can stop us…”

Photo Credits: Owner (Taken from Internet – I own nothing)


Happy news for Fans!!!

Kim Hyun Joong will be holding a Fan Meet on April 29, 2017 at Olympic concert hall, Seoul. For more information please do check the below link




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